Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 233: Anywhere But Apliaria

Chapter 233 Anywhere But Apliaria

As soon as Joey got in the car, the video call from Quintin came. Joey stood up, shook his legs and pressed the answer button. The next second, Quintin’s face came into view

“Uncle Quintin.” Joey smiled and took off his sunglasses. A sly light flashed in his big eyes. “Uncle Quintin, it took you more time than I expected. I thought I could get your call as soon as I got off the plane, but it’s been an hour since I got off the plane. You didn’t see the video until now?”

Joey was not surprised and nervous at all when he received the video call from Quintin. Instead, he answered the phone calmly. But the calmer he was, the angrier Quintin felt. “Joe!” Quintin gritted his teeth and shouted, “Get your ass back!” “No.” Joey had already prepared for this, so he moved the iPad a little further and refused decisively. Quintin’s temple throbbed. Looking at the livid face of Quintin, Joey put the tablet in front of him with a sweet smile and called softly, “Uncle Quintin.” 1 Looking at Joey’s face on the screen, the corners of Quintin’s eyes twitched. Joey was a smart boy since he was a child. Ever since the first time he opened his eyes and cried, he knew how to read people’s face to decide whether he could get what he wanted through crying. When he was a little older and became a toddler, he would not cry to solve problems like ordinary kids, but smile. Although Victor was a jerk, he had good genes. His big eyes were exactly the same as Rachel’s, but the rest of his appearance was like Victor. He had a handsome face. It was not difficult to see that when he grew up, his appearance would be even better than Victor’s. Especially when he smiled, his obedience and cuteness could immediately soften people’s hearts. Joey knew this very well. Every time he got into trouble or needed something, he would use his cuteness to achieve his goals, for example, letting Quintin take the blame for him. However, although Quintin knew that he was a smart boy, but he would buy it every time. As long as Joey smiled and called softly “Uncle Quintin”, Quintin was willing to give him everything he wanted.

However, this time it obviously did not work. “It’s not going to work this time. Joe, I’m warning you for the last time. Come back by the earliest flight! Otherwise, I will bring you back in person!” With a serious look on Quintin’s face, it seemed that there was no room for negotiation. “Uncle Quintin!” “Joe, you can go anywhere you want, except…” Quintin closed his eyes. The memory of four years ago flashed through his mind quickly like a movie. Then he opened his eyes and said in a low voice, “Except Apliaria! You can’t go see Victor!” Joey pressed his lips and said nothing. Seeing that he didn’t say anything, Quintin thought Joey listened and continued, “Joe, listen to me. Come back quickly. Didn’t you say that you wanted to go to the sea a few days ago? When you come back, I’ll take you to see the sea.” “……” Joey kept silent for a while and said, “Uncle Quintin, I’m sorry.” Hearing this, the smile on Quintin’s face froze. Before he could say anything, he heard Joey speaking again. “Uncle Quintin, I know you are worried that he may hurt me when he sees me. But don’t worry. I will protect myself, he won’t spot me. I’ll go back after Auntie Abby’s death anniversary.” Quintin frowned and wanted to say something more, but Joey suddenly opened his bag and took out a card from it and showed it in front of the camera. The style of the card was very simple. There was only Quintin’s signature on it. “Uncle Quintin, do you still remember this?” Joey put away the card and blinked, “This is the gift you gave me on New Year’s eve. You said that I can get you to promise me one thing unconditionally with this card.” Hearing this, Quintin immediately realized what he meant and he said in a low voice, “Anything but…” Before he could finish his sentence, Joey said, “You and Mommy have told me that one should be honest and that he should keep his promises to others. I want to use this card now. You have to promise me that you can’t tell mommy that I’m in Apliaria or stop me.” Joey was indeed a smart little boy, his words made Quintin in a dilemma. If he didn’t agree, it would be as if he was saying honesty and keeping promises were bullshit.

If he agreed, it meant that he would personally send Joe to Victor. “If you don’t say anything, I’ll take it as a yes.” After waiting for a while, Joey grinned and said.

“Okay.” Quintin answered, it took him a lot of thoughts to agree, “I won’t tell her, but I can’t keep this for long. When your mommy comes back, even if I don’t tell her, she will find that something is wrong. If she asks, I won’t hide it from her.” “No problem.” Joey promised decisively this time, “I have calculated that mommy’s mission will take her at least half a month. After half a month, the anniversary of her Auntie Abby’s death will come. By then, I will definitely go back.” Quintin was speechless.

It seemed that Joey had it planned out a long time ago. “There is one more thing.” Quintin continued. “What?”

“During this period of time, you are not allowed to take off your watch and sunglasses. You must call me every night.” Joey glanced at the watch on his wrist. At first glance, it might just seem like an ordinary children’s watch, but in fact, the watch had a special program designed by Rachel, which could maintain its function smoothly even in places with no signal, and she could detect Joey’s whereabouts and all physical indexes at any time through the watch. It was also water-proof and anti-fall, which made it a safe keeper. “Okay.” Quintin glanced at him and said, “If you encounter tricky problems and can’t contact me, you can go to this person.” As soon as he finished speaking, Joey received a message from Quintin. He clicked on it. It was a phone number and a name “Andy”. “This is a friend of your mommy’s, he is a lawyer.” Quintin said, “You can ask him for help whenever you are in trouble in Apliaria. When you meet him, you just need to tell him your mother’s name. He will know.” Joey nodded and looked at the name curiously. He thought his mother had no friends left in Apliaria.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 233 Anywhere But Apliaria

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