Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 188: Alice

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 188 Alice

When Abby woke up, the white ceiling and the smell of antiseptics greeted her, letting her know that she was in the hospital. No noise could be heard aside from the faint voice of someone outside the ward. Abby felt like her head was splitting into two, and her mouth was dry and itchy. Just as she was about to get up to get some water, the door of her hospital room opened. “Mr. Warren?” A hint of surprise flashed through her eyes when she saw Sherwood in a police uniform coming in. “How long have you been awake? Are you hurt somewhere?” “I just woke up…” Abby’s voice sounded weak. Looking at her pale face, Sherwood said, “Don’t force yourself to get up yet. I would like to ask you a few questions and you need to answer them truthfully. Are we clear?” “Yes.” “Do you still remember what happened before you fell?” Sherwood asked while looking at her seriously. The question made Abby unconsciously clench the corner of the quilt covering her lower body. What happened to her was very odd, so Sherwood must have doubts about her accident on the hillside. Although the area was littered with debris, it was not steep. The ground was also dry because it was a hot day. How could she slip and fall? Besides, the wound on her forehead also aroused suspicion. Sherwood had been a prison guard for so many years. He could tell whether a person’s wound had been inflicted by accident or on intent by someone else. “I…” Sasha’s words flashed through Abby’s mind, causing her to hesitate for a while. Honestly, she could understand why Sasha was so jealous. Now, if she told the police the truth, Abby knew that Sasha would be punished. “Abby, you have to keep this in your mind at all times. Sometimes, tolerance and concession would only make people take advantage of you and make things difficult for you. Tolerance makes space. But if you keep giving in, you will be beyond redemption.” Suddenly, Rachel’s words resurfaced in Abby’s mind. “Do you have any misgivings about what happened? You can tell me the truth. Don’t worryI will uphold justice for you.” Taking a deep breath, Abby decided to tell the truth. “I remember quarreling with Sasha at that time. Then, she pushed me and threw a stone on my head.” Abby clenched her fists and looked straight into Sherwood’s eyes. Her voice was firm and powerful. “Are you telling the truth?” Sherwood’s face darkened when he heard what Abby had said. “That’s true.” Rachel was right. She couldn’t keep tolerating and compromising other people’s behavior. If she wanted to get out of here soon, she should learn how to be strong enough to protect herself. “I see. I will investigate it carefully. If what you said is true, I will uphold justice for you,” Sherwood promised. “For now, you should take a rest. I’ll call the doctor to check on you. There are special duty officers at the door. You can tell them if you need anything.”


Hearing this, Sherwood paused and turned around to face Abby. “What else can I do for you?” “Well, I… I want to know what kind of punishment Sasha will receive if the final investigation result is that she pushed me?” “If what you said is true, then it would be an intentional homicide. She will be detained for a more extended time, or perhaps sentenced to life imprisonment.” ‘Life sentence!’ Abby was shocked. If Sasha were sentenced to life imprisonment, then she would never see her grandmother again,

Somehow, Abby wanted to withdrew her previous remark. But then she heard what Sherwood said next. “We haven’t made a conclusion yet. It’s too early to say anything about it. By the way, before we came to you, we had interrogated her.” “What did she say?” Sherwood replied, “She said you wanted to push her down, but you lost your balance and fell down accidentally.” That was all he said before he finally left the hospital room. Lying in the bed, Abby kept replaying Sherwood’s words in her head. She wanted to laugh at herself because she pitied Sasha, who framed her. It turned out that what Rachel said was right. Her concession and tolerance wouldn’t do her any good.

A knock on the door brought Abby back to her senses. “Come in, please.” The door opened, and a cleaner in an orange uniform pushed a trolley in. She closed the door behind her and uttered, “I’m here to clean the room.” “Thank you,” Abby said, not realizing that something was strange with the woman. The cleaner looked up when she heard Abby’s voice; her eyes were full of malice and evilness. She clenched the rag in her hand into a ball. Then, she walked to the bed with a duster cloth, Noticing that someone was approaching her, Abby raised her head. Her eyes widened when she recognized the woman in front of her.

“Alice…” Before Abby could say anything else, Alice quickly stuffed the rag into her mouth. A wicked smile was plastered on her face. “I didn’t expect to meet you here. You *****!”

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 188 Alice

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