Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 198: Cruise Tour

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 198 Cruise Tour

Rachel checked the message sent by Quintin. “I found out who hurt Abby! But it looks like she was diagnosed with schizophrenia just a day ago and is now admitted to Greenhill Psychiatric Hospital.” Could such a coincidence happen? She just so happened to be admitted to a madhouse right before Quintin found out about her? Rachel had her doubts about this. Soon after, Quintin messaged her again. “I reviewed the surveillance video of the hospital Abby was staying in and discovered footage of a suspicious woman. She must’ve been the one who took Abby away and murdered her.” Next, Quintin sent over a photo to Rachel’s phone. Rachel tapped on the photo, which was a screenshot from the surveillance video. The picture turned out to be a little blurry, and the woman had herself covered thoroughly. She was dressed in an orange cleaning uniform, a mask over her face, and kept her head lowered. It appeared that she was aware that there was a camera above her so she avoided it on purpose to keep it from capturing her face. Only her eyes were revealed in the photo.

But Rachel knew who it was the moment she saw th


Rachel’s hands became two fists at her sides and she trembled from head to toe out of anger. Originally, she had suspected that it must’ve been a prisoner who had killed Abby, but she never expected Abby’s murderer would turn out to be Alice!

Rachel pursed her lips together and her face became very pale. “Do you know where she is now?” she asked. “Sorry. There are no cameras right outside the storage area. I checked all the surveillance tapes nearby but saw no signs of her.” She knew that Alice wouldn’t be able to hide for long. Even if she could disappear for a while, she would not be able to hide forever. Thinking back to a conversation she overheard between a servant and Lukas, Rachel’s eyes flashed with alertness and she replied, “You don’t need to continue looking for her. It will be only a matter of time before she comes to me.” “What do you mean by that?” Quintin asked. Rachel didn’t bother to answer his question. She deleted the messages right away and made her way to the balcony. The cool wind blew against her face, making her feel more at ease. ‘Abby, I swear to you, I will make Alice pay for what she has done to you!

Inside Greenhill Psychiatric Hospital Bang! Sasha was pushed hard to the side, forcing her to fall heavily to the floor. She immediately cried out as pain radiated throughout her body. A doctor peered down at her and ordered a nurse, “I want you to inject her with a tranquilizer once every three days. If she makes a big deal out of things, just higher the dosage.” “Yes, sir.” With that, the doctor nodded, turned around, and left without looking back.

The nurse quickly wrote down a note in her notebook, then turned around to leave too. Seeing that the door of the ward was about to close behind her, Sasha hurried to get up on her feet and grabbed hold of the nurse’s arm. 2 “I’m not mentally ill! I’m not crazy! I’m perfectly okay!” Sasha shouted out desperately. The nurse’s arm felt a little painful because of her tight grip, and she shook Sasha off angrily “Only those who are truly mentally unstable will constantly make it a point to say that they are fine. If you keep this up, I will have no other choice but to give you a tranquilizer!” Tears trickled down Sasha’s face. She shook her head, refusing to give up. “I’m telling you the truth. I’m not sick! I’m perfectly fine. I’m not crazy at all!” The nurse rolled her eyes exasperatedly. She heard patients saying those words nearly every day. She put away the notebook she was holding. “Alright. You are fine. You are not crazy! Is that okay now? I have to get back to work now. So be quiet.” Then, the nurse turned on her heels and made her way out of the room. With her eyes opened wide, Sasha made one more final attempt to grab the nurse’s arm again, but the nurse ducked out of the way in time, and she missed. The door was closed behind her. Sasha gripped the iron bars on the door helplessly with her hands and yelled out, “I’m really not crazy! You have no right to lock me up like this! Release me at once! This is totally illegal!”

However, the nurse just kept right on walking. The nurse eventually disappeared from Sasha’s sight. The anguish in her eyes became even more distinct and tears kept falling down her cheeks nonstop. She had no idea why she was taken here and why she was diagnosed as a schizophrenic. After suspecting that she was the one who pushed Abby down the hill, the prison guards interrogated her for two times in a row. She kept on insisting that Abby fell from the hill all by herself. Since there was no proof that said she was the one who did it and Abby was at

that time still lying there in a coma, the prison guards could do nothing to her. And she succeeded in getting an appeal. But this joy was not long-lasting. The prison officials suddenly said that everyone needed to have a psychological examination. After the doctor asked her a simple set of questions, he labeled her as a severe schizophrenic. After that, they locked her up in this place. No matter how much she tried to tell them this was a mistake, nobody believed her. “Dance! Dance! Join me in a dance! We’ll dance together!” Out of nowhere, someone grabbed her wrist from behind her, and then a woman made her way up to her with a smiley but very scary face. “Ah!” Sasha was so startled that she instantly lost her balance and fell to the side. The woman appeared unfazed by it all. Instead, she became even more animated when she saw Sasha was now on the floor. Then she clutched her arm and pulled her up. She ignored Sasha’s painful expression and kept on shouting, “Dance! Dance! Dance!” Sasha’s face paled from the pain. She tried to struggle out of the woman’s grip, but the other woman was so strong that it was all in vain in the end. “Let go of me! Let me go right this instant!” Sasha’s eyes reddened and she felt like she was on the cusp of breaking down.

“Dance! Dance!”

“You’re hurti e! Let go of me!” Sasha’s body slammed to the floor again and she could hardly stand it anymore. She couldn’t stay here any longer. She had to break out now! She knew she would really go crazy if she stayed here any longer! At the same moment, inside the doctor’s office, with a face devoid of emotion, Ivan looked at Sasha’s collapsed form in the surveillance video. He gave the doctor a check and said in a cold and ruthless voice, “Thank you.” 2 The doctor saw the sum on the check and his eyes instantly lit up. “Just to let you know, you are very welcome, sir! I am just doing my job!” the doctor said. “Of course, you should know what words you shouldn’t say, right?” “Yes, I know! I wouldn’t worry about it.” The doctor studied the surveillance video. “Besides, even if she is not crazy, after staying with lunatics for so long, that will definitely change.” Stealing a glance over’at the doctor, Ivan kept his words to himself and left. A black Cayenne was parked on the street just outside the hospital. Ivan opened the car door on the passenger side and got inside. He lifted his eyes to the rearview mirror and said to it, “Mr. Sullivan, mission accomplished.” “Alright. Drive me back to the company,” Victor said in a cold voice. The driver right away started the car and drove in the direction of the Sullivan Group.

“Mr. Sullivan, here is the invitation to the cruise tour organized by the Chamber of Commerce.” Ivan took out an invitation card out of his pocket and handed it over to Victor to review. “I’m not going.” Victor refused without even looking at the invitation. Ever since he became CEO of the Sullivan Group, the Chamber of Commerce was constantly inviting him to their parties, but he never once attended one of their events. Therefore, Ivan was not surprised to hear him turn them down once again. Staring down at the invitation card, Ivan wanted to mention something to Victor but stopped when he had a chance to think things over. Victor noticed that Ivan wanted to say something. “Is there anything else?” “Mr. Sullivan, I just thought of Miss Bennet right now…” Ivan carefully studied Victor’s expression in the rearview mirror. “The cruise tour will last a total of three days. I heard that the scenery along the way will be nice and that there might even be dolphins. I think this will be good for Miss Bennet.” Victor thought over what Ivan said for a while. Then he said, “Then tell them to count me in.”

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 198 Cruise Tour

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