Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 205: Do You Hate Me

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 205 Do You Hate Me

When the maid heard Victor’s voice, she trembled in fear and called out to him, “Mr. Sullivan.” After coldly glancing at the maid, Victor fixed his eyes on Rachel. The sky was illuminated by another burst of fireworks and the dreamy light fell on Rachel’s shoulder, giving her a soft glow. “No need to bother,” Rachel murmured as she turned her gaze away. “I’m just taking a look.” Her face appeared cold, but her tone was not as sharp and harsh as before. Victor somehow felt strange seeing her subtle change of attitude. + He was unsure whether the change in her was good or bad. Suddenly, the crowd gasped in astonishment. Rachel wondered and turned around, following the direction of everyone’s gaze. In the boundless night sky, a bunch of fireworks rose into the air and suddenly exploded into ten clusters, showing different kinds of colors. This was no doubt, the greatest way to end a fireworks display. Rachel tiptoed and raised her head slightly, hoping to see it in all its glory. “Rachel,” Victor called out.

Rachel remained still and didn’t respond. She was still fixed on the fireworks, but she could see Victor’s frown and hesitation out of the corner of her eye. Seeing that she was not willing to look at him, Victor pursed his lips in a thin line. Just as the fireworks display was about to come to an end, Victor spoke out behind her. “Do you hate me?” His voice was barely audible, and the boom of explosions nearly concealed it. But Rachel heard him clearly. At the same time, the last batch of fireworks exploded in the air. After the show was over, everyone started to leave. The entire time, Victor couldn’t help but stare at Rachel’s beautiful side profile. He wasn’t sure if she had heard his question just now because she didn’t react. So he called out to her again, “Rachel, do you…” “What?” Rachel turned to face him, leaned closer, and gestured like she didn’t hear anything. “Nothing. It’s already late. Go back and get some rest.” Victor removed his coat and placed it on her shoulder after giving her a long, hard stare. “Okay,” Rachel replied calmly and didn’t refuse anymore. After returning to her room, Rachel went to the balcony to get some fresh air. She stared at the peaceful sea in silence, eyes dark and deep. Soon, the maid came and brought a glass of warm milk. “Miss Bennet, I’ve heated up a glass of milk for you.”

“Thank you. You can leave it there, I’ll drink it later. Go rest up now.” The maid bowed her head. When she looked around, her eyes were caught by Victor’s coat that Rachel had placed on the sofa. She paused and asked, “Miss Bennet, do you need me to get the coat dry cleaned?” Rachel turned around and looked at the coat with her arms crossed. After thinking about it for a moment, she said, “No.” “Okay, Miss Bennet.” a

Without anything else to do, the maid left the room and went out, leaving her all alone. Rachel couldn’t help but clench her fists as she stared at the coat. She deeply thought about the question that Victor asked her on the deck tonight. He asked her if she hated him. Rachel’s eyes turned grim and cold. Hated him? That wasn’t the right word to describe her feelings towards Victor. She loathed him. She despised him to the core! How could she not hate him? Abby had died! She was well aware that Victor didn’t kill Abby with his own hands, but he was a contributing factor in her death! If it weren’t for him, Abby wouldn’t have suffered! In the past, she just wanted to get away from Victor, but now she was full of contempt towards him that she wanted to kill him! But she was currently not strong and powerful enough to do that. She had to protect the baby first. To escape was her biggest priority.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 205 Do You Hate Me

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