Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 231: Susan And Joe

Chapter 231 Susan And Joe

Four years later, at the airport of Apliaria. The big screen in the airport was broadcasting the recent entertainment news. “Recently, the famous actress Susan Salazar told the media that her wedding with Victor, the CEO of the Sullivan Group will be held soon.” Suddenly, the host’s voice stopped, and the big screen suddenly turned black and then messy codes were shown. “So noisy.” A little boy with a schoolbag on his back and a tablet PC in his hand was standing at the exit, lowering his head and muttering impatiently with a frown. And if someone stood behind the little boy, he would find that the series of codes on the tablet in his hand were the same as those on the airport screen. The little boy looked at the screen with satisfaction. His grape like eyes twinkled with complacency. ‘Finally, quiet.’ However, the quietness did not last long. In an instant, there were screams coming from behind, and it immediately became noisy again. “Ahhh! Susie, you are so beautiful!” “Susie, can you sign here for me?” “Miss Salazar, I heard that the reason why you asked for leave from the crew this time is to go back to Apliaria to get married with Mr. Sullivan?” “Miss Salazar…” The little boy turned around and looked at the woman who was surrounded by a lot of people not far away. He slowly pulled down the sunglasses on the bridge of his nose and looked at her up and down for a while, showing a look of disgust. He muttered. “So this is my stepmother?”

With a gentle smile on her face, Susan Salazar’s eyes curved slightly, giving people a sense of elegance and gentleness. However, the lachrymal mole below her right eye eyelid added charming beauty to her. She was famous for her elegant and gentle temperament. Seeing that more and more fans were crowding over with the media, the assistant had to stretch out her hands to stop them from approaching. She shouted. “Excuse us! Please let us by! Stop squeezing!” However, no matter how loudly she shouted, few people listened to her. The assistant could not help but feel a little angry. When she noticed the little boy standing not far away and blocking the way, she immediately shouted.

“Hey! Little boy, I’m talking about you! Didn’t you hear me? Get out of our way!” “……” It was the first time that someone dared to talk to him like this. The boy’s face immediately darkened and looked at her. The assistant looked into the little boy’s eyes and was stunned for no reason. Somehow, she felt that this little boy was not to be trifled with. But before she could think further, she was stepped on. The pain brought her back to her senses immediately. The mixture of pain and irritability made her even more unhappy. He was just a kid. What was so scary about him?

they teach you well? You are so ill-bred!” Then the assistant was about to pull the little boy. The little boy dodged nimbly, and the assistant’s hand missed. “Did you build the place?” The little boy looked at his assistant with his chubby face expressionless. “You…” the assistant was choked and her face turned pale. “Or do you think you can bully me because I’m a child?” The little boy was not angry, but his words hit right the point. Susan also noticed it. The boy’s words hit her ears, and the smile at the corners of her mouth froze for a moment.

The media were here. If they made a big deal about it, she might be in trouble. Thinking of this, Susan immediately handed the pen to her agent and walked over. She smiled gently and politely, asking everyone to step aside, and walked towards the little boy and her assistant “Susan…” “What happened?” Asked Susan, looking at her assistant. The assistant looked down with a guilty conscience. “Nothing. I just saw the little boy standing here. I was afraid that others might hurt him if they keep squeezing, so I asked him to stand aside. But he seemed to think that I was going to drive him away, so…” Just now, Susan was too busy answering the questions of the media to hear the conversation between her assistant and the little boy. Hearing the assistant’s explanation, she vaguely guessed what was going on. She squatted down and looked at the little boy, holding his hand. “Little boy, I’m sure she didn’t meant it. She was just afraid that you will be hurt, she didn’t mean to drive you away. I will apologize to you for her, okay? Don’t be angry.” As soon as she finished her words, the media behind her all raised their cameras to take pictures of this scene. They were planning to write a draft after going back, praising Susan for her easy-going character. The fans couldn’t help but sigh. “Susie is so gentle! She is like a fairy!”

“How could she be so gentle? I’m jealous of the boy whose hand she is holding now!” “I’m sure Susie will be a very gentle mother when she has a child.”

Although Susan had her back to them, she heard what her fans said behind her and smiled

imperceptibly “Little boy…” “You are old.” Noticing the gleam in Susan’s eyes, the boy immediately realized that he had become a tool for her to put on a show. Suddenly, under the sunglasses, there was more disgust in his eyes. The boy resisted the impulse to withdraw his hand and interrupted her words in a childish and crisp voice. Hearing this, Susan’s smile froze. She… She was old? Did she look so old? Looking at the little boy in front of her, Susan felt a lump in her throat. She forced a smile and said. “Kid, what… what were you saying?” “Mrs. Stranger.” He called her again in an innocent voice, “May I ask you a question?” “……” Hearing him call her that, Susan felt uncomfortable. She was only twenty-five years


To an actress, age was a very important thing. Twenty-five was an awkward age for actresses, they had to transform from playing teenagers to women. The boy’s words was a clear reminder to everyone that she had reached this awkward period. If it was reported, she might be joked. “Mrs. Stranger?” Thinking of this, Susan heard the boy call her again. But she couldn’t say anything. She could only force a smile and said, “Hmm? What’s up? Kid, what do you want to ask?” “It’s nothing. I’m not angry anymore. I just don’t understand what the woman just said to me. I want to ask what she meant.” The little boy said straightforwardly. “What did she say to you?” “She said that I am ill-bred.” The boy smiled and said in a low voice, which was just loud enough to be heard by the people around him, “What does that mean? I just didn’t step aside, why did she day that?” “……” The smile on Susan’s face froze again. At the same time, at the headquarters of the Red Hackers in the Mariana Islands. “Lola, if you can’t break my program within twenty-four hours, you will be my apprentice.

There is still one minute left for you and you still haven’t solved it yet. You are doomed to lose! I’m warning you, you can’t go back on your word. You must call me…” Quintin pushed the door open and walked into the living room. But the next second, when he saw the video on the TV in the living room, he couldn’t laugh anymore. In the video, a little boy in Suspenders sat on the sofa and looked at the camera, blinking innocently The little boy’s voice came through. “Uncle Quintin, I have made a calculation. By the time you see this video, I should have arrived at Apliaria.” He said, “The anniversary of Auntie Abby’s death is coming. Mommy is very busy recently, so she certainly doesn’t have time. So I come to see Auntie Abby for her and attend my father’s wedding by the way.” Quintin felt his head was about to explode. “But don’t worry. I just want to see what the woman my father is going to marry looks like. I will go back after the anniversary of Auntie Abby’s death. Well, that’s all I want to say. I have a suggestion for you. If you don’t want to be thrown out of the top floor of the building by mommy, keep it a secret!” After saying that, the little boy in the video came down from the sofa and was about to turn off the camera. Suddenly, his face approached the camera, and he smiled cunningly. “Oh, by the way, Uncle Quintin, the program you designed has been cracked by me. Uncle Quintin, I have to say that your program design is really…” the little boy sighed deeply,” Garbage.”

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 231 Susan And Joe

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