Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 217: Suicide

Chapter 217 Suicide

Alice was hallucinating. It was the effect of the datura. She felt that Rachel was sneering at her, looking at her sarcastically. Rachel’s laughter echoed in her ears.

She bent down to pick up the knife, but her vision wavered, and she couldn’t see it clearly. She reached out to grab the knife but failed. Rachel’s loud laughter was driving her crazy. “Shut the **** up! Quit laughing!” Alice shouted as she covered her ears. However, the laughter didn’t stop. It only got louder and louder. Alice screamed and rushed towards Rachel with outstretched hands ready to claw her face. “I said, shut up! Shut up!” But instead of grabbing Rachel, Alice banged into the wall. The pain cleared her vision and mind. Rachel wasn’t in front of her, but there was a wall. Her eyes widened in disbelief, and she turned around in a hurry to see Rachel standing behind her unharmed. ‘How is that possible? She was standing here just now! I know I had grabbed her by the neck! How could it be?’ “*****! What the **** did you do to me?” Alice glared at Rachel as she wanted to pounce on her again. Suddenly, a cold light flashed. The knife that Alice had just dropped was now in Rachel’s hand and aimed at Alice’s neck. “Rachel… How…” Alice’s eyes widened, and a touch of panic flashed through them. She unknowingly took a step back, but her heel hit the wall. There was no more room for her to retreat.

In just three minutes, the situation had reversed. Alice shivered as Rachel frowned at her coldly. “Rachel, you want to kill me?” Alice froze as her heart started to beat wildly. Although she was scared, she acted calmly. “Fine! Go ahead and kill me! If I don’t go back to my room tonight, someone is bound to alert the police. You won’t be able to escape then!” “It seems you came here tonight fully prepared, correct?” Rachel asked lightly. Alice clenched her teeth and said menacingly, “If it weren’t for you, how could I have ended up like this? Since you’re the one who brought me down, I will take you down with me! I think it’s only fair!” Alice closed her eyes and pushed her neck forward as if she didn’t care. The sharp tip of the knife instantly pierced her skin, and a drop of blood oozed out. However, she was unable to control her tremble. That revealed that she was scared. Rachel smirked and drew back the knife. Even after waiting for a long time, Alice didn’t feel any pain. She slowly opened her eyes and saw that Rachel had put the knife away. She burst into laughter, and her eyes grew complacent. “What happened? Are you afraid? Don’t you have the guts to kill me?” Alice’s expression was vicious as she tried to clench her fists but didn’t have the strength. “Rachel, you better kill me now, or I will kill you someday!” “Are you so eager to die?” Rachel asked coldly. She fiddled with the knife as if it wasn’t a fatal object, but a mere toy. Alice’s heart skipped a beat when she saw that. The truth was that she didn’t want to die at all. She only wanted Rachel to die! “Cut the ********! You just can’t dare to do it. You’re such a coward! Your maid tried to protect you even during her final moments. Now the person responsible for her death is standing in front of you, but you don’t have the guts to do anything about it. I feel so sorry...” Alice suddenly screamed. The cold blade nicked her face before hitting the wall behind. It finally fell to the floor with a clatter. The blood drained from her face, and she fell to the floor as her legs suddenly turned limp. Rachel stepped forward, and coolly crouched to pick up the knife. She pressed the tip over Alice’s heart. With a slight push, the sharp knife cut through her clothes.

Alice trembled. “Rachel…” “So now you have no words? Come on, continue with your little speech. I’m all ears.” Rachel looked at her indifferently. “*****… If you kill me, the police will not let you go.” Alice’s mouth grew dry. She felt the cold tip of the knife against her skin and felt close to death. “What makes you think I will escape?” Rachel pushed the knife a little deeper. “Ah!” Alice screamed. “Rachel… If you kill me, the police will arrest you… You…” “Kill you?! You’re not worth it! Also, if you die today, it will not be a murder. It could be suicide.” Rachel slowly slit Alice’s clothes little by little. Alice swallowed and asked, “What do you mean?” Rachel smiled coldly and asked, “Do you feel dizzy? Maybe a little weak? Do you feel nauseous? Did you experience any hallucinations?” “What the **** are you talking about?” Alice retorted and wanted to stand to prove that she was fine. However, she couldn’t. Her hands were unable to support her, and she felt weak. Alice roared, “What did you do to me?” “It’s nothing. Just a little datura. Once it starts to affect, you will feel weak and dizzy. After some time, you’ll go crazy.” Rachel smiled as she took a couple of tissues to wipe the blood from the edge of the knife.

“Lying?!” Rachel raised her eyebrows. “Do you know how many people die from datura each year? Oh, do you know how they died?” Alice opened her mouth but didn’t know what to say. “Suicide.” Rachel grinned. “They couldn’t stand it. Some jumped into rivers, and some jumped off buildings.” “Shut up! Just shut up!” The more Rachel spoke, the more desperate Alice became. She couldn’t help imagining people committing suicide. “Antidote! Give it to me!” She threw herself at Rachel as she shouted. But Rachel stood up and took a couple of steps back. Alice missed and slumped weakly. She grabbed Rachel’s dress and shouted, “Antidote! Give me the antidote! Give it to me now!” “There’s no antidote.” Rachel continued to look coldly at Alice crawling on the floor. She pulled the corner of her dress from Alice’s grasp. “No, that’s impossible. You have it! Rachel, give it to me! Or… Or…” Alice suddenly realized that she had nothing to threaten Rachel with. “Or what?” Rachel crouched and looked at her. “Or…” Alice could only repeat herself. Rachel’s eyes were cold as ice. “Alice, do you want the antidote?” “Rachel… You have the antidote?” “I can make one. That is if you survive.” “What do you mean?” Alice asked. Suddenly, a cold light flashed, and then a sharp pain came from the back of her hand. It almost made her bite her tongue. The knife in Rachel’s hand was instantly smeared by Alice’s blood. Alice looked over laboriously.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 217: Suicide

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