Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 187: Go To Hell

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 187 Go To Hell

‘It hurts!’ Abby curled up and slowly opened her eyes, only to be imprisoned in the dark. It was so pitch black that she couldn’t see her own hand. The cold, fishy breeze swept from nowhere, caressing her skin like a sharp blade. “Ahem… Ahem…” Enduring the pain in her body, she extended her hand in the darkness, slowly sat up, and tried to shout in a loud voice, “Hello? Is there… Is anyone there?!” The room was filled with only echoes of her voice. She wrapped her arms around her knees, trying to keep herself warm from the frigid wind. The gauze that had been wrapped around her arms had become a little damp and sticky. Her wounds started bleeding again. Her body ached from head to toe and she couldn’t tell which was more painful. She was dizzy, but the memories slowly flashed through her mind before she fell unconscious. She had been in a coma twice. The first time was when she had fallen down the hill. She and Sasha were chatting as they pulled out weeds on the hilltop. After realizing that she forgot to bring the bamboo basket, Abby stood up and turned to her companion. “Sasha, I’m going to fetch the bamboo basket downhill.” “Okay.” What she didn’t know was that Sasha was standing right behind her, eyes filled with malicious intent. As soon as Abby turned around to leave, Sasha rushed and called her, “Abby.” “Yes?”

Sasha followed behind her, her expression deadpan. It bothered Abby. “Do you know how much I envy you?” Sasha cocked her head. Surprised by her words, Abby turned to face her and asked in confusion, “Envy me? Why would you envy me?” Looking at her innocent and confused face, Sasha clenched her fists and forced a smile. “It must be great getting the opportunity to commute your sentence.” “What?” Abby’s eyes widened when she heard this. “Don’t play dumb! You know what I mean. I thought we were friends. How could you keep it a secret from me?” Sasha’s tone suddenly turned cold. “Sasha…”

“I was so stupid. I thought if I put my back into it and tried my hardest, I would be granted the chance to commute my sentence and leave this damned place! My grandma is waiting for me to get home…” Sasha had a crazy grin on her face. “In the end, you’re the only one

who gets to reap what we sowed!” Hearing this, Abby immediately realized what she meant. She shook her head instantly. “Sasha, I didn’t. What’s going on? If that was true, I should be the one to know first.” “Stop pretending to be innocent!” Sasha suddenly raised her voice and took a step forward. Startled by her angry tone, Abby retreated. “Sasha, there’s been a misunderstanding. I really don’t know about any of this…” “Oh really? How nice, Abby. Let me tell you right now! When I came out today, Sherwood called out to me and the two of us had a small chat alone in the corner. Can you guess what he said?” Sasha lowered her voice to avoid being heard, but her tone remained harsh. “What did he say?” Abby pursed her lips. She wasn’t stupid. Since she came to this place, it was obvious that she got special treatment, unlike other prisoners. The prison guards never called her names and hadn’t been harsh to her even once. They had always treated her with

respect. But she didn’t have the time to think about whether it was because of Victor’s arrangement or other reasons. She also didn’t notice the other prisoners stare at her with jealousy. She only thought of Rachel, wondering when she could leave here. So when Sasha mentioned that she might get a lower sentence through volunteer weeding, Abby vaguely guessed that she got the special treatment once again. “He told me that I didn’t have to work so hard. When the superiors come, all of us will have to pretend that we’re not willing to do anything, so that you can show off! They will think you’re the only one doing a good job!” The more Sasha spoke, the more furious she became. “Only then can they give you a chance to commute the sentence!” “I really don’t know anything about it, Sasha.” Abby’s eyes watered. She reached out to grab Sasha’s hand, but the latter moved away. “If Sherwood actually told you this, you don’t have to listen to him. I’ll talk to him about it. It shouldn’t be like this. Wait for me. I’ll go look for him right now!” After saying that, Abby turned around and left.

“Don’t try to be a goody-goody!” Sasha exclaimed, grabbing her arm. “If you go to Sherwood and tell him that you didn’t want this, do you think he’ll believe it? Absolutely not! He’ll only assume that I bullied you into giving up this opportunity. It would make me the bad guy! Or maybe that’s what you’re planning all along? I didn’t know you were such a scheming woman, Abby.” “Sasha, please… Listen to me. It’s nothing like that.” “Then what? I’m pretty sure my reaction is valid. It’s sickening to know that you’re a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I trusted you!” Sasha shook her hand away, her gaze becoming fierce. “Abby, why don’t you just go to hell?!” Then, she pushed Abby away. It all happened so quickly. Abby’s eyes widened in shock as she twisted her ankle and lost her balance. Then, she rolled down hard and bumped against a huge stone downhill.

Sasha gasped when she saw Abby rolling down heavily. Abby was voiceless, struggling to open her eyes. Then, she vaguely saw Sasha rushing over and squatting down in front of her. “Sasha…” “Abby, we could’ve been best friends, but you know, I envy you as much as I hate you! You shouldn’t have taken away what belongs to me!” As soon as Sasha vented out her frustrations, she picked up a rock and smashed it on her head without hesitation. The oozing blood blurred Abby’s vision, and she eventually fell into a deep, painful slumber.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 187 Go To Hell

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