Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 202: No One Can Replace Her

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 202 No One Can Replace Her

Ten minutes later, they went aboard the ship. Victor arranged a suite next to his for Rachel. It had one bedroom and a living room. Afraid that she would escape, Victor also brought a maid to look after her. The maid would stay in the living room to guard Rachel while she was resting. Rachel didn’t oppose. When Rachel came out of the bathroom, she caught the maid trying to open her suitcase. “What are you doing?” she asked, frowning The maid who was startled by her sudden question quickly stood up and faced her. “Unpacking your things for you, Miss Bennet,” she explained. As if observing her, Rachel looked at her up and down. Then, she pulled the suitcase to her side and told the maid indifferently, “I don’t like other people touching my things. Leave it to me. I can manage.” “Then… Miss Bennet, what can I do for you? Do you need anything?” The maid seemed overly obedient. It was because she knew how much Victor cared about Rachel. The maid thought if she made her happy, she would have a raise. Moreover, she heard that Rachel had been very kind to her former maid, Abby. Everyone said that she treated that maid like her own sister. But now, Abby was dead. As a new maid, she needed to win Rachel’s favor so she would make her stay. 2 “Miss Bennet, I heard about what happened to Abby. You must be very upset. I haven’t met her yet, but I guess she was a very nice girl since you like her so much. However, she’s gone now. I think it’s best if you move on, Miss Bennet. If you want to, you can treat me as her. I will try my best to serve you well, just like what Abby did.” The maid thought she had hidden her thoughts well, but Rachel had seen through her. She knew that the maid only said such words in order to gain her favor and please Victor. Sure enough, people were social climbers. However, she could not blame the maid. After all, it was human nature to be capricious, especially in her current position. As long as there was a chance for people like her to climb up, they would definitely seize it. Unfortunately, her scheme would not work on Rachel. “Abby was never my maid,” Rachel said. “Miss Bennet…” With an indifferent look, Rachel added with emphasis, “There’s only one Abby. No one can replace her. I will never see you as her.” The maid bit her bottom lip, lowered her eyes, and clenched her fists. “Miss Bennet, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to replace her. I just…” The maid wanted to explain, but before she could do so, Rachel cut her off. “You want to work for me, don’t you?” Rachel asked. The maid nodded heavily. “Miss Bennet, as long as you agree to let me serve you, I will do anything you ask me to do. I promise!” “Sorry, but I can’t let you stay.” “But…why?” Disappointment was written all over the maid’s face. “I don’t need anyone around me,” Rachel said. “I’m tired and want to have a rest. You can go

out now.”

The maid’s lips moved, wanting to say something more. But when she saw the expression in Rachel’s eyes, she gave up. Rachel’s eyes told her that she would not change her mind. “Then I will be in the living room. Miss Bennet, if you need anything, please call me at any time.” After saying that, the maid turned around and walked out of the room. When the door was closed, Rachel reached out for the wooden pendant in her pocket and took it out.

It was the only thing Abby left for her. Slowly, she enclosed the pendant in her palm and clenched it while she looked at the endless sea from the balcony. With a dull and loud whistle, the ship set off. Rachel withdrew her eyes and stroked the words carved on the pendant: “Abby…” Just then, her phone rang. After putting back the pendant inside her pocket, Rachel took out her phone and answered Quintin’s video call request. “Boss, are you on board?” As soon as the call got connected, Quintin’s voice rang in her ears. “Yes.” “Boss, are you sure you want to do it?” A trace of reluctance could be seen on Quintin’s face. “This is my only chance to escape from Victor and this **** of a place.” Despite the danger, Rachel remained firm with her decision.

“But isn’t it too risky? What if…”. “Don’t you believe in yourself?” Rachel knew what Quintin was worried about. Quintin pursed his thin lips. Although he had gone over the plan countless times in his head and knew the chances of an accident occurring were extremely low, he still couldn’t help but worry. Because if something went wrong, two lives would be in danger. “I…”

*Quintin.” Rachel called his attention. Frowning in confusion, Quintin raised his head and met Rachel’s eyes through the camera. “Boss?” “I believe in you.” The sincerity Quintin saw in her eyes touched his heart. In the end, he took a deep breath and nodded. “Okay, boss. I won’t let you down. I will bring you and the baby back safe and sound.” These words made Rachel smile. “By the way, boss, Alice is already on the ship. You must be careful in the next couple of days. She might be hiding there somewhere.” A smirk appeared on Rachel’s lips. She tapped the table with her fingertips while listening to Quintin. “I don’t know if she’s stupid or smart for daring to come to you. But, boss, how do you know that Alice will try to sneak onto the ship?” few days ago, Rachel told him with certainty that Alice would come to her. He doubted the idea at first, but it turned out to be true. 1 “Because I let out the news about the cruise tour,” Rachel answered. Stunned, Quintin was lost for words. Now that Alice had killed Abby, she would definitely be in a panic. When someone had tried to kill once, that person might lose his mind and wouldn’t be afraid to do it again. Alice hated Rachel to the core. Once she found out about her whereabouts, Alice would definitely find a way to get to her. That was why Rachel gave her a bait. This was the chance that could make Alice completely lose her mind. The cruise tour was the best opportunity at the moment. The elites were the common guests on such an expensive cruise ship. Alice was once one of them, and now she had nothing. Once she learned that Rachel would be there, Alice’s jealousy would burn her sanity. She would be desperate to come to her no matter what it would take.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 202 No One Can Replace Her

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