Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 173: Name A Price

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 173 Name A Price

Rachel felt that her chin was about to be dislocated because of Victor’s firm grip. Moreover, as soon as Victor approached her, the strong scent of alcohol directly punched

her nose.

It seemed that Victor had been drinking.

Moreover, he must have drank so much that he wasn’t thinking straight right now. Then, Rachel recalled that he also made a crazy scene last time when he got drunk. Knowing where this might be headed, she gritted her teeth and tried to remove Victor’s hand. However, he didn’t appreciate this gesture, and he tightened his grip even more. “Victor, let go of me!” Rachel shouted in anger as she felt the pain on her delicate face. “Let go of you? Why? So you can go to your lover? Ha! You can forget it!” When Victor saw her teary eyes, he felt more irritated. Right now, all he could think was the scene where Rachel and Roger hugged each other with smiles on their faces. He was so furious that Rachel could casually talk and laugh with other men. Furthermore, she even dared hug someone else. Obviously, Victor’s pride had been stepped on. Hence, he was currently burning in jealousy and anger. Hearing what Victor said, Rachel furrowed her brows and retorted, “What lover? I don’t know what the **** you’re talking about! You know what? You are drunk. Go out in the rain and sober up first! Now, let me go!” “Shut up! You still won’t admit it? I thought you changed, but you are still your old self!” While speaking straight to Rachel’s face, Victor gritted his teeth. Then, he flicked his hand, which was on her jaw, making her lose her balance. Rachel staggered two steps back, and fell on the sofa. She was so upset that Victor was making it seem like she was having an affair. “What do you want me to admit? I’m doing no such thing! I’m telling the truth! I don’t care if you believe it or not, but I don’t need to be humiliated like this!” “Ha! Such petty words!” Victor raised an eyebrow. “Then tell me, where were you this morning?” ‘This morning?’ Hearing this, Rachel briefly paused and thought. At the same time, Victor walked up to her, grabbed her arm and pulled her towards him. “What’s wrong? Did you suddenly remember something? Or should I say someone?” | “What? Are you talking about Roger?” Rachel asked with a scoff.

“Why do you look surprised? When did you hook up with him? Rachel, I don’t understand

you. Why are you so desperate to find yourself a man? Are you afraid that no one will be interested in you? So, that’s why you reduced yourself to being what? A mistress? What did he see in you anyway? Your body isn’t even curvaceous and alluring. You shouldn’t be expensive, right? Tell me. Did he pay you to be with him? How much?” ~ Looking at her from head to toe, Victor continued, “Let me guess. Five million? Ten million? Fine. Leave him and be my mistress instead. I’ll give you twice what he’s paying,” Pak! There was a crisp sound of a slap that reverberated across the room. It turned out that Rachel slapped him in the face. Rachel didn’t expect that he would say such derogatory words, so she wasn’t able to hold her anger back He treated women like mere objects that could be bought by money. Therefore, Rachel used her strength instead of her words to answer Victor. Immediately after, the right part of Victor’s face felt like it was burning in pain. Moreover, the impact of the slap was so heavy that the corner of his mouth started to bleed. No one expected that Rachel would actually hit him so hard. Seeing this, they were all stunned. Lukas was the first to react, and he handed Victor a napkin to wipe off his bleeding lip. However, instead of taking the tissue, Victor just wiped the corner of his mouth with his hand and looked at Rachel ferociously. “What? Does it hurt, you ******* beast?!” Rachel’s eyes were red and she was trembling in anger. “Ha! Why are you so angry? Do you feel embarrassed of what I said? Or do you think the price I said wasn’t enough for someone like you?” Victor sneered. “Since you are carrying my child, I’ll be generous and let you name your price.” 1 “You filthy scumbag!” Rachel raised her hand and was about to slap him again. However, a murderous look flashed in Victor’s eyes. This time, before Rachel’s hand landed on his face, he was able to easily stop it by grabbing her wrist. Hence, Rachel’s hand was stuck in the air. “Do you think I’ll give you a second chance to slap me just like that?” Then, Victor harshly shook off her hand with an emotionless face. He exerted so much force that Rachel easily lost her balance. Her waist hit the table beside

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 173 Name A Price

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