Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 197: Are You In Love

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 197 Are You In Love

Rachel and Andy walked along the shore. Andy looked at Rachel’s thin figure and had a lot of questions, but he was unsure where to begin. He guessed that something must have happened to Abby, but he didn’t expect her to be dead. Rachel suddenly stopped and faced the sea. She closed her eyes and let the salty, cool breeze caress her upturned face and blew her long hair around her. “Let her rest here. She can see the sun rising from the sea here. I think she will like it,” said Rachel She opened the urn and gently scattered Abby’s ashes into the water. Andy couldn’t believe it yet. His voice was hoarse as he asked, “Miss Bennet, what happened? How did Abby…” He couldn’t complete his sentence, and his eyes welled up with tears. Andy caught a glimpse of the cars parked by the side of the highway. He said through gritted teeth, “It’s Victor, right? He’s the one who killed Abby! If not, how could Abby…” Rachel continued to scatter the ashes and looked at the swirling water without saying anything. Her silence made Andy realize that Abby’s death had something to do with Victor. He clenched his hands and turned around to leave. “Andy.” Rachel stopped him with worry in her eyes. “What are you planning on doing?” “I want to confront him! I want to know! I want an explanation!” Anger made Andy lose his mind.

He had known Abby very well. Every time he saw her, she always had a smile on her face. Abby was always around Rachel, taking care of her. And now Abby was dead! ‘Could Victor kill someone without needing a reason or punishment?’ “Then? Then what will you do? You’re in no position to fight him. Also, there’s a possibility that you might lose your life too.” Rachel spoke calmly. “I…”  Andy opened his mouth to speak but couldn’t. ‘Yes. What could I do? I can’t do anything. According to Victor, I’m no one. He can easily kill me as if he’s crushing an ant. Victor was the most powerful man in this city.’ Andy slapped himself hard across the face. It was so hard that his cheek turned red in an instant. “This is all my fault, Miss Bennet!” Rachel squatted, placed the um gently on the sand, and looked into the distance. “Andy, promise me that you will live a long and good life. No matter what happens, you have to remain calm. You will get your chance to avenge Abby, and for that, you have to remain alive.”

“Okay, Miss Bennet,” Andy agreed. But somehow, he felt as if Rachel was bidding him goodbye. He couldn’t help asking, “Are you okay?” “Yes, I’m fine.” She looked at Andy and smiled faintly.

When Rachel returned from the shore, she came down with a feverIn the past few days, her body had gone through a lot. It finally couldn’t take it anymore. It was late at night, and everything was quiet. Rachel woke up in a sweat, and her, fever had gone. Her mouth was dry, and she was feeling thirsty Rachel wanted to sit up but realized that someone held her hand. She tugged her hand hard and sat up to look at the person sleeping on the edge of the bed. A tall man sat in a chair, but his head was resting on his hands on the bed. It looked to be a very uncomfortable position. Rachel was surprised. Since she burned in fever for an entire day and night, she had been weak and disoriented. She was aware that someone was with her the entire time. But she didn’t know that it was


Victor was a light sleeper. He woke up as soon as he heard Rachel shifting in bed, but he didn’t open his eyes. But when he realized that Rachel was about to get out of bed, he couldn’t hold back “Where are you going? What do you need?” Victor asked as he stared at her through dark and intense eyes. “I’m thirsty. I want some water,” she said in a cold tone as she felt his nervousness. ‘So it turns out the devil also could be nervous sometimes.’ Victor held her wrist and said, “Your fever has just subsided. Lie down. I’ll get water for you.” Rachel withdrew her hand and said indifferently, “Thank you.” ‘Thank you? Again?’ In the past few days, Victor heard these twwords from her several times, and every time she uttered them, he felt as if a knife stabbed him in the heart. “Rachel…”

He looked into her eyes and suddenly stopped. He didn’t want to start a fight with her. Victor looked away, turned around, and poured her a glass of warm water. Rachel felt better after drinking half a glass of water. Once again, she lay down on the bed. Victor stood next to the bed. He didn’t know whether he should leave or stay. He knew that she didn’t want to see him.

After hesitating for a while, he made up his mind to leave. “Victor.” Suddenly, he heard Rachel’s voice and stopped. “It’s late. We’ll talk tomorrow.” Victor’s eyes darkened. He didn’t want to turn around to see the cold expression on her face. He continued to move forward. “Let’s talk now,” Rachel said adamantly. He didn’t say a word while his heart sank. “You can’t hide from this forever.” “What do you want to talk about?” After a brief silence, Victor turned to look at her. “If you want to talk about leaving, forget it. There’s nothing to talk about. Rachel, listen carefully and understand this. I will not let you go.” , Even though he knew that she might never fall in love with him, he would never let her go. He wanted her. And he always got what he wanted. However, Rachel wasn’t surprised by his answer at all. She calmly looked into his eyes and asked, “Why?” Victor’s eyes darkened, and he said firmly, “Unless I say it’s over, you can never leave from here. There is no reason. The decision is not in your hands, and it never will be. You can never leave or escape until I’m done! And that’s final!” He spoke through gritted teeth as he clenched his hands into tight fists. After that, Victor turned to leave without any hesitation. He opened the door and was about to step out when he heard Rachel again. “Victor, are you in love with me?” Victor froze for a moment. But then, he quickly recovered and slammed the door shut behind him. Even though he didn’t answer her question, Rachel could see in the split second before he left that he was flustered. She placed her hand on her stomach and whispered, “Who knew that even the devil could fall in love!” After a week, Rachel was discharged from the hospital. Victor ordered a lot of guards to watch over her. It was as if he was afraid that she would try to escape. Once they reached Sue Garden, no one dared to mention Abby or the baby in front of Rachel. They even locked the baby’s room. Once she was alone in her room, Rachel clicked on the voice message from Quintin.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 197 Are You In Love

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