Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 216: She Hated You

Chapter 216: She Hated You

As soon as Rachel finished talking, she saw Alice in the mirror. She had raised the knife and rushed towards her. The blade glinted coldly. Rachel immediately reacted and dodged the knife. Alice’s eyes filled with madness and resentment as she clutched the knife. Seeing that she missed, she tried stabbing Rachel again. “Go to ****, Rachel!” Alice growled in anger. “Boss!” Quintin shouted over the phone. He sensed something was wrong, but Rachel was too busy dodging the knife in Alice’s hand to answer him. By now, Alice had gone completely berserk. When she saw Rachel in the bathroom, her heart filled with jealousy and hate. She couldn’t control herself and just wanted Rachel to die. Soon, Alice forced Rachel into a corner. She sneered, “Rachel, why don’t you run now? Why have you stopped?” Rachel’s back was against the cold wall as she looked at Alice coldly and didn’t say a word. “Are you scared, Rachel?” Alice got irritated seeing Rachel’s calmness. “Stop it! Just stop pretending to be calm! I can see through you! You’re scared, Rachel!” Alice suddenly burst into laughter and said, “Rachel! You took away everything from me! **** you!” Rachel glanced at the knife and noticed that Alice’s hand had gone red. Her eyes darkened. “Rachel, why don’t you beg for mercy? If you beg me to spare you, I will consider giving you a less painful death. What do you say about that?” Alice took a step closer. There was malice in her smile. “Beg me! All you have to say is ‘Alice, I beg you. Please let me go. It’s all my fault.’ Then kneel before me.” Rachel still didn’t utter a word. She only continued to look at Alice calmly Alice grew furious and shouted, “Rachel, I said kneel and beg!” Rachel glanced at Alice’s hand again. It was redder than before, and it trembled. “Rachel…”

“When I’m not scared, why should I beg you?” She looked straight into Alice’s red eyes. Alice was stunned for a couple of seconds, but soon she regained her malicious expression and continued to speak through clenched teeth, “Rachel, so you aren’t afraid that I will kill you?”

“Alice, you’re the only one who is really scared, isn’t it?” “Me? Scared? Is this some joke? Why should I be scared?” Alice suddenly raised her voice. She was trying to prove that she wasn’t scared. Then, she raised the knife and looked at it

and suddenly sneered. “Do you know whose blood has stained this knife before? Oh right, you don’t know about it yet, correct? I killed that precious maid of yours! Her name is Abby, right? Do you want to know how I killed her? Do you want to know what her last words were?” From the time she laid eyes on Alice, Rachel controlled her anger. But after she heard Alice mention Abby, Rachel frowned. “You don’t deserve to take her name,” Rachel said in a cold tone. Finally, seeing that Rachel’s expression had changed, Alice’s smile grew. “I stabbed her with this knife. I plunged it in her heart and then pulled it out. It’s a pity you weren’t there to see how much she bled! The knife was full of her blood.”

Rachel clenched her hands into fists.

Alice continued, “Her eyes were open when she died. Do you know how she pleaded with me to spare her life, Rachel? She knelt and kept begging me to let her go. Oh yes, when she died, she said that she hated you! She hated you for not saving her! She said that she would never forgive you!” Alice laughed wickedly. Suddenly, the knife fell from her hand. Alice was stunned, and then she realized that she had no strength and felt numb all over. The smile on her face froze, and she looked over at Rachel, who was smiling. “Why are you smiling?” Alice asked in a panic. Rachel just stood there and looked at Alice. However, she wasn’t smiling.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 216: She Hated You

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