Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 196: The Note

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 196 The Note

An hour later Standing next to her bedside, Victor looked down at Rachel with mixed emotions on his face. Victor was feeling very nervous ever since he got the call from the bodyguard. For the past three days, he barely slept a wink. During the daytime, he stayed in the company and, at night, he would go to the hospital. He would usually just spend his nights sitting quietly in his car and look at Rachel’s ward from the parking lot. He would watch the lights in the ward turn on at night and off in the mornings. Every thirty minutes, the doctor would report back to him her condition so he knew right away what she was eating and that she had vomited in the past three days. He knew all about her fitful sleep and that she had lost five pounds in the last three days. He wanted to charge up those stairs to go up and see her several times, but every time he made the move to go up to see her, he would stop himself. He knew very well that she was right. He no longer had any valid reason to make her stay with him now.

“The guard told me you wanted to see me.” Victor was the first to break the silence between them. “I want to see her,” Rachel said and lifted her head to look at him. They both knew right away who she was referring to. “I wasn’t there for her when she died.  At least, allow me to see her for the last time.” Scared that he wouldn’t readily agree, Rachel added this last part. 1 “You are not in the right shape to leave the hospital right now,” Victor said in a low and rough voice.

“Have the doctor and nurse accompany me. I can also take care of myself.” Rachel pursed her lips. “If you’re scared that I’ll take this opportunity to run away, you can join me, or send more men to watch my every move. Besides, even if I wanted to get away, I can’t in this state, right?” She chuckled bitterly. Hearing her chuckle made Victor’s heart ache in his chest. “I just want to say my final goodbyes,” Rachel went on to say. After a long pause, Victor looked over at her and said, “Alright.” He didn’t want to see her disappointed at this time.

Victor and Rachel left the hospital escorted by a group of medical staff and bodyguards on the day of Abby’s cremation.

Rachel felt the cold air on her skin right when she entered the funeral home. In fact, such a place was not appropriate for recovering patients to come to. But Victor knew that there was nothing he could do to talk Rachel out of this. Ivan had arranged everything ahead of time. Right when Rachel and Victor walked in, the staff led them down a small hall. Rachel saw a crystal coffin in the center of the room as soon as she walked inside. Lying inside the crystal coffin, Abby’s eyes were closed and she looked very peaceful. She donned a beautiful and colorful dress and her face was lightly made up with gauze on her forehead. She looked like she was simply asleep and not dead. Rachel’s eyes reddened. From what she could recall, Abby always wore the simplest of clothing. Her clothes were worn and old from many years of use. Rachel once offered to take her shopping to buy her new clothes, but she refused. “But I already have clothes. Look, they are still good! You don’t have to waste any money on


Rachel knew that it wasn’t because Abby didn’t want new clothes, but that she understood that Rachel was in a predicament and wanted her to save her mon Abby kept insisting that she didn’t need to buy anything for her, so Rachel had no other choice but to eventually give up. But Rachel was planning to buy new clothes for her after she left Victor.

But it had never occurred to her that Abby would only wear new clothes after she died.

Rachel made her way to the crystal coffin and looked down at her friend carefully. Seeing the wounds on Abby’s arms, Rachel reached out to gently touch the wounds as if she was afraid of hurting her. “Abby, are you in pain?” Her voice was soft and gentle. Rachel lovingly stroked the wounds on her arms and tried to restrain from crying. “I’m so sorry, Abby. I was too late. You must have been in a lot of pain, right? You cried a lot. You must’ve cried, right? I’m so sorry, Abby. I’m really sorry. I said I would be there to protect you.  This is all my fault. I broke my promise to you. Abby, can you ever find it in your heart to forgive me?” She held onto Abby’s hand tightly and said this. The more words Rachel spoke, the hoarser her voice was. In the end, she became choked with sobs and couldn’t say another word. “Abby, I am here to take you home.” When the others saw her tears, their eyes all turned red too. They could hardly bear it. Thirty minutes later, Abby’s coffin was pushed into the cremator. Rachel stood on the side quietly. Placing his coat around her shoulder, Victor said, “This will take some time. You can head to the lounge to wait there.” “No, I’m fine here.” Rachel took off his coat and handed it back to him with a cold look.


“I want to take her home.” Rachel looked over at him. “When she was still alive, you had her locked up and threatened me countless times with her life. Now that she is gone, do you want to use her remains as well to force me to stay with you?” Though her tone was gentle, her words were as sharp as knives. “Rachel, am I so despicable I would use a dead person to threaten you?” Victor looked deeply hurt.

“Yes, I don’t believe it’s beneath you at all,” Rachel did not hesitate to say. Victor’s face darkened visibly. Their eyes locked in an intense stare for a long time. He was the first to break eye contact. Holding back the stuffy feeling in his chest, he turned around and left.

Seeing his receding back, Rachel was still unmoved. The phone in her pocket vibrated with a notification. Rachel took out her phone from her purse and unlocked the screen. It was a message from Quintin.

“Boss, I’ve already placed the note you gave me in Abby’s hand.” Rachel quickly destroyed all evidence of the message and looked at the closed door of the cremator, with one hand gently resting on her abdomen. The fire engulfed Abby inside the cremation oven. The piece of folded paper fell free from her hand and immediately exploded into flames, burning into ashes. The secret in the note was gone. If souls existed, Abby would definitely see the words written on the note. “Abby, the baby is well and healthy, so don’t worry. If we see each other in the next life, I will be your maid and take care of you.”

After stepping out of the funeral home, Rachel did not head back to the hospital but instead went to the seaside.

Victor felt guilty and didn’t try to stop her. Rachel got out of the vehicle with Abby’s urn in her arms. Andy was making his way towards her. She had called Andy right after she left the funeral home. “Miss Bennet, is Abby really gone?” As Andy was asking this, he realized Rachel was holding an urn in her arms. He was greatly shocked and his eyes filled with disbelief instantly. “What in the world happened? Wasn’t she doing fine just a few days ago? Why is she…” “This is all my fault.” Rachel hugged the urn tightly to her body. “It’s all my fault. I was the

one who couldn’t protect her.” “Miss Bennet…” Rachel inhaled deeply and tried to force back the tears in her eyes. “Andy, please walk with me. Abby always said the sea was her favorite place to be. I want to spread her ashes here so that she can see the sea every day.” Andy moved his mouth, wanting to say something else, but when he saw that Victor was still sitting in the car, he changed the topic and instead simply said, “Alright.”

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 196 The Note

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