Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 204: Fireworks (Part 2)

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 204 Fireworks (Part Two)

The maid happily left the room and headed straight to the deck. As soon as she left, Rachel walked out of the room. She walked towards the stairs and tapped the earpiece in her left ear with her finger. She heard Quintin’s voice in her ear. “Boss, head to basement one and go left. The fifth room is Alice’s.” Rachel hummed her acknowledgment. Quintin was looking at two red dots flashing on the digital blueprint of the entire ship on his tablet. One indicated Rachel, and the other was Alice. After hesitating for a while, he said, “Boss, you have to be very careful.” “Quintin, I didn’t know you were such a talkative person,” Rachel said as a smile curved her lips. Quintin replied, “I’m just worried…” “Don’t worry. I won’t let Alice see me before the plan is in action,” Rachel tried to comfort Quintin, knowing what he was worried about. “Boss, you don’t have to take matters into your own hands. You only have to ask me to do it.” “No! I told you that I’ll avenge Abby,” Rachel said firmly. By now, she had reached the basement. Quintin pursed his lips and wanted to argue, but he kept quiet when he saw the distance between the two red dots decrease on his tablet. He didn’t want to say anything because he was afraid he would distract Rachel. Rachel reached the fifth room. Once again, Quintin’s voice came over the earpiece. “Boss, you only need to stick that thing on the doorknob. The moment Alice touches it to open the door, her hand will get contaminated with the powder.” Rachel took out a small round packet from her pocket. Her eyes darkened, and she tore open the wrapper and stuck what was inside on the doorknob. Then, she proceeded to take a medicine bottle from her pocket and swallowed one pill. It was the antidote for the sticker she had just stuck on the doorknob. The sticker was made of powder, and the most important ingredient was datura. Datura caused people to have hallucinations. It could also make them weak. Although there wasn’t much datura in the powder, it was quite potent. As soon as it touched someone’s skin, it would penetrate the body and affect the people without them realizing it at all. Quintin asked, “Boss, have you taken the antidote? Do you feel any discomfort?” Rachel answered by tapping her earpiece twice.

Hearing the two taps, he breathed a sigh of relief. Suddenly, he noticed that the other red dot was nearing Rachel “Boss, hide! Alice is coming out!” Quintin spoke in a hurry. By then, Rachel had also heard footsteps from the other side of the door. She quickly hid. The door to Alice’s room opened with a click. In the dim corridor light, Alice sneaked out and headed in the opposite direction. She quickly disappeared from Rachel’s sight. After Alice left, Rachel leaned against the wall and didn’t leave. She waited until she heard Quintin’s voice in her ear again. “Boss… It seems Alice is heading to your room.” Quintin frowned, and the expression on his face turned cold as he watched the red dot on his screen.

‘To my room?’ Rachel smirked. “Is she really that impatient?” Alice walked to Rachel’s room with malice in her eyes. At that time, most people were on the deck watching the fireworks. She had already found out that Rachel hadn’t gone but was in her room. This was a good opportunity to get rid of her.

Alice looked at the closed door and hesitated before ringing the doorbell. she heard the chime of the doorbell. She couldn’t help but get a bit nervous. Her palms started to sweat, and she imagined how she would immediately stab Rachel as soon as she opened the door. “Excuse me, miss, who are you?” Suddenly, Alice heard a cold voice behind her. Her heart skipped a beat, and startled, she whirled around. The viciousness in her eyes didn’t subside immediately. However, the maid didn’t notice and asked, “Miss, why are you here?” Alice hadn’t expected someone would suddenly appear. Her eyes darkened as she put her hand in her pocket and felt the cold steel of a folded knife. “Miss, are you unable to speak?” The maid frowned in discontent. Alice wanted to take out the knife and stab the maid. But before she could act on it, she heard footsteps. Someone was coming towards them. Alice quickly took out her hand from the pocket and said, “Sorry, wrong room.” Then, she quickly turned around and left. Within moments, Alice disappeared from the maid’s viewThe maid muttered in confusion, “Wrong room? Why did she take so long to say that?” The maid shrugged and turned to knock on the door. “Miss Bennet?” She tried the handle and found unlocked. The maid was perplexed to find no one in the room. Instantly, the expression on her face changed. ‘Miss Bennet is missing.” The maid turned around to go and look for Rachel but saw her standing in front of her. She

was startled. “Miss Bennet, where were you? Why didn’t I see you?” “I just went out for a while.” The maid widened her eyes. “You went out? But didn’t you say…” “Yes, but I couldn’t fall asleep. The fireworks are too noisy. So I decided to go to the deck to watch. But I came back because I forgot to take my phone,” Rachel explained as she picked up her phone from the table. The maid was relieved. “The display isn’t over yet. Do you still want to see it?” Rachel checked the time on her phone. It was nearing nine o’clock. “Okay, let’s go,” Rachel said in a low voice. Rachel put her phone in her pocket, and they both left the room. Alice, who had been hiding in the dark’all this time, came out and stared in the direction Rachel went. She clenched the knife in her hand. “Rachel Bennet.” Alice spoke with hatred. On the deck, the fireworks display was nearing an end. The colorful fireworks exploded in the night sky while the sea reflected it. The salty sea breeze and the cool late autumn breeze mixed and gently blew over everyone. Rachel looked up at the colorful fireworks and was lost in her own thoughts. The maid exclaimed, “Miss Bennet, isn’t it pretty?” It was indeed beautiful. Had Abby been there, she would have been more excited than the young maid next to her. Rachel nodded and smiled. “If you like fireworks display, we too can have it at Sue Garden once we go back. Whenever you feel like it, just ask Ivan.” Suddenly, Victor’s voice came from behind them.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 204 Fireworks (Part Two)

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