Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 200: Two Conditions

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 200 Two Conditions

Noticing the invitation in his hand, Rachel was a bit surprised. She didn’t want to assume anything, so she went ahead and asked, “Do you have some time? I want to discuss something with you.” Looking into her eyes, Victor just nodded slightly, waiting for her to continue speaking. “I heard that there’s this cruise tour.” “Do you want to come?” Victor immediately asked. Rachel nodded and explained, “Although I’m not one of the biggest shareholder of Bennet Group right now, it’s still my family’s business. I have just taken over Bennet Group, so by convention, I should attend the events organized by the Chamber of Commerce.” Victor still remained silent, looking at her intently as if trying to read her mind. In the past recent years, Rachel rarely showed up in public, and all kinds of unexpected accidents also happened during those few times she attended social events. Now that she took the initiative to ask if she could attend such a formal event, Victor felt a bit strange. He was trying to determine what her real motivation was. “If you are worried that I will use that opportunity to escape from you, then you can refuse,” Rachel remarked nonchalantly. Victor could sense the calmness and indifference in her tone, as if she didn’t really care if she could come or not. She looked like a rose with its thorns removed, deprived of its unique beauty. Victor’s heart suddenly ached at the sight of her gloomy face. Finally, he agreed, “You can come. But I have two conditions.” Rachel’s brows raised, curious as to what Victor would say. “What conditions?” Out of the corner of his eye, Victor saw Lukas who was about to bring in the warm milk. Then, he said, “First, drink the milk and have a good sleep.” Hearing this, Rachel was stunned, but she tried not to show it. She didn’t expect that this would actually be one of Victor’s conditions. After a moment, she pursed her lips and said, “Okay. What’s the other one?” But instead of answering her, Victor took the warm milk from Lukas and put it on the table in front of her. “Drink it first.”

After hesitating for a while, Rachel picked up the glass and drank it up, “Can you tell me now?” After putting the glass down, she looked up at Victor. “Alright. I will let you come, but you can’t leave my sight at all times.” Before Rachel could speak, he added, “If you can’t promise that, then I won’t allow you to come.” Upon saying that, he tightened his grip on the invitation.

For a brief moment, Rachel fell into silence, absorbing what Victor just said. Just when Victor thought that she would give it up, she suddenly spoke. “Okay… I’ll do it.”

In the old urban areas of the capital city, several old buildings stood in rows. The broken street lamps flickered in the narrow alley, and the sound of cats moaning could be heard from the almost empty surroundings from time to time. Knock! Knock! In an old-looking and poorly-constructed building, someone knocked on the door of one of the rooms on the third floor. Soon enough, there were footsteps heard from the inside, and the door was eventually opened slightly. “Ali…” The woman standing outside couldn’t even finish saying the name of the person who opened the door when she saw her appearance. When she was about to speak again, the person inside suddenly grabbed her arm and pulled her in.

After they got in, the resident of the room slammed the door. Caroline lost her balance and almost fell. When she finally collected herself, she was able to fully observe the room, and she was utterly surprised. She saw that the room was in an extremely messy state, and the installed furniture was so old-fashioned. In just a glance, one could tell that the entire room looked shabby. “Alice, why are you living in a place like this? This is no better than a dumpster!” But when Caroline turned her head to look at Alice, she saw that the latter was looking through the rusty cat’s eye on the door, completely ignoring her question. “Alice, I’m talking to you. What are you looking at?” Caroline frowned and pulled Alice’s arm unhappily, trying to get her attention. “Don’t touch me!” Alice shouted and shook off her hand fiercely. Caroline was startled and taken aback by her vicious eyes. “Alice, what on earth…” But eventually, Alice regained her senses and realized that she was overreacting. Then, she called in a soft tone, “Mom…” “What’s wrong with you? Did something happen? Why are you acting weirdly? You haven’t been home for days, and I’ll find out that you’re living in such a place?” Caroline was getting more anxious the more she looked at the room. She wondered why Alice would decide to stay in this place for days. The area was in a remote vicinity, and one didn’t even need an ID card to rent the place. Alice sat down on the sofa, shook her head, and said, “Forget it. I’m just afraid that those people will come to me and force me to pay the debts. This is only temporary.” “Alice…” Caroline looked at Alice, her eyes filled with concern. She patted her head and gently touched the scar on her face. “I’m sorry you suffered this much.”

During these past few days, they had been running around to avoid the creditors. But no matter how hard they tried, these people would always find a way to locate them. Hence, Alice tried to go someplace where they might have a hard time finding her. After everything that happened, they had been struggling and having a hard time. Then, Alice removed Caroline’s hand on her face and asked impatiently, “Mom, did you bring that thing I asked you?” “What thing?” “The invitation for the cruise tour! Are you able to get one? Do you have it with you?” Alice replied in an anxious tone. When Caroline remembered the invitation, her expression changed, and she explained hurriedly, “Actually… Alice, listen to me, I really tried to get one. But…” Caroline paused, not able to finish her words. Alice had lost contact with them these past several days. Not knowing where she was or what happened to her, they were all worried. Then, just recently, Caroline finally received a call from Alice. She asked Caroline to help her get an invitation to the cruise tour. But before Caroline could figure out what was going on, Alice hung up the phone. Therefore, she had no choice but to go to the rich ladies who used to be her friends and ask them if they could help her with this matter. However, she was driven away from their homes. No one wanted to see her face. “What? I thought you were close with a lot of rich people? Why couldn’t you get a single invitation? **** it! Did you really try? I can’t believe this!” Alice couldn’t help but raise her voice, upset and frustrated. “I did… I’ve tried my best. But the moment they knew that our family had been in this state, they started looking down on us,” Caroline said, gritting her teeth in exasperation. Alice’s face looked sullen, but she said nothing. Instead, she started walking back and forth. Caroline didn’t really understand what it was for, so she couldn’t help but ask, “Alice, why do you suddenly want that invitation? In the past, you were never interested in such events.” Alice sighed and stopped pacing around. “Right now, we are going through such a tough time. Of course, the people going to that cruise are elites and rich. If I can get in, maybe I can find a way to help us out of this situation.” She didn’t say it directly, but she was indicating that she would find and hook up with a rich man, who would be willing to provide her needs. “Without the invitation, this plan is all worthless now. That’s the only way in,” Alice explained, grunting afterward. Hearing this, Caroline suddenly thought of something and said, “Wait. Maybe there is still a way. But I don’t think you’ll be willing to…” “What way?” 

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 200 Two Conditions

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