Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 178: A Death Sentence

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 178 A Death Sentence

Inside the ward The sky was brightening outside. The glowing bright light shifted past the clouds and came in along with the cool autumn breeze. Lukas politely knocked on the door and went inside. He put down the bag he had brought with him and said, “Mr. Sullivan, I brought Miss Bennet her clothes.” “Alright.” Victor’s voice was deep and hoarse from disuse. Lukas lifted his eyes and saw Victor’s tired and disheveled appearance. “Mr. Sullivan, you are still wearing the same clothes you wore yesterday. Why don’t you change out of them and have a good rest first?” Victor made no move from his position by the bed. His intense eyes were fixated on Rachel, who still had yet to wake up from her coma. His white shirt was covered in blood. Over time, the bright red hue of the blood had turned his shirt into a dull red-brown color.

This was all Rachel’s blood.

Seeing Victor in such a state, Lukas felt sorry for him. How could things have taken such a turn for the worse like this? He recalled last night’s events—Victor shouting at him with Rachel in his arms, his eyes bloodshot. This was the first time he had seen such fear and panic on Victor’s face. Now, Victor was perched on the edge of the bed, his eyes covered in blood streaks, staring openly at Rachel. He could tell that Victor was a mess, so different from the energetic and elegant person he was before. After some time had passed, Victor ordered, “Have the doctor come over.” Lukas stepped up and looked Victor up and down. He asked with concern in his voice, “Mr. Sullivan, is something wrong with you? I…” “I’m doing fine.” Lukas paused in his tracks and realized something. Then, he looked over at Rachel lying there in bed. “I’ll call the doctor over right now.” Then, he walked out of the ward quickly. Victor’s gaze swept from Rachel’s face to the back of her hand. She had such fair skin that the blue blood vessels on the back of her hand were clearly visible. The thin needle from the IV pierced into her vein, and the medicine was being issued into her body bit by bit. His heart stopped in his chest when he felt her cold fingertips with his hands. Every her hand was also stained with blood. He picked up two wet wipes from the table and wiped her hand carefully with them. He was careful not to hurt her, but because the blood had already dried, he couldn’t do a good job of cleaning them. His phone chimed of an incoming call in the middle of this. He let the phone ring and continued to wipe away the blood on her hand. The phone began ringing again. After some time later, he finally wiped the blood off of Rachel’s fingertips. He looked up and checked the caller ID, deciding to pick up the phone last minute. “Did you find it?” “I did. I found it.” After hesitating for a while, Ivan added, “But when I got there, it was too late. There was heavy rain last night. The cat must’ve been frightened by all the rain and thunder and it ran right into the road. The cars passing by didn’t notice it.” He stopped right there, but the last part of his sentence was pretty self-explanatory. The road was still wet from last night’s storm. A snow-white cat could be seen in the middle of the pavement, completely motionless. The blood under its body had long ago been diluted by the rain. It was the cat that Victor had ordered to be thrown out. After a stretch of silence, Victor gave his order. “Be sure to bury it well. I want no mention of this at home. Go out and buy a new cat. I want the new cat to look exactly like the old one.” “Will do, sir.” Victor clutched onto Rachel’s hand tightly after he hung up the call. It was only a cat. In the past, human life didn’t matter to him, let alone a cat. But when he found out that the cat was dead, he panicked for no good reason. As if it was not a cat who died, but him, who was given a death sentence. In no time at all, the doctor arrived. “Mr. Sullivan, what can I help you with?” “When will she regain consciousness again?” Victor turned to look at the doctor and asked. Rachel’s hand in his moved as soon as he was done speaking.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 178 A Death Sentence

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