Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 177: Blood (Part 4)

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 177 Blood (Part Four)

“Mv ankle hurts…” Alicia looked at Victor with a pitiful look. “It has gotten even more swollen than before. Do you think you could take me to the hospital?” With his brows furrowed, Victor glanced over at Rachel who was leaning her body against Lukas for support Rachel had bit her lower lip to the point where she had drawn blood. He could see that her mouth was oozing blood, making her face look as white as a sheet of paper. But even so, she kept quiet and didn’t cry out in pain. Victor was feeling agitated and felt that something was stuck in his heart. He was both angry and annoyed at the same time. Was it so hard for her to show weakness in front of him just this once? “Lukas, prepare the car! I want you to take Alicia to the hospital now!” Victor ordered in a cold voice. There was a gleam in Alicia’s eyes when she said, “Rachel doesn’t look too good. How about you let her come with me to the hospital? We can go together. She is pregnant after all. You’ll regret it if something happens to the baby.” Victor didn’t say anything. While squinting his eyes at her, his hands clenched into fists at his side. 1 “But where did this pain come from? Didn’t the doctors say that the fetus would be stable after three months of pregnancy? Could it be that…?” Alicia murmured. Everyone in the room could hear her. “Be what? Tell us what you mean,” Victor said. Alicia shook her head. “It’s nothing. It’s just a stupid thought I had.” “Out with it!”

“Victor…” Alicia was stunned for a moment there. “I just remembered that Roger’s sister was a doctor.” She stopped right there and didn’t elaborate, but everyone present in the room could figure out where she was going with this. As a doctor, Clara had already seen Rachel several times. If she saw Rachel at the hospital, she would tell Roger. If this happened, Roger and Rachel could meet at the hospital. The atmosphere in the living room immediately chilled by a few degrees, making people feel like they were falling into an icy abyss. Rachel had lost some of her hearing due to the pain, but she got the gist of things. She stared up at Alicia with a sneer. Looking away, Alicia lowered her gaze, feeling guilty, and clenched the hem of her dress with

her hands. She remembered how she used to despise all those jealous women who played tricks like this, but now she realized that she had become the sort of person she always hated the most But she didn’t regret anything at all. As long as Rachel was around, she would never stand a chance. Victor only had eyes for Rachel and not her. 4 She had tried to forget him but failed. Since she couldn’t completely let go, she would do everything in her power to win him over! Eventually, Victor would be hers! Victor’s eyes darkened seeing her sarcastic sneer. “Do you have something you want to explain further? Rachel?” It seemed that her body had been completely numbed by the pain. All of a sudden, Rachel felt the pain in her belly ease up a little. She looked over at Victor but didn’t say a word. She had no expression on her face, but Victor somehow panicked. ‘This is all her fault. But why am I feeling so bad? She betrayed me!’ he thought. “What are you all waiting around for? Didn’t you hear what I just said?! Prepare the car already! We are heading to the hospital!” Victor roared fiercely. “But what about Miss Bennet?” “Rachel?” Victor’s thin lips parted and out came his cold and cruel voice. “She’s the one who wants to die, right? Now’s her chance. Just let her die here for all I care! Rachel, my suggestion is that you give up the idea of you being with Roger. I won’t allow it!” There was a loud bang just outside the window as soon as he was done speaking. flash of lightning lit up the night sky, illuminating the darkness outside. Rachel retracted the hand that was grabbing onto Lukas and tried with all her might to steady herself. She knew that Lukas must still be very worried about her so she tried to comfort him by saying, “Lukas, I’m okay.” 1 A sharp thrust of pain interrupted her words. Rachel’s eyes turned dark and she instantly blacked out. “Miss Bennet!” Lukas was shocked to see her body grow limp. Rachel fainted and her body slumped to the floor, blood flowing freely out of her lower regions.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 177 Blood (Part Four)

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