Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 203 Fireworks (Part 1)

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 203 Fireworks (Part One)

After the video call with Quintin, Rachel went to bed. By the time she woke up, the ship had already departed from Apliaria. Suddenly, she heard a knock on the door. “Miss Bennet, are you awake?” the maid asked cautiously from the other side of the door. Rachel got up from bed and opened the door. The moment she opened the door, she was surprised to see Victor on the sofa reading a document. The maid whispered to her, “Miss Bennet, Mr. Sullivan knew you were asleep, so he didn’t wake you up. He’s been waiting out here for over an hour.”

The way she spoke made it sound like it was a great honor for Rachel that Victor was waiting for her. Rachel shot her a cold glance. ‘An honor? I don’t even want this honor. Anyone can take it for free if they want it,’ she remarked inwardly. “Ivan.” Victor closed the file. “Let them serve the dishes.” “Yes, sir.” Ivan nodded before he left the room to inform the waiters to serve the dishes. Rachel frowned at Victor, uncertain of what he was trying to do. “Are you going to have lunch here?” she asked. “It’s lunch time, isn’t it? If you don’t want to eat here, we can go to a restaurant,” Victor said, staring into her eyes. Clearly, there was nothing Rachel could do to refuse his offer. After a brief pause, she replied, “Let’s just eat here.” Victor glanced at the maid and the latter immediately understood what he meant. “Miss Bennet, I’ll go see if there’s anything I can do to help with the food.” Having said that, she left the room. Once more, the room fell into silence. Moments later, Victor said, “I was told that there will be a fireworks display at half past eight on the ship tonight.” Rachel was stunned for a moment. “Huh?” she asked, looking at him in confusion. “If you’re bored staying in the room, we can go to the deck and watch the fireworks display in the evening,” Victor replied after a brief silence. “Sure,” Rachel replied indifferently. Her response disappointed him and put a frown on his face. Clearly, the way she responded wasn’t something he wanted to see. But when he thought of what Rachel had been through, he decided to stifle his displeasure. Soon, lunch arrived, interrupting their subtle stalemate.

After having just a few bites, Rachel felt nauseous. Seeing that she was about to put down her fork, he said, “Finish your food.” ; Upon hearing that, Rachel paused. She glanced at the remaining food on her plate before continuing to eat. As Victor stared her emotionless face, he felt distressed. He recalled that the last time he asked her to finish her food, she argued with him. But now, she was being so obedient. “Rachel…” But before he could utter a word, Rachel covered her mouth, stood up, and ran to the bathroom at once.

Victor was taken by surprise at first, but he quickly gathered his composure, stood up, and followed her. Nervously, he commanded Ivan, “Call the doctor. Now!” “No, wait!” Rachel reached out her hand to stop him. “I’m fine.” If the doctor came, he would find out she was still pregnant. Victor didn’t notice the anxiety in her eyes, but he frowned when he saw how pale her face was.

Afraid that he might get suspicious, Rachel added, “I’m just a little seasick, that’s all. What’s more, I didn’t have any appetite and I ate too fast just now. That’s why I had to throw up.” “You’re seasick, huh? I seem to recall how you used to go out at sea a lot. Not once have I heard that you became seasick.” “Well, um…” Rachel pondered for a moment and continued, “It’s because I’m not in good health lately.” “In that case, I’ll ask the doctor to examine you,” Victor argued. “Seriously, I’m fine. I don’t need to see a doctor,” Rachel insisted. “I just need more rest.” Though Victor was still worried about her, he had to concede since she was the one insisting upon it. “Fine. But if you still feel uncomfortable after resting, I’m calling the doctor.” Rachel nodded in response.

This time, Victor didn’t make her finish the food in her plate anymore. Not long after lunch, the president of the Chamber of Commerce called Victor away. But before he left, he ordered the maid to pay special attention to Rachel and inform him if at any given moment she felt uncomfortable. That night, the wind blew even stronger. The cold breeze seeped into the room, and Rachel was feeling a little cold. During the evening, Victor didn’t come to have dinner with Rachel, but he asked Ivan to send her some food that she liked to her room. Right now, Rachel still had no appetite, but she knew that it was important to eat some for the baby.

Thus, she forced herself to eat. The maid watched her eat and smiled with glee. “Miss Bennet, would you like some more? I’m sure Mr. Sullivan will be happy to know that you’re eating well tonight!” said the maid. Rachel pressed down on her stomach to alleviate her discomfort, and put down her fork. “I’m full,” she said. “Okay, ma’am.” The maid wasn’t stupid. She could see the tension between Rachel and Victor, and she knew that she shouldn’t say anything about it. Rachel stood up and was about to go back to her bedroom. Ever since she boarded the ship this morning, she hadn’t left her room and had been lying in bed for most of the day. It wasn’t because she wanted to sleep all day, but she was merely doing it for the baby’s sake. Although the baby was still alive, Rachel wasn’t in good health. She had to limit herself from moving around as much as possible, or else she could have a miscarriage at any time. In particular, what she was planning to do next would put her and her child in danger if she wasn’t careful enough.

Swoosh! All of a sudden, she heard the sound of fireworks exploding in the distance. A few seconds later, colorful lights appeared before her sight through the glass window. The fireworks bloomed in the night sky like flowers. “Miss Bennet, the fireworks display has started! When I went to the restaurant this noon, I heard there was going to be a fireworks display tonight. It’s so beautiful!” the maid said from behind Rachel. Rachel stared at the scenery outside the window. Another set of fireworks exploded into the night sky. The colorful lights above reflected onto the sea. The view was nothing short of magical. Only then did Rachel remember that this noon, Victor mentioned that there was going to be a fireworks display tonight. However, she wasn’t interested in it. With narrowed eyes, Rachel turned to the maid as an idea flashed through her mind. “You like fireworks, huh?” Upon hearing her question, the maid was mildly abashed. “Yes, ma’am. This is the first time I’ve seen such a beautiful fireworks display. I rarely get to see them.” “If you want, you can go to the deck, so you can enjoy it properly. I’m sure the view is much better over there,” said Rachel. “No, ma’am. I can’t!” The maid shook her head immediately. “I have to stay here, Miss Bennet. What if you need something and I’m not around to attend to your needs?” After taking a sip of warm water, Rachel replied, “The fireworks display will last less than a half hour at most. Don’t worry about it. I’ll just be here in my room.” Glancing at the colorful fireworks display in the sky, the maid was moved by Rachel’s words. “But, ma’am…” “If you’re still worried, I can come with you,” Rachel responded, looking into her eyes intently. The maid’s eyes lit up. Just when she was about to agree, she remembered that Rachel wasn’t in good health. The wind at sea was strong during the night, and it was easy to catch a cold. Moreover, there must be many people on deck right now. If something were to happen to Rachel over there, she could get into serious trouble. “Miss Bennet, do you want to watch the fireworks display as well?” asked the maid. “Not really. But you’re worried about leaving me here alone, aren’t you?” Rachel replied, noticing the hesitation in her eyes. After a brief moment of hesitation, the maid said, “Ma’am, is it okay if I leave for ten minutes? Just stay here in your room and I’ll be back right away.” Rachel smiled at her and said, “Okay.”

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 203 Fireworks (Part One)

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