Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 206: Worse Than Death

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 206 Worse Than Death

Rachel didn’t stay on the balcony for too long. Once the maid came out of the bathroom, she went to take a shower, As she soaked herself in the bathtub, she closed her eyes and rested. All of a sudden, her phone buzzed. She raised her head, glancing at her phone. She noticed that a message had popped up on the screen. It was from Roger. “I heard that you’re on the cruise. Is it true?” Rachel clicked on the dialog box and saw that he had been sending her message almost every day for the past few days. However, she hadn’t checked the app lately, so she hadn’t noticed it.

She then scrolled up and saw every message that Roger had sent her. The first one he sent was after she got hospitalized. But before that one, there were several removed messages. He wrote, “Rachel, are you okay?” Rachel could feel just how concerned he was for her.

The second to last of his messages was sent to her just yesterday. “Rachel, I went back to our school this morning and saw our teacher. She’s about to retire in less than two months. She told me that she’s been thinking about you. Do you want to grab lunch with her together some time?” In another room, Roger’s eyes were locked on his chat box with Rachel. Meanwhile, Clara had just finished washing the fruit and placed it on the table. Seeing that Roger was lost in thought, she wanted to speak to him and convince him to give up, but she couldn’t. It was hard to see her brother disappointed. “Roger, stop staring at your phone and have some fruit,” Clara said. “I’ll eat later.” Roger still locked his eyes on his phone. Unable to withstand it any longer, Clara glowered and snatched his phone away. “Staring at your phone won’t make her text you back! You’ve been texting Rachel for days. If she really wanted to reply, she would’ve done that a long time ago. Roger, you haven’t been acting like yourself these days. Our parents are worried about you. They may not be saying anything, but they’re legitimately concerned for your well-being.” “Clara, give me back my phone.” Seeing that he had no intention of listening, Clara turned off his phone, and pulled out the SIM card, holding it tightly in her hand. “Clara…” “Enough, Roger!” Clara shouted. “You’re not a kid anymore. You haven’t been paying attention to our family these days. And for what? Just some woman? I know you like Rachel,

and I won’t stop you. But right now, she clearly doesn’t want to have anything to do with you, so why on earth do you insist on badgering her?” Roger was stunned by her remark. He pursed his lips, unable to come up with a rebuttal. Clara felt so bad to see her brother losing his dignity over love. “Roger, do you really think you stand a chance?” Clara asked in a lowered voice. 1 Roger’s eyes quivered. After a moment of pondering, he said, “I really like Rachel, Clara. Whether I stand a chance or not, I won’t give up.” As soon as he finished speaking, his eyes welled up with tears, and tears fell from the corners of his eyes. “Clara, what was the first thing you thought of when you were pregnant with Riley?” Roger asked, turning his face towards Clara… “L…” Clara stared back at his slightly red, teary eyes. Though Roger had always been a gentle man, he was also strong. She had only ever seen him cry twice since he was a child. Twice; and both of them were for Rachel. Clara was about to respond, but she had no idea what to say. Roger murmured as though he was talking to himself, “You must’ve looked forward to seeing her born into the world, right? The last time I saw Rachel, she was smiling the entire time and she had her hands on her belly.” 1

“Roger…” “Clara, I need to wait for her response. I just want to know if she’s doing okay now,” Roger replied in a hoarse voice. “She’s been looking forward to that child so much. And now that it’s gone, she must be devastated.” He then forced a smile. “This must be feeling worse than death.” Clara looked down and fell silent. As a mother, she should’ve been able to relate to Rachel. But when she saw Roger struggling in pain over her, she couldn’t feel a shred of sympathy for Rachel. And in all honesty, she even hated her. Upon realizing that, Clara felt terrible about herself. She put the SIM card on the table and left, feeling flustered. “I’ll go see if Riley’s okay,” she said before leaving. Staring at the SIM card on the table, Roger picked up the glass of red wine on the table and drank it up, attempting to drown his sadness in alcohol. ‘Why did I fail to protect Rachel?’ he wondered.

After reading through all the messages that Roger had sent her, Rachel decided to text him back.

Although she hadn’t spent much time with Roger ever since she was in this body, she somehow felt that he truly cared about her.

And she had an idea why. Roger probably loved her. But to be precise, he loved the real Rachel. Sadly, the person he loved was no longer here. She thought that if Rachel had married Roger in the first place and not Victor, perhaps all these messy things wouldn’t have happened. She then stared at Roger’s profile picture, and soon, her eyes dimmed. Unfortunately, those were all just flights of fancy. She couldn’t just tell him that she wasn’t the real Rachel

It might be a good thing that she missed all the messages he had been sending her in the past few days. Perhaps after seeing that she didn’t seem to care about him, he would slowly give up on his feelings for the old Rachel. Without waiting for his response, Rachel stood up from the bathtub and was about to reach for her bathrobe. But as soon as she grabbed it, she accidentally slipped. Her eyes widened with shocked, and she quickly held onto the wash basin. At the same time, her bathrobe fell and got wet. She couldn’t wear it anymore, considering that it was sopping wet now. Rachel glanced at the bathrobe on the floor with a frown. Then, she walked to the door and called for the maid. After a while, someone appeared on the other side of the frosted glass door of the bathroom. “My bathrobe got wet. Could you go and get me a new one?” Rachel asked, thinking that she was speaking to the maid. Upon hearing her request, the person turned around and left. Just as Rachel started to feel cold, she heard a knock coming from the bathroom door. She opened the door slightly, and the “maid” brought the new bathrobe in. “Thank you,” said Rachel. After taking the bathrobe, she closed the bathroom door again and quickly changed into the bathrobe. Noticing that the “maid” was still outside, she frowned and thought that something was off.

However, Rachel didn’t pay it too much mind and just opened the door.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 206 Worse Than Death

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