Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 179: Are You Scared

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 179 Are You Scared

Victor’s body froze, and his eyes moved slowly to the woman in the bed. Rachel felt that she was waking up from a long dream. Right from being abandoned at the orphanage gate to going through all kinds of things in her life. Finally, it seemed to be stuck on an image of a pool of blood. A slight pain woke her up. Her hand was clenched so tightly that it hurt. Subconsciously, she looked towards it. Victor realized this and let go of her hand. “Miss Bennet, you’re finally awake.” The doctor walked to her bed. “Are you in any pain? Do you feel any discomfort anywhere?” Rachel closed her eyes and was silent for a while. Finally, she said in a hoarse voice, “Water.” Lukas, who stood a few steps behind the doctor, immediately went to fetch her a glass of water. For the next ten minutes, the doctor asked several questions as he checked Rachel. “Miss Bennet, you need to stay in bed and rest for some days. Don’t make any sudden moves or exert yourself. Also, try not to get too emotional,” the doctor said as he took off his stethoscope. “Doctor, my baby…” Rachel unknowingly placed a hand on her stomach. The scene from before she fainted flashed through her mind, and her heart squeezed. “Don’t worry. Your baby is doing great and is healthy.” 1 “Thank you. Thank you so much.” The doctor smiled kindly and said, “You’re welcome. You have a good rest. I’ll leave now.” Lukas accompanied the doctor out of the ward and asked him about the precautions they needed to take. The ward turned silent. “Rachel…” Victor said as the light in his eyes dimmed. Rachel interrupted him. “Mr. Sullivan, I would like to rest now.” Victor looked at her pale face. He realized that she looked thinner and more fragile in just one night. His heart stung, and the words got stuck in his throat. Rachel didn’t look at him and simply closed her eyes. After a long time, she heard the door open and close. Rachel slowly opened her eyes and saw that Victor had left the ward. Emotionlessly, she gently placed her hands on her abdomen, pursed her lips, and frowned slightly. ‘I’m so sorry, little one. Mommy shouldn’t have put you in danger. It’s my fault. I didn’t protect you. I almost lost you because of my foolishness.’ she couldn’t wait any longer.

Rachel lay in the hospital bed for two full days before recovering completely from her coma. Since they had almost lost the baby, Lukas decided to take care of Rachel himself. He went to Sue Garden late at night and returned early the next morning. Early in the morning, the door of the ward was pushed open. In the past two days, Rachel slept lightly. Hearing the noise, she looked out the window. Looking at the gray sky, she determined that it wasn’t six o’clock yet. “Lukas, why have you come so early?” “Meow!” A cat’s mew was crystal clear, especially in the large and quiet ward. Rachel’s eyes widened in surprise. She sat up and looked in the direction of the sound, only to find a white cat timidly walking inside. The cat’s head bobbed up and down as it sniffed the strange air “Kitten?!” Rachel started to smile as soon as she laid eyes on the little cat. She got out of bed and gently picked it up. “Is it you? How did you come here? Are you feeling better now? Are you in any pain?” She went back to the bed with the kitten in her arms and looked at it all over. The cat gently licked her hand and rubbed its head on the back of her hand gently as a response. At the same time, Victor stood outside the ward and watched through the small window in the door. He saw Rachel with the cat and how happy she looked. A big hand rested on his shoulder. “So for the past two days, you searched the entire city for this cat to just give it to Rachel?” Carson was sleepy and couldn’t hold back his yawn as he looked at Victor strangely. Just for a cat, they had searched the entire city. Even he was dragged out of his bed at an ungodly hour in the morning to help Victor look for a cat. They hadn’t slept properly in the past two days. Victor looked at Carson’s hand on his shoulder and growled lightly, “If you don’t want this hand, I don’t mind cutting it off for you.” A shiver went up Carson’s spine, and he withdrew his hand. When Victor turned around to leave, Carson stopped him. “Wait! Are you leaving? Why don’t you go in? Didn’t you search the entire city for a cat just for her?” “That’s not necessary.” “Is it not necessary, or are you scared?” Carson asked.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 179 Are You Scared

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