Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 189: Disfigured

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 189 Disfigured

“Hmm… Hmm…” Abby turned her head from side tside to take out the rag stuffed in her mouth but without success. She was badly injured that she could barely wriggle her body. Pak! Abby was stunned by a hard slap across her face. The heaviness of the impact left a red mark on her face. Blood seeped out from the corner of her mouth. “What do you think you’re doing? You really think that someone will come to save you?” Alice gritted her teeth. Her eyes were red with jealousy. The slap hurt so badly that tears welled up in Abby’s eyes. She glared aAlice. It was only then that she noticed something horrible on Alice’s faceShwas horror-struck. “What are you looking at?” Alice hissed as she grabbed Abby’s collarDon’t give me that look! Otherwise, I will gouge your eyes out!” The ferocity in Alice’s voice made Abby turn pale. Alice clenched her teeth. Seeing the fear in Abby’s eyes didn’t make her feel any better. Alice let go of Abby’s collar. She then turned around and walked toward the balcony‘s glass door, which was not far away from them. The glass door was covered with a special heat insulation film so Alice could see her reflection. She could barely recognize herself. What she saw in the reflection was a haggard woman who looked like in her forties. The face was sallow. There were dark circles around the eyes. The cheeks were slightly bulging. Overall, the woman in the reflection had a pallid countenance.

No one would think of her as a woman with delicate facial features. She was in her twenties but gone was the glow of her youth. She looked plain and uncomely. No one would think that she was a rich lady. Looking at herself in the glass window, Alice sighed heavily, knowing that no man would ever be interested in her. The horrible scar on her face struck Abby with overwhelming shock.

The scar was on the right side of Alice’s face. It was not long but it was very deep. Alice tried to conceal it with heavy makeup. Still, it was conspicuous. She held up her right hand and touched the scar. Her eyes darkened in anger. “Do you think my scar is ugly?” Alice turned around to look at Abby. Abby trembled. She struggled to sit up and attempted to break the vase on the table to attract attention. But before she could even touch it, Alice had slapped her in the face again. “Don’t you dare do anything! If I catch you trying to escape again, you will taste its bitter consequence.” Alice grabbed Abby’s chin tightly. “You brought me the scar!”

Abby kept shaking her head. She didn’t know what Alice was talking about. Looking at Abby made Alice think of Rachel. She ended up in that situation because of Rachel. Since she left Sullivan Group, no company wanted to hire her. Jack finally talked to Rachel so that Alice could work in Sullivan Group again, but she had to work as a cleaner. She graduated at the top of her class in one of the most prestigious universities in the country. And Rachel wanted her to work as a cleaner! That was preposterous! It was an insult to her person! Alice chose to leave in a huff at that time. Jack later wanted to say some kind words about her to Rachel. But Rachel had already blacklisted their numbers. Alice had to go home and find employment there. Sadly, none of the jobs she landed did well. She was forced to try and use her connections to start a business. She needed ten thousand dollars for the start-up. She asked help from her family but alas, her family didn’t have that kind of money! It was not until then that she learned of Caroline secretly investing in a project, which later failed. All her family’s money was gone. That was three million dollars! When Jack learned about this, he became anxious to get the money back-fast! He gambled at the casino but lost a lot of money. The creditors came to collect Jack’s debt. As he had no money, they wanted to take Alice away. Caroline fought with them. One of them scratched the right side of Alice’s face with broken glass. Alice could still vividly picture the scene in her mind. The cut was bleeding profusely. She covered her face with her hands. She hated Rachel She hated her to the core!

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 189 Disfigured

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