Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 195: The Pendant

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 195 The Pendant

“I found her in a seafood storage room with her left chest stabbed. The knife didn’t go in straight and was a little blunt. So it didn’t touch her heart. But she lost a lot of blood, and the temperature in the warehouse was below zero centigrade. Plus, her body was filled with wounds…” Quintin said, paused, not able to find the words to go on. But the meaning was obvious. He didn’t necessarily have to spell it out. Abby froze to death! Instinctively, Rachel put her hands on her belly and burst into tears. The things Abby had been saying to her started playing in her mind like a disk. 1 “If you really want a baby, you have my support!” “After the baby comes to this world, I will help you with it. I will protect both you and the baby.” “Don’t worry. I will help you with the baby.” Lost in thought, Rachel seemed to have heard Abby calling her. She was finding it hard to breathe. daily latest chapters only She felt like a sharp knife was piercing into her heart. It must have been so cold in there. So, Abby just lay there with her bleeding wounds, waiting for death? How could she have felt at that time? “I’m so sorry, Abby…” Rachel couldn’t even dare to picture how it must have been. She closed her eyes and stroked

her belly.

Quintin didn’t exactly know how to feel as he looked at Rachel’s reaction. He had never met Abby before, but seeing just how much Rachel cared about her showed how nice of a girl Abby was. Suddenly, he recalled the scene when he opened the door of the cold storage. Abby was lying motionless on the floor. The blue and white loose hospital gown she had on was stained red with blood, her face was ghastly pale, and her eyelashes were covered with frost, giving her a peaceful and serene look. Quintin could tell that her death hadn’t been a painless one. He walked up to her body and checked the wounds on the cold skin. The back of her right hand was bruised, the tip of the knife had cut into her bone, and there were wounds on her forehead.

Quintin recalled something. He touched his pocket and felt something in it. He took it out and handed it to Rachel. “Boss, Abby was holding this in her hand when I found her.” Not long after he had gotten into the storage room, Victor’s men came. Quintin was about to hide so as not to meet them. But when he stood up, he saw something in Abby’s hand. He quickly stopped, removed it from her hand and rushed out. Rachel took it from him and looked at it with tears streaming down her cheeks. It was a rectangular wooden pendant with what looked to be her name carved on the right side of it. daily latest chapters only The left side of it was blank. It was most likely that Abby was saving it for the baby’s name. She turned the pendant, and saw the words “Safe and Happy” inscribed on it. 1 A praying pendant! It was a gift Abby had gotten for her and her baby. Seeing this broke Rachel’s dam quicker than it should have. She couldn’t stop herself from lamenting anymore. She put her hand over her mouth and cried out, clenching the wooden pendant tightly in her hands. Abby was such a silly girl! How could she be facing death and still think about her and her child? She was the person that Abby trusted the most in the world, but she wasn’t able to save her. Instead she left her to die in that cold place. Quintin’s eyes were turning red as he watched Rachel’s pain. He clenched his fists to hold in whatever reaction he could have. He signed and said, “Boss, consider your health and calm down, please. Don’t be too sad. I doubt if Abby would want you to be sad or cry for her if she was still alive.” Rachel just clenched the pendant in her hand so tightly that the edges of it began to hurt her. After a long time, she gathered her spirits and calmed down. Making up her mind, she called in a hoarse voice, “Quintin.” “Yes, boss?”

“I need you to find a way and put this back in her hand before she is cremated.” Rachel then found a note and wrote something on it. She folded it, and handed it to Quintin. Quintin looked down at the note in his hand, clenched it and promised, “Boss, don’t worry. I will make sure it is in place before she is cremated. No matter what I have to do, I’ll make it happen.”

“No, no, Quintin. You must also take care and protect yourself,” Rachel said and traced the words on the pendant with her finger. “Quintin, I can’t afford to lose you too.” Quintin felt bitter and angry seeing her this vulnerable. “Boss…” “No, Quintin! You have to keep yourself safe for me,” she said, interrupting him before he could come up with some lame excuse. Finally, taking her eyes away from the pendant, she looked up at him and smiled. Unable to resist her sad smile, Quintin nodded heavily. Soon, they heard a knock on the door of the ward, followed by the doctor’s voice. “Miss Bennet, why is the door locked? Could you please open the door for me?”

Quintin’s eyes turned cold immediately, feeling threatened. Trying not to panic, Rachel quickly put the wooden pendant under the pillow, then turned to Quintin and said calmly, “Use the balcony and get into the next room. There is no one there.” After a moment’s hesitation, Quintin said, “Why don’t you leave with me? I can take you away from here right now!” There was another knock on the door when the doctor got no response. They stiffened, and Rachel vaguely heard the doctor say to someone, “Go to the security guard and ask him to bring the spare key.” It was already too late to do what Quintin was suggesting. And she simply couldn’t let the doctor see him here. Enduring the pain she was feeling, Rachel slowly walked to the door, turned her back to Quintin and ordered, “Go!” “Boss…” Rachel looked back at him, and said in frustration, “If you don’t leave now, you will be locked up with me in here. Don’t you get that? I’m going to leave this place, Quintin. But not now! Not yet! Don’t forget what you just promised me.” He had just made a promise to protect himself. She hadn’t fully recovered yet, and the bodyguards outside were the best, while Quintin was just a hacker. He couldn’t measure up to them. And with his limited fighting skills, it would be difficult for him to escape alone, not to mention taking her with him. “Boss, wait for me. I’ll come back and take you away from here.” “Okay.” She looked at him impatiently. After casting another glance at Rachel, Quintin turned around, opened the balcony door and left in a hurry. Just as he was going, Rachel could hear the sound of a key being inserted into the lock. She held the doorknob and pressed it down. Before the man could open the door himself, she opened it with a very impassive expression on her face. “I was in the bathroom. I didn’t hear


Stunned, the doctor put away the key. He was expecting to see something or someone that shouldn’t have been there. Though she said this, the bodyguards still looked behind her, but didn’t find anything unusual. They were greatly relieved when everything was clear. “Doctor, please come in,” Rachel said and moved aside to give him room to pass. “Miss Bennet, are you really okay?” The doctor was a little worried as he looked at her and noticed her red eyes. “I’m fine. I just have trouble falling asleep. Maybe you could prescribe me some medication to help me sleep. Is that possible?” Rachel smiled lightly. And of course, the doctor couldn’t see that it was forced.

“Okay, I’ll look into it and get you some.” Rachel nodded lightly, but was focused on the vigilant bodyguards. She had to find a way to distract them. If not, they would suspect and start asking questions when they saw Quintin coming out of the next ward. “Guys?” The two tall and strong bodyguards were surprised. “Miss Bennet, what can I do for you?” “I want to have some porridge from the store in front of the hospital. Could you go and buy it for me?” “Well…” Both bodyguards looked at each other, hesitating. To make them budge, Rachel turned to the doctor and asked, “Doctor, is it okay if I have some porridge now?” “Sure! Miss Bennet, if you want to eat something now, it means that you’re getting better. That’s actually a good sign.” The doctor’s confirmation was enough for the bodyguards. One of them said, “Then I’ll go buy it for you, Miss Bennet.” “Oh, great! Thank you.” She smiled gratefully at him. Now there was only one left. How was she going to get rid of him? “There is one more thing,” Rachel said and looked at the bodyguard who stayed back. “Yes, Miss Bennet, what else do you need?” “I want to see Victor.” Just saying it disgusted her. But she knew she had to. “Would you please call him and tell him that?”

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 195 The Pendant

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