Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 225: Cut Her Finger

Chapter 225 Cut Her Finger

Half an hour ago.

After following the maid to dress up, Rachel didn’t rush back to her room. Instead, she went to a remote area on the other side of the deck. There was a clear yellow mark in the middle of the floor, which was a platform for helicopters to land. The staff would occasionally come upstairs to have a rest. But since most of them were attending the celebration party tonight, there was no one here at the moment. Rachel leaned forward slightly with her elbow against the railing, letting the sea breeze blow her long hair in disorder. Suddenly, footsteps came from behind. “Boss, Alice is here. Watch out!” It was a reminder of Quintin from the headphones. At the same time, the footsteps behind her obviously quickened and got closer to her. A sneer appeared at the corners of Rachel’s mouth as she had expected it. With a stern look in her eyes, she turned around. “Rachel, I’ll kill you!” Alice raised her voice and wielded her saber to rush to her, not noticing the rope on the ground not far away. Bang Caught off guard, Alice tripped over that tight rope and fell heavily to the ground. Her knees hit the floor, and she screamed in pain while the knife fell to the ground. Rachel looked at the embarrassed Alice coldly without any response. Bearing the pain, Alice tried to stand up and hold the knife in her hand again, but every time she just stood halfway, she fell down again. She couldn’t exert any strength, as if her ankle was tightly wrapped by something, and no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t break loose from it. The blood vessels on the back of her hand turned red again. And the drug took effect again. The rope that tripped her was right next to her feet, but she felt that the rope wrapped around her ankle. Her eyes turned red with anxiety and she tried hard to pull it. In fact, what she pulled was not the rope at all, but her trousers. After a while, with a crack, she ripped the hem of her trousers. But she didn’t stop and kept shouting, “Untie it! Untie it!” It lasted for two minutes. Because she pulled the trouser legs hard, her hands had turned red, and the palm of her hands were even cut by the thin lines of the trouser legs, oozing a faint blood streak. It seemed that Alice didn’t feel any pain at all. All she could see was the illusory rope. Suddenly, she caught a glimpse of the knife in her hand and smiled. “Knife! Cut it with a knife! It must be broken in this way! Yes! Use the knife!” Alice murmured to herself and looked up at Rachel, “Rachel, you can’t tie me up! You can’t kill me!” As she spoke, she grabbed the knife and slashed at her ankle without hesitation. The strength of slashing the strike was not light. The blade was immediately stained with blood, and the flesh on the blade flew away

The sharp pain stimulated Alice’s nerves, making her sober for a moment. When she saw the knife in her hand and the wound on her ankle, her pupils suddenly widened. Jingle! The knife dropped from her hand. “Ah…” Alice screamed and put her hand to cover her wound as she saw the blood flowing out. How could this be?! Wasn’t she just cutting the rope?! Alice reacted quickly that it was because of the drug. The drug given by Rachel was working now! Alice suddenly remembered the fact that she was locked in the washroom of the western restaurant by Rachel yesterday. She had gone through the day with his mind in a fog since last night. The sudden pain sobered her up a little. What happened last night flashed through her mind like a movie, and the scene of the blade flashing in front of her appeared in her memory. Her pupils trembled and she looked down at her right hand. Seeing this, a certain nerve in her mind suddenly collapsed. The little finger on her right hand was wrapped in white gauze, and there was still blood oozing from the gauze. But even so, it was not difficult to see that her little finger had become shorter.

Last night, Rachel held a knife and almost broke her finger quickly, accurately and fiercely

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 225 Cut Her Finger

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