Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 185: Abby Got Hurt

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 185 Abby Got Hurt

There was a large piece of grassland behind the Patel Island. Following the prison guard, Abby and Sasha got out and were tasked to remove weeds using the tools they were given. After they worked hard for a long time, it was almost noon. The sun shone brightly above the almost cloudless sky. As Abby threw the weeds into the basket, beads of sweat trickled down from her forehead. She tried to wipe them off as she looked up in the sky. Then, she felt that her sight was a little blurry due to the extreme heat. She hadn’t eaten much these days. Hence, she felt weak and tired after doing such tedious labor. At the same time, the prison guard instantly noticed the pale look on her face. He remembered that his superior specially told him before to take special attention of Abby. Therefore, when he saw her condition, he immediately gave her a bottle of water. “If you can’t stand the heat, drink some water first and take a break.” The prison guard carefully observed her as he spoke. Abby was thin, short, and plain-looking. She didn’t look like a big shot at all. However, his superior clearly reiterated that he should take good care of her. In fact, whenever she needed anything, he was to give it to her. While the prison guard was lost in his thoughts, Abby’s words brought him back to his senses. Not far away from them, Sasha stood up and decided to find a cool place to take a rest. After all, the heat was also killing her. That was when she caught a glimpse of the prison guard and Abby, who seemed to be talking and laughing. “You’re welcome. You can continue working when you feel better. Don’t worry. When the authorities come, I’ll inform you immediately.” As she listened to their conversation, Sasha gritted her teeth and tightened her grip on the sickle in her hand. “Mr. Warren.” With a gleam in her eyes, Sasha walked up to the prison guard. “What’s wrong?” Sherwood Warren, the prison guard, instantly changed his demeanor. Sasha wiped the sweat on her forehead and said softly, “I kind of feel dizzy. Can I rest for a while?”

After saying that, she looked at Sherwood with expectant eyes. “What? Of course not.” Sherwood frowned. “You are here to weed, not enjoy life! You will just rest if I say so! No. 1618, bend your knees and go back to work now!” Sasha’s face turned pale, startled that she was suddenly scolded.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’ll get back to work!” Sasha lowered her head and started slashing the weeds again. Her eyes was burning in anger as she glanced at Abby and the guard. ‘What the ****?! Why can Abby take a break and not me? That *******! Sasha’s eyes were filled with hatred, thinking that she was wronged. Looking at Sherwood, who had a sour face, Abby stood up. “Mr. Warren, I feel better now. Can I go help Sasha with her work so that she can at least rest for five minutes as well?” “But… That is against the rules.” Sherwood frowned. According to the rules in the prison, no one could actually rest during work hours. He was already making an exception to let Abby take a break, so he hesitated to grant her request. But when he remembered that he was to give her whatever she wanted, he eventually compromised. “I guess it’s really hot today. Fine! You two can rest here for five more minutes while I go to the bathroom first.” “Thank you, Mr. Warren.” Sherwood nodded and left after he called a colleague to temporarily replace his post. After Sherwood was out of sight, Abby quickly handed the bottle of water in her hand to Sasha. “Here. Drink some water and have a rest.” “I don’t need your..” Sasha raised her voice and wanted to shake off Abby’s hand. But words stopped coming out of her mouth when an idea suddenly flashed in her mind. “Sasha? What’s wrong?” “Nothing. Never mind.” Suppressing her anger, Sasha forced a smile. “Abby, I saw earlier that there’s a slope over there. The area looks cooler. How about we go weed there later? I know that you haven’t eaten well these past few days. If you keep working under the direct heat of this scorching sun, you will get a heatstroke.” Abby looked in the direction that Sasha was pointing at and saw the slope. It was a small hillside about three hundred meters away from where they were. Because there were two or three trees on that spot, their branches overlapped, forming a shade against the sunlight. “Okay then. That sounds like a good plan.” Abby nodded with a faint smile. Then, when Sherwood came back, the two asked for his permission to go to the slope and work there instead. Sherwood agreed, so they began walking, carrying their tools. However, about ten minutes later after they began working again, a woman’s scream was suddenly heard. “Abby!” Sasha shouted in panic. It turned out that Abby slipped, rolled down the hill slope, and hit her head against a big rock.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 185: Abby Got Hurt

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