Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 199: A Coward

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 199 A Coward

It was already late at night, the surroundings were already quiet, and some people were already fast asleep in their homes. However, the light on the 32nd floor of the Sullivan Group building was still on. “Hey. Are you planning to sleep here tonight?” Carson yawned as he raised his head and looked at Victor who was still busy working. After glancing at Carson, Victor signed his name on a document and said, “No one said that you should stay here. You can go first if you want.” When Carson looked at the screen of his computer, he saw his own reflection and noticed that there were dark circles around his eyes. He hadn’t slept properly the past couple of days. He really wanted to leave and have some rest, but he just couldn’t leave Victor, who seemed to have no intention to stop working. Thump! Carson stood up, walked towards Victor’s desk and quickly closed the folder that Victor was working on. Then, he threw it aside to keep it away. “Dude, listen to me. I get it. You have lots of work to do. But you also need to get some sleep. You’re not a robot that can go on without resting.” Victor didn’t say anything and just looked at Carson before shifting his gaze towards the folder. Carson sighed heavily. He had been friends with Victor for years now, so he could somehow tell what was going on in his head. He knew what had happened to Abby and Rachel. “Vic, are you going to hide from Rachel forever?” Carson’s tone became extremely serious. Victor’s hand stopped moving, and the ink from the pen left a distinct dot on the paper. “You are the CEO of Sullivan Group. Since when did you become a coward? All you need to do is go to her and hand over the invitation. Then, ask her to go on the cruise tour with you, What’s the big deal? Are you afraid that she will refuse you?” Victor’s eyes darkened. As he looked at the invitation that had been lying on his desk, he could already see the sarcastic smile on Rachel’s face. 3 Carson was right, he loathed himself, not expecting that he would one day become a coward. It was just an invitation, but he couldn’t get himself to give it to Rachel. “Well, if you are really that worried about it, you don’t need to do it.” Carson then picked up the invitation on the desk and sat down. “Maybe it’s the right choice for you. There’s a huge chance that she’ll just turn you down. She might even tear this invitation into pieces in front of you.”

Victor didn’t respond. Carson raised his eyebrows frivolously. “But does it matter? If she doesn’t agree to come with her, you can just take her by force. Anyway, I’m sure this won’t be the first time you’ll force her into something.” With Carson’s comment that was uncalled for, Victor’s aura became extremely cold. Even Carson could feel a chill down his spine just from his stare. “Hey, hey. I was just kidding.” Touching the tip of his nose, Carson coughed. “But I’m not completely wrong. Listen to me. Whatever you do, there will only be two results. It’s either she agrees or she doesn’t. But if you keep waiting here, hesitating and doing nothing, you won’t get any answer. And to be honest, I believe that she won’t refuse.” Victor furrowed his brows, confused that Carson would suddenly say such a thing. Knowing what victor was thinking, Carson just smiled and remarked, “Trust me. I have a good intuition.” After a brief moment of silence, Victor suddenly stood up, grabbed the invitation from Carson’s hand, and intended to leave.

Carson was a bit surprised, so he asked, “Where are you going?” “It’s none of your business,” Victor answered. “If you want to stay here and keep working, I’m not stopping you.” “What? Are you crazy? Why would I do that?” Immediately after saying this, Carson also stood up. If it wasn’t for Victor, he wouldn’t have been stuck in their office. In fact, he should be out at this time, having some fun with women. Victor just snorted and turned his back on him. Realizing that Victor already made up his mind, Carson grinned and said, “Alright, let’s go. I really want to leave this depressing place already!” Then, the two quietly walked towards the elevator. Inside, Carson leaned against the handrail of the elevator lazily. When they were about to reach the second floor, he suddenly asked, “So, what’s your plan?” 1 Victor was caught off guard. He actually didn’t know the answer to the question. Of course, Carson was talking about how he would tell Rachel about the invitation. Victor was also convinced that he should man up and stop being a coward. That was why he decided to go home. However, reality suddenly hit him that he didn’t know what he would exactly say or do. At the same time, Carson understood that there were huge hindrances between Victor and Rachel. Because of Abby and his supposed child, things got even messier. Victor felt so guilty, thinking that he was somewhat responsible for Abby’s death. Furthermore, the baby was gone, and he knew that he was partly at fault as well. His heart was severely crushed. In fact, there was not a minute that he didn’t feel guilty.

That was why he needed to get busy in order to distract himself. Eventually, the elevator rang, signaling that they had reached the garage. Then, Victor finally answered, “I don’t know yet.” Hearing Victor’s gloomy voice, Carson actually wanted to say something, but he couldn’t find the right words. In the end, he could only sigh. It was said that the spectators could usually see the bigger picture compared to the players themselves. But when it came to the relationship between Victor and Rachel, Carson was also at a loss what might happen to them. In Sue Garden A servant came out of the living room with a glass of milk in her hand. Seeing Lukas, she stopped and greeted him respectfully. 4. When Lukas looked at the servant, he immediately noticed the glass in her hand and frowned. “She didn’t drink any of it?” The servant just shook her head as a response. Lukas couldn’t help but sigh. After she was released from the hospital, Rachel hadn’t eaten anything and she was always saying that she didn’t have an appetite. This time, Lukas asked one of the servants to heat a glass of milk for her. He thought that she would be able to sleep better after drinking it. However, she couldn’t drink even the milk. “Give it to me. I’ll try to convince her.” Lukas took the milk and walked into the living room, hopeful that Rachel would somehow force herself to drink it. “Miss Bennet.” Lukas put down the glass on the table. “It’s already eleven o’clock. The doctor specifically instructed that you need to rest properly right after you are discharged. How about drinking some milk? It might help you sleep better. Are you not going back to your room to rest yet?” “Lukas, I know you’re worried about me. But I just don’t feel like drinking it.” “Miss Bennet…” Seeing her refuse flatly, Lukas didn’t know how else he could persuade her. But before he could say anything, Rachel suddenly asked, “Lukas, is Victor coming back tonight?” Hearing this, Lukas was stunned. Never did he imagine that Rachel would ask about Victor, especially after the two of them parted in discord last time. “Do you need something from Mr. Sullivan?” In fact, he didn’t need to hear Rachel’s answer. His eyes instantly lit up with excitement. “I’ll call him right now.”

This was such a rare event, so he couldn’t wait to tell Victor. “No. You don’t have to.” Rachel stopped him. “It’s too late already. I don’t think he’ll come back tonight. I’ll just talk to him about it tomorrow. I’m not in a rush anyway.” But as soon as Rachel finished her words, Lukas suddenly called, “Mr. Sullivan!”

When Rachel turned her head, she saw Victor at the door of the living room. Not knowing where to look, Victor replied, “I just got back.” Apparently, he heard the whole conversation between Rachel and Lukas just now. There was actually a gleam in his eyes. When he heard her asking about him, he got a little nervous and expectant. Lukas was also a little puzzled. He glanced at Rachel and found that she looked very calm. Then, finding a reason to excuse himself, he said, “Mr. Sullivan, Miss Bennet, the milk has gotten a little cold. I’ll go warm it up first.” Then, he left the living room quickly, followed by the servant. When the two got out of the living room, only Victor and Rachel were left, instantly filling the room with absolute silence. Wanting to break the silence, Victor mustered his courage and asked, “You wanted to talk to me?”

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 199 A Coward

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