Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 176: Blood (Part 3)

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 176 Blood (Part Three)

Rachel was taken aback. She knew that Victor meant what he said. The fact that that the Jimenez family and the Sullivan family were a perfect match wasn’t news to her. Bringing the downfall of the Jimenez family was a challenge to Victor. But that did not mean that it wouldn’t face trouble. The most important thing was that Roger and his family had nothing to do with this fiasco. They were innocent. They shouldn’t have been caught in this mess. Rachel put the cuff link down. “Fine,” she said. Her voice was hoarse. He should be screaming with joy now that Rachel had agreed to come up with a compromise. However, their situation only made Victor’s heart hurt even more. The suffocating pain in his chest grew every passing moment as he gazed at the pale smile on Rachel’s face. It felt as though someone had grabbed his heart in an attempt to crush it. He had really lost her. ‘There is now way in **** she would ever forgive me,’ he thought. It felt as though something in his heart had gone missing. The foreign sensation brought about an anxious feeling in his insides. Her calmness put him on edge. “Do you really love him that much, Rachel?” he asked. Not a word escaped Rachel’s lips. She struggled to speak as the sharp pain emanating from her belly came one after the other. Rachel pressed her lips together as her aches grew every passing second. Her lack of a reply was not only because of her agony. She also did not want to answer him. However, in Victor’s eyes, her non-existent response was equivalent to her saying yes. 1 “Lukas!”


For a moment, Victor was silent. His cold eyes drifted to Rachel. Finally, he said in a low voice, “Take Rachel’s things to the small building. From now on, she is not to step out of the building without my permission.” Victor’s commands took Lukas by surprise. For a moment, he hesitated. “It has been a while since someone stayed in that building. It hasn’t been cleaned yet. I’m afraid it will take…” Before Lukas could even finish his sentence, Victor interrupted him. “Don’t make me say it one more time, Lukas.” Lukas had to shut his mouth. To relieve the growing pain in her belly, Rachel pressed her hands against her abdomen. It took her quite some time before she could figure out the place Victor was talking about. It was the warehouse where they kept their tools and whatnot. “Building” was not quite the appropriate term for it. The place was nestled in the farthest corner of the garden. Unrefined

and unfurnished, the warehouse wasn’t exactly an ideal place to live in. The ceiling would leak whenever it rained. It was unlivable. Originally, the plan was to have it torn down a couple of days ago. However, due to Lukas’ packed schedule, the demolition was delayed. A weak smile appeared on Rachel’s face. ‘I’m so sorry, little guy. I’m sorry that you have to suffer through this with me,’ she internally said to her unborn child. Her somber thought was followed by a sharp pain in her stomach. It was much worse than the ones she had just a few moments ago. In just a few seconds, her rosy lips were drained of color.

Rachel struggled to hold herself up. Her instincts urged her to grab the closest thing to support her balance, but before she could get a hold of anything, her sight was impaired. This unexpected instance caused her to fall to the floor. A loud bang replaced the silence in the air.

She had knocked down the flower rack that she was supposed to grab onto for support. “Miss Bennet!” Lukas exclaimed. Hastily, he ran to Rachel’s rescue. Cold sweat pooled against Rachel’s back. Lukas touched her arm and as if on cue, the look on his face transformed into a grim expression. Her hand felt frozen. “Miss Bennet, are you okay?” he asked. A frown appeared on Rachel’s lips. Her hands subconsciously, her hands traveled towards her stomach. Every passing second, she felt more uncomfortable. She felt as though something was slowly leaving the confinement of her body. “It hurts,” she whimpered in pain.

Her words loudly echoed in Victor’s ear. It was as if a hammer was smashing against his eardrum. The situation alarmed him greatly. “Lukas…”

“Victor.” Before he could say anything, Alicia stood up from the sofa and interrupted Victor.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 176 Blood (Part Three)

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