Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 191: I Miss You

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 191 I Miss You

Abby instinctively wanted to crawl in the opposite direction. Seeing Abby struggle on the floor, Alice’s eyes filled with madness as she burst into laughter. Abby didn’t dare to look back. She wanted to escape from this place. But no matter how hard she tried, she only moved a couple of inches. Alice stopped laughing and quickly walked towards Abby. There was a sound of bones breaking as Alice stepped hard on Abby’s hand and crushed it. Abby screamed in pain. There was a sense of satisfaction within Alice when she heard the scream. daily latest chapters only She sneered, “Crawl! Come on, keep crawling!” The blood drained from Abby’s face. Beads of sweat dripped from her forehead. She wanted to pull back her hand, but Alice was still crushing it. Abby felt piercing pain when she tried to move her hand. “Do you know what you resemble right now?” Alice seemed to be possessed as she continued to grind her heel into Abby’s hand. “You’re like a disgusting maggot! Do you think when Rachel sees you crawling like a filthy worm, she will come to save you? Come on, tell me! How about we make a bet?” ‘Bet? Bet on what?!’ Abby was confused. Her eyes burned as sweat entered them. With difficulty, she raised her head, only to see Alice recording a video of her! Suddenly, something occurred to Abby. ‘She is going to send the video to Rachel.’ She quickly lowered her head and avoided the camera. Although Abby wasn’t sure whether Rachel would come to save her or not after seeing the video, she had sworn that she would and must protect Rachel. To do that, she had to be strong! Abby might never get a chance to fulfill her promise, but she had to protect Rachel. She had to keep Rachel away from Alice’s trap. Of course, Alice knew what Abby was doing. She frowned and ordered, “Raise your head!” “Alice, please don’t…” ‘Please don’t send the video to Rachel. You can do whatever you want to me.’

Abby was in too much pain to complete her sentence. Seeing that Abby wasn’t doing as she commanded, Alice crushed Abby’s hand again. “Didn’t you hear what I said? Raise your head!” Abby once again screamed in pain. And she raised her head in agony. Alice recorded the bloodcurdling scream with an evil smile. As tears streamed down her face, Abby saw the knife in Alice’s hand.

Alice stepped away from Abby and quickly played the video. She turned up the volume to the highest level to hear the scream. Alice smiled in satisfaction and didn’t pay any attention to what was happening around her. By the time she grew aware, Abby was already on her feet and rushing towards Alice. Abby used her good hand and grabbed Alice’s hand that held the knife. Alice lost her balance, and they both fell to the floor. The phone clattered to the floor, and the scream abruptly stopped. Alice hit the back of her head on the floor and cried out in pain. At the same time, Abby was on top, weighing her down. daily latest chapters only “Get off!” Alice roared in anger. Seeing that Alice was about to get away, Abby grabbed Alice’s right hand with both hands, regardless of the pain. Alice bucked up and down. She hit her knee hard into Abby’s abdomen. Abby fell off Alice and hit the floor, but she still didn’t let go of Alice. “Let go of me! You *****! Leave my hand!” Alice kicked Abby hard. The corner of Abby’s mouth started to bleed. “No…” Alice’s eyes turned chilly. “I wanted to give you some more time to live in this world. But since you’re so eager to die, I will fulfill your desire!” Suddenly, Alice turned, sat on Abby, and turned the knife. Seeing the knife facing her, Abby got frightened, and her eyes widened. The knife punctured Abby’s flesh, and warm blood sprayed Alice’s face. Seeing the blood, Alice panicked for a moment. ‘Oh, ***… I killed someone!’ Abby frowned in pain, and her vision blurred. Her grip loosened on Alice’s wrist. Alice quickly stood up and staggered a couple of steps back. Finally, she turned around and ran away. The heavy door closed shut behind her. Abby coughed several times and spat blood. She gradually lost her vision. Abby raised her head and said, “Miss Bennet, I’m so sorry. I miss you so much…”

At that moment, Rachel was unaware of what was happening to Abby. But she felt very uneasy and anxious. As soon as Rachel came out of the bathroom, she received a text from Quintin. “Boss, I found the hospital where Abby was. However, she has been taken away from there.” At the same time, Rachel heard a man’s voice outside the ward. 2 It was Victor talking on the phone. She vaguely heard only a few words. “Keep looking for her.”

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 191: I Miss You

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