Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 181: Abby

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 181 Abby

Ivan just stood there and watched Rachel’s expression the whole time. “Miss Bennet, are you okay?” he asked uncertainly, when he saw that she was strangely calm and didn’t reply him for a long time. “Ivan, could you please find a nice family that really loves cats and give it to them?” Rachel said after a moment’s silence. “But Miss Bennet, don’t you like this cat? If you don’t like this one, you can tell me the type of cat you want. I can look for it and bring it to you.” 1 “No, no, I like it very much.” Rachel looked down at the cat in her arms. “Unfortunately, I can’t keep it.” She knew she couldn’t even protect herself for as long as she was still in Sue Garden. She couldn’t put its life at risk. Ivan tried dissuading her, but Rachel stood on her ground. Seeing that it was useless insisting, he sighed inwardly and said, “Okay, Miss Bennet. Don’t worry. I will find a good family for it.” Rachel gave him a grateful smile. After a while, Rachel felt a little tired and said she wanted to rest. Ivan then left the ward with the cat. When the door closed behind Ivan, Rachel felt her phone vibrate beside the pillow. She looked at it and saw the screen light up slightly. Then, a message popped up from Quintin. “I know where Abby is. I’ve booked a flight for tonight. So by tomorrow morning, I will be in Apliaria.” 1 In a prison The dim, narrow and empty corridor was so quiet that even the smallest movements could be heard loud and clear. Squeak! The big iron door slowly opened, making a dull sound, as though a big stone was being dragged on the floor. The prison guards knocked at the small iron doors that were lined up on both sides of the corridor, using their batons. On each door they crossed, they shouted, “Come out! It’s time for dinner, everyone.” The doors made a rustling sound as they knocked on them. There were some sounds coming from the cells, before those locked inside all walked to the iron doors and stretched out hands that held iron bowls.

The chef came in then, pushing the dining trolley in front of her. She stopped for few seconds at every cell, and scooped food for each bowl with an iron spoon.

Finally, she got to the last but one cell. Each cell had almost seven or eight people in them. However, this particular one was different. It held only two prisoners. The cell was equally much cleaner than others. Except for the dim light, it was most probably the best cell here. “Ma’am, you look so beautiful today! Could you give me some more meat? I really don’t have much strength to work these days. I think I need it.” A woman was holding a bowl and smiling fawningly at the chef. The chef was overjoyed to hear that.

She had been working in this place for a long time, and her skin condition was getting worseWhenever she took some time off and went out with her friends, she was like a middle-aged woman amongst them. Since then, she had spent a lot of money on her skin care. When she heard someone praise her, she had the impression that her money was well-spent. She scooped up two more pieces of pork and put in the woman’s bowlSatisfied, the woman turned around to go back to her bed with her bowl of food in hand. The chef shouted to the other prisoner in the cell. “You, get over here and get your dinner!” The woman who had already gotten her food stopped with her bowl in her hand and looked at the person lying in the bed opposite hers. She put down her bowl, took another bowl and walked to the iron door. “You can put hers here. She has not been feeling well these past two days.” With a frown, the chef looked at the woman on the bed. “But it’s dinner. You’re with her every day, right? Do you know who she is? She’s been exempted from a lot of normal routines from the moment she came. The best room, a new pot, new sheets…Who could she possibly be?” “I don’t know.” “Didn’t you ask?” “I have asked her several times already. But all she told me was that, she used to be a maid. Nothing special if you ask me.” The woman shrugged her shoulders as she finished talking. “Well, maybe she was being honest. She sure doesn’t look like a rich person. Besides, she’s now locked up in prison. So her story is plausible. Only *** knows what she did to land in here. Maybe she abducted children. No one knows, that’s for sure!” People were put behind bars for different reasons. Although they were all criminals, the ones who were caught abducting children were the most hated. “Okay, I’m leaving now. I’ve spent more time than is necessary here already.” The chef scooped a spoonful of rice and put it in the bowl. Seeing that it was almost time, she pushed the dining cart away. With the bowl of rice in her hand, the woman turned around and walked to the bed opposite to hers. “Hey, here’s your dinner.” The person huddled up in the sheet moved, and then, slowly sat up. With a pale face, she looked at her cell mate and said in a hoarse voice, “Thank you.” She reached out to take the bowl, but was startled with the sudden loud sound. The bowl fell to the floor with a crisp sound, and the rice was scattered all over on the floor. “Ah, I’m sorry, Abby. I didn’t mean it.” The woman looked at Abby, with a remorseful and innocent look on her face.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 181 Abby

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