Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 230: Opening The Coffin

Chapter 230 Opening The Coffin

Open The Coffin In a rainy night, in the cemetery. The sound of pouring rain on the umbrellas was especially clear in a quiet night. Several people were digging with shovels. They had been digging for some time, the corner of a coffin was faintly exposed in the deep pit. When Carson received the call from Ivan and rushed over, he saw several people carrying the wooden coffin out of the pit in the rain and preparing to open it. “Stop!” Dropping the umbrella, he rushed over in the rain and shouted to stop them. Then he looked at Victor standing in front of the tombstone, clenched his fists and waved at him. Bang! Carson punched him hard. Victor had time to dodge, but he didn’t. “Go on!” Victor spat out a mouthful of blood and ordered the men expressionlessly, “No one is allowed to stop without my permission!” Hearing this, Carson grabbed his collar and said, “Are you fucking crazy, Victor? Do you know what you are doing now? Rachel is dead!” “……” Looking at him, Victor didn’t say anything. Carson’s chest heaved with anger. He didn’t believe what he had heard when he received the call from Ivan. It was ridiculous. He thought Victor would never do such a thing. But he underestimated him! He had underestimated Victor’s madness. He was going to dig out Rachel’s tomb and examine her corpse! “Can’t you just give her peace? Wake up, Victor!” Roared Carson, gritting his teeth. “She is still alive.” He looked at Carson and said calmly. Carson was stunned for a while and then realized what had happened. “Is it Alice? Did she say something to you? Victor, Rachel is dead. The ME’s report is in my car now. You can have a look if you want!” The knife was stained with Rachel’s blood, and the blood test result also proved that it was Rachel’s. Why are you still suspecting? A woman like Alice should die ten thousand times. In order to survive, she will say everything you want to hear!

Victor’s eyes darkened. Yes, why was he still suspecting? Carson had the ME’s report for a long time, but Victor didn’t want to face the fact the Rachel was dead so he never asked him for it.

Everyone said that Rachel was dead.

He saw her fall into the sea with his own eyes, and saw her finally lifeless lying on the stretcher covered with white cloth.

What was he expecting? Tears welled up in Victor’s eyes as he stared at the coffin behind the tombstone. It was so painful that he couldn’t even stand steadily and staggered towards it. When Carson saw that he had calmed down, he said in a low voice, “Victor, you can’t open this coffin. Rachel is the dignified daughter of the Bennet family. You have to show her respect and give her peace.” Looking at the coffin in front of him, the pain in Victor’s heart did not relieve at all. He held a corner of the coffin with one hand and lowered his eyes.

“Victor, trust me. I didn’t push her! She, she jumped down herself! What I said is true! Trust me! I was framed! Rachel tried to frame me!

She had this plan in her heart for a long time. I really didn’t push her. She jumped down herself.” Alice’s pleading words in the ward this afternoon lingered in his ears, as if they had turned into nightmares that haunted him. “You can’t lock me up forever, Victor.” “If I die, will you let me go?” “What if I don’t want to be with you?”. Rachel’s words and Alice’s words echoed in his ears repeatedly which made him have a splitting headache. Victor’s hands on the wooden coffin gradually clenched into fists. His eyes were as red as blood, and the atmosphere around him became colder and colder. After a long time, he gritted his teeth and ordered word by word with red eyes, “Open the coffin!”

“Mr. Sullivan, please don’t!” “Mr. Sullivan!”


Hearing this, Ivan, Lukas and Carson widened their eyes and wanted to stop him. Victor straightened his back and didn’t listen, “Whoever dares to stop me will die here!” Carson’s face changed and he couldn’t say anything. The nails on the coffin were pried open one by one, and the nails fell to the ground with crisp sounds.

Standing beside the coffin, Victor put his hand on it and tightened them.

“Vic, you have to think it over. Once the coffin is opened, Rachel will have no peace. And what you did will be no different than killing her again!” Carson grabbed Victor’s wrist and stopped him in a hoarse voice. Opening the coffin after death was a great humiliation to the dead.

How could Victor not know it? His hands on the wooden coffin were trembling, and tears fell down his checks mixed with rain, smashing into the mud. Suddenly, a touch of dark blue bumped into his sight.

A necklace was buried in the soil beside the coffin.

It was the Beloved.

It was the necklace he gave her, and now it was buried here with her coffin. He squatted down to dig out the necklace and wiped it with his sleeve, but his heart seemed to be tightly gripped and hurt badly. He had to open his mouth to breathe because of the pain. But even so, it still hurt.

The scene that he put the necklace on Rachel’s neck kept flashing through his mind. “You are not allowed to take off this necklace without my permission.” “Okay, don’t worry. I won’t take it down even if I die.” Even if she died, she wouldn’t take it off. ‘Rachel, you meant it.’ Victor clenched the necklace tightly. The edges of it pressed against his palm and pierced his skin, he bled. But he didn’t feel the pain. The more he clenched, the less painful in his heart he felt. It seemed that only in this way could he relieve the sharp pain in his heart. All of a sudden. His blood splashed on the coffin, scarlet and dazzling. “Vic!”

When Carson was about to say something, he saw that Victor stood up unsteadily and wiped the blood off the coffin with his hands, trying to wipe it clean. However, the water mixed with blood made the coffin dirtier and dirtier. “Vic, that’s enough. Your hand is injured.” Unable to bear to see it, Carson stepped forward to stop him. “Carson.” Suddenly, Victor stopped wiping. His voice was low and hoarse, trembling slightly. “It hurts.” Carson was stunned. “What?”

Turning his head to look at him, Victor pursed his lips. Blood was still spilling from the corner of his mouth. His hand holding the necklace pressed heavily on his heart and said.

“It hurts here.”

Hearing his words, Carson’s eyes turned red. Victor had been shot three times and had a car accident before. His leg had been deeply cut with a knife once, he didn’t get an injection of anesthetic before he had it stitched, but he hadn’t cried out a word of pain. But now he said it hurt, how painful would it be?

“I regret it.” He said in a hoarse voice, “I really… Regret it.” At this moment, no one noticed a man and a woman standing not far away in black windbreaker, blended with the night. Pursing his eyes, Quintin leaned the umbrella towards the woman and said, “Boss, you’re right! Fortunately, we threw the necklace in advance.” “……” Rachel looked at Victor, who was kneeling on the ground not far away. Her eyes darkened. No one knew what she was thinking about. “Boss, you haven’t recovered yet. Let’s go back.” Quintin looked at Rachel’s arm worriedly. Although they had made full preparation, she was still hurt slightly. “Tomorrow morning, we will leave Apliaria, and we will never come back to this damned place again!” “…… Okay.” After a while, Rachel said, “Let’s go.” Then she turned around and left without looking back.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 230: Opening The Coffin

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