Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 192: I Don’t Believe You

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 192 I Don’t Believe You

Rachel gripped the phone tighter as she had a vague feeling that it had something to do with Abby. Suddenly, the door opened from the outside. After hanging up the phone, Victor hesitated for a while before opening the door. He had planned to quickly look in on Rachel, but when he opened the door, he was surprised to see her standing at the door. When Victor looked into her eyes, he was a bit flustered. ‘How long has she been standing there? Did she hear me talking on the phone?’ “Why are…” “Where is Abby?” Rachel interrupted him. She sounded worried. As much as she wanted to know that Abby was safe, she observed the agitated expression that flickered through Victor’s face, and she understood. “Don’t forget the agreement we have, Rachel.” Victor frowned slightly. “Why do you think I will tell you where she is?” “Why? Did something happen to her?” Rachel ignored his question and continued to ask about Abby. “Is she okay?” Victor’s eyes met hers. daily latest chapters only His eyes darkened, but he didn’t say anything. He could determine by the firmness of her tone that she knew something. Even though he didn’t tell her anything, she realized that something had happened to Abby. “How did you know?” Victor frowned. “Rachel, did you do something?” “So Abby is really missing.” The expression on Rachel’s face changed dramatically. She had been feeling uneasy for the past two days, and now she finally understood whyRachel pursed her lips while thinking of the spoon that fell to the floor at noon. She felt a sharp ache in her heart. ‘Where is Abby? Who took her?’ Abby’s face appeared in her mind. It seemed as if Abby was begging, “Miss Bennet, help me!” Of course, Victor saw the look on her face, and judging from her edgy and frightened expression, he understood. She didn’t know where Abby was. It seemed she had just assumed and was worried this entire time. His words just confirmed it. Once again, he had misinterpreted her. Looking at her pale and sick face, Victor regretted and was sorry. His thin lips moved to say something However, before he could express himself, Rachel stepped past him and went outside.

She couldn’t just stand there and do nothing! And she definitely couldn’t wait here! With Quintin’s ability, Rachel would soon find out who had kidnapped Abby! This time, she wouldn’t leave Abby’s side! Seeing her leave, Victor immediately understood what she was going to do. He grabbed her wrist and called out in a soft voice, “Rachel.” “Let me go.” Rachel looked at him calmly. 2 Victor realized that it was because of him that Abby was missing. He lowered his tone and said, “For the sake of the baby, the doctor has asked you to rest. Even if you go out now, how are you planning on finding her? I’ve already sent someone to look for her. I swear that I will let you know as soon as I get any news.” “Let me go!” Rachel ignored him and continued to struggle. “Rachel!” Seeing that she didn’t appreciate him at all, Victor got angry. “Go back to bed! I promise you that she will come back safely.” Rachel glared at him as she said, “I don’t believe you.” After that, she shook her hand off, opened the door, and turned to leave. Victor was stunned as he looked at her determined posture. As her face darkened, he could no longer hide the anger he was feeling. ‘She doesn’t believe him? She is always defying me! First for Roger, then for a street cat, and now for a maid! She challenged me again and again!daily latest chapters only  Is it because I pamper her a lot that she thinks she can do whatever she wants?’ “Stop her!” Victor ordered the bodyguards standing outside. The bodyguards immediately blocked Rachel’s path. Seeing the two tall and strong men in front of her, Rachel remembered the events that unfolded at Sue Garden a few days ago. Her eyes turned cold, and she turned around to look at Victor in disgust. “What else can one expect from you, Victor?” She felt she was reliving that moment from that night. Seeing the bitter smile on Rachel’s face, Victor became even more furious. He ordered, “Without my permission, she is not allowed to step out of this room!” Suddenly, his and Rachel’s phones started to ring. As Victor checked the caller ID on his phone, his eyes dimmed. He answered the call and said, “Go ahead.” Quintin was on the other end of Rachel’s phone. “Mr. Sullivan, we’ve discovered Abby’s dead body.” “Boss, I regret to inform you… I was too late…” Ivan and Quintin spoke at the same time. Rachel gasped. Her phone clattered to the floor.

Rachel felt a sharp pain in her belly and automatically placed a hand on it, but all her strength drained away in a flash. Before she could do anything, she passed out. Hearing a sound behind him, Victor turned to look at Rachel. He saw her face grow pale as she fainted.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 192 I Don’t Believe You

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