Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 229: Bury Rachel

Chapter 229 Bury Rachel

Victor had been in a coma for three days. The doctor did a simple examination for him as usual. He looked at Lukas who was waiting aside and said, “Mr. Sullivan is fine, all indexes are normal.”

“But it has been three days. If there is nothing wrong, why hasn’t he woken up yet?” Lukas frowned and asked worriedly. The doctor looked at the unconscious Victor, and also felt strange. “Well… I’m afraid Mr. Sullivan is subconsciously avoiding something and he is unwilling to wake up.” The doctor said after a long silence. Lukas’s face suddenly became serious. “Is there nothing we can do?” The doctor sighed helplessly and shook his head. “Unless Mr. Sullivan is willing to wake up himself, otherwise…” Otherwise, no one could do anything about it. The doctor didn’t go on. Lukas understood what he meant. He looked at Victor lying on the bed with a complicated look and ordered the servant to send the doctor away.

That night, after spitting out blood, Victor fell into a coma. Several doctors came to examine him and said that there was nothing wrong with him. The reason why he spit out blood was due to emotional fluctuation and he would soon be awake. However, three days had passed and he was still in a coma. Knock, knock, knock. Someone knocked on the door. Lukas turned around and looked at the person coming in. “Ivan.”

“Lukas, Mr. Sullivan…” Ivan glanced at the documents in his hand. The news about what had happened on the ship spread quickly the moment they got off the ship. Everyone in the business world was talking about Victor’s situation, and there were rumors. Someone said that he was seriously ill and might not live. Someone said that he was heartbroken because of the death of Rachel and decided not to take over the Sullivan Group. Someone even said that it was him who killed Rachel. Everyone in the Sullivan Group was in danger, Ivan had to bite the bullet to keep the balance. He had to pay attention to all sides at any time and keep an eye on the Sullivan Group for Victor.

It was not until this time that Ivan realized how many people were looking forward to Victor’s death, and how many people had been waiting to split everything he had.

“The same.” Lukas shook his head and sighed. The light in Ivan’s eyes dimmed. “Today… The board of directors wants a general shareholder’s meeting. The directors want Mr. Sullivan to attend.” “They want Mr. Sullivan to attend the meeting? They know how he’s doing and he can’t!” Lukas was ******, “What are they doing? Rebel?” “……” Ivan moved his thin lips but said nothing in the end. This was exactly what they wanted, for Victor to not attend so that they would have the reason to ask Odin home to inherit the Sullivan Group. Now that Victor was in a coma, they had reasons to make him quit the CEO of the Sullivan Group. Seeing the look on Ivan’s face, Lukas knew what those cunning men were thinking. He also knew that since Ivan had said it to him, they were really in danger now. “These old bastards! Mrs. Sullivan was so good to them! Now that Mr. Sullivan is still in a coma, they can’t wait to throw him out! Ungrateful bastards!” Lukas scolded. Ivan pursed his lips and said nothing. “When is this meeting?” Just as Lukas and Ivan were at a loss, a hoarse and deep voice suddenly sounded. Victor woke up. “Mr. Sullivan, you…” “Tell them that I will attend the meeting on time. There are things that needs to be settled long ago.” Victor sat up and looked at Ivan with cold eyes. “Yes, sir!” Seeing that he was awake, Ivan’s eyes lit up. He then said seriously, “I’ll go answer them right now!” “Mr. Sullivan…” Seeing the obvious morbid and pale expression on Victor’s face, Lukas felt sorry for him and said with tears in his eyes, “I’ll go call the doctor.” “No, I’m fine.” With his thin lips slightly lifted, Victor called out to Lukas who was walking to the door. His eyes darkened. “Lukas, how long have I been in a coma?” Lukas paused and kept silent for a while. Then he replied, “It’s been three days. Not long after you fell into a coma, the helicopter came. Mr. Scott came back with you.” Three days… Had he been in a coma for three days? He seemed to have had a long dream. From the day he stood outside the operating room to the doctor’s declaration of his mother’s death to Rachel lying on the stretcher lifeless. It kept repeating in his dream, making him desperate again and again. Those dreams were so real that he couldn’t tell whether they were dreams. He didn’t want to wake up. He was still in his mother’s warm arms a second ago, and the next second he would find himself in a cold and empty house. Rachel was still kissing him a second ago, and the next second she was covered in blood in his arms.

