Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 180: Scared

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 180 Scared

After a slight delay, Victor gave Carson a look and then proceeded to walk on without bothering to answer his question. He was scared. Though it was obvious that the door was unlocked and that he could easily push it open with just a gentle nudge of his hand, to him, the door was like a huge barrier, with an invisible ditch that stood between him and Rachel. He wasn’t brave enough to push open the door and walk inside. He didn’t have the guts to face Rachel’s eyes when she looked up to meet his gaze. There was no hatred on her face, nor did there exist any affectionate love. She was calm from the inside out as if he was just a stranger to her. 1

Inside the ward

The kitten was curled up into a ball on the white sheet and was quietly snoring. Rachel gently used her fingertips to stroke its back. Her bright eyes deepened in that light and the smile at the corner of her lips eventually faded. When Ivan arrived at the door, he saw the warm morning light all around her and the cat. The scene was so peaceful and cozy that he didn’t want to disturb them. Rachel turned to look at Ivan. “What’s up?” “Miss Bennet, the cat…” “It’s sleeping right nowYou can take it out with you,” Rachel said quietly. “Alright.” Ivan nodded and it looked like he was going over some things in his head. Then, he said, “Miss Bennet, although I have no clue what happened between you and Mr. Sullivan, it’s obvious that he cares a lot about you.” Rachel’s eyes instantly turned cold, and she didn’t answer him but instead pursed her lips tightly “The night you were in a coma, Mr. Sullivan stayed up the entire night sitting next to your bedside. He knew this cat meant a lot to you so, he ordered everyone to search for it outside in the rain for a long time.” “Ivan.”

With what he had been meaning to say stuck in his throat, Ivan turned with confused eyes to look at Rachel. “Yes, Miss Bennet?” “Where is the cat buried?” Rachel gave him a calm look. “What?” Ivan was startled when he heard her words. “Tell me, how did it die?” Rachel asked. “Miss Bennet, you…”

‘So she knows? Didn’t Lukas say that she and the cat had only met each other two times? How did she find out that this cat is not the original one?‘ It took them two days and two nights to find a cat that looked exactly like the old one. They pretty much looked the same and it was hard to distinguish between the two felines. How did Rachel recognize that this cat wasn’t the old one so soon? Ivan avoided her gaze and said, “Miss Bennet, I have no idea what you’re talking about. Your cat is right here.” “No, it’s not.” Looking into her eyes, Ivan moved his mouth but found he didn’t have the right words in order to explain “Even though it looks like it, I know it’s not the same cat. If you were really looking for my cat in the rain the entire night and finally sent over another one looking just like it, it means something must’ve happened to the previous cat, right?” Rachel said in a calm voice as she looked down at the form of the still sleeping cat resting next to her in the bed. “I want to know, how did it die?” Though Ivan was at first reluctant to give her the details, he knew that he couldn’t hide it from her for long. “Miss Bennet, the doctor gave explicit orders to not upset you. If I tell you…” “I know. Don’t worry about it. I will be perfectly fine.” . “We did search for it for a very long time that night, but when we finally found it, it was already dead and its body was lying in the middle of the road.” Rachel subconsciously clutched the corner of the quilt and grinded her teeth, a faint taste of blood filling her mouth. She slowly closed her eyes, recalling in her mind the scene where that kitten would rub its small head against her palm. If she had just bit down and bore through it and just done what Victor had ordered her to do, then perhaps the cat wouldn’t have died. “I’m so sorry,” Rachel murmured after a long silence.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 180 Scared

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