But in the end, he woke up. When he woke up, his heart was empty, as if it had been gouged out. “Mr. Sullivan, how about I call the doctor over?” Looking at the absent-minded expression on his face, Lukas was worried. “Lukas.” He called Lukas again. He raised his head and asked in a hoarse voice. “Where is she?”

Lukas was stunned.


Of course, he was referring to Rachel. Rachel was dead. He looked into Victor’s eyes, but his words were stuck in his throat. He couldn’t bear to say it out. He forced a smile and said, “Mr. Sullivan, you’ve been in a coma for three days, you haven’t eaten anything. I’ll ask the cook to prepare some light food…” “I’m asking you, where is she?” Victor interrupted him and asked again. Every time he asked, he felt pain all over his body. Victor clenched his fists, blue veins protruding “Mr. Sullivan…” Lukas’s eye turned red. As if he didn’t see the tears in his eyes, Victor just asked calmly and mechanically, “Where is she?”

“Miss Bennet was taken away by Mr. Jimenez.” It had only been three days but Lukas seemed to be ten years older. His back was stooping and his voice was hoarse. “Just yesterday..

She was buried.”

week later.

It had been drizzling for a week in Apliaria. The cold wind mixed with rain, as if winter had entered overnight. In the 33th floor, the CEO Office of the Sullivan Group building. “Today, at the general shareholder’s meeting, the economic investigation team arrested and investigated four major shareholders of the Sullivan Group according to law, which attracted the attention of the citizens. According to our investigation, three days ago, the economic investigation team received an anonymous e-mail, which detailed the evidence of the four captured shareholders’ misappropriation of the company’s money and bribery in the name of projects during the thirty years of their service in the Sullivan Group. The amount is up to one billion and three hundred million dollars. At present, this case has been officially filed for investigation, and the investigation results

will be announced soon. Our reporters will continue to follow the progress of this case!” On the TV screen, a reporter was standing outside the Sullivan Group building, the four major shareholders were being arrested by the police and taken to the police car behind her.


The screen was off.

Carson put down the remote control and looked at Victor who didn’t raise his head to look at the news. He put one of his hands in his pocket and said, “Do you think the rest of them would be shivering at home now? They should be afraid that they would be the next. They must be thinking about fleeing the country. I really want to see how the look on their faces now. It must be very interesting.” This news caused a sensation in the business world in Apliaria. Everyone was guessing who sent this anonymous e-mail and how this person found the evidence. The four men were able to become the major shareholders of the Sullivan Group, which meant they were all smart people. They were cunning and shrewd old men, and would never easily leave any evidence. However, whoever sent the e-mail was able to collect all the accounts of their misappropriation and bribery in the past thirty years! Just thinking about it was enough for one to feel impressed. However, they had guessed all kinds of possibilities, but they never thought it was Victor. Because the arrest of the four major shareholders was enough to cause a turmoil in the Sullivan Group. If things went wrong, the Sullivan Group might be doomed. They were sure that Victor wouldn’t take the risk. But unfortunately, they were wrong. This e-mail was sent by him. “They can’t run away.” Victor’s eyes were cold and his lips were slightly lifted. His tone was very calm, as if he was stating a fact. When Carson looked at him, he was stunned.

There were dark circles around his eyes, and his eyes were bloodshot. It was obvious that he hadn’t slept for days. “You… Didn’t the doctor prescribe sleeping pills for you? Haven’t you had them? ” Carson frowned. Since Victor woke up, he had kept himself in the office and never went out. He didn’t mention Rachel any more, as if she had never appeared in his life and everything had returned to the starting point. He seemed normal. But he couldn’t fall asleep. He had been suffering from severe insomnia. After a long silence, Victor said in a low voice. “I had them and threw up.” “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” Hearing this, Carson’s face changed, “I’ll call the doctor

nere right now…” “Mr. Sullivan, Alice is in the hospital now. She ate a porcelain piece after she woke up!” Ivan broke into the office and interrupted them.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 229 Bury Rachel

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