Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 170 I Would Hate You So Much

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 170 I Would Hate You So Much

Before he could even swallow the wine, Carson spat it out. He then grabbed a napkin and pensively dabbed it on his mouth. When he finally came to his senses, he turned to Victor. “Are you serious?” he asked. Although Victor didn’t turn to look at him, Carson could see how cold and piercing his gaze was. He even caught him pursing his lips as he stared deep into the wine in his glass. Of course, Carson was at a loss. He had already noticed some signs that Victor was telling the truth, but he was quite surprised to actually hear him say it. ‘Huh. Who would have thought that a cold and arrogant man like Victor would one day admit that he fell in love with a woman? And with Rachel, of all people?’ After all this time, Carson had supposed that Victor would die alone, without ever loving somebody “I thought you hated her very much. Didn’t you want her to just, I don’t know, disappear whenever she was around you?” Carson snorted and shook his head. “Seriously, man. You fell in love with her after you two got divorced? Do you know what that makes you?” Victor poured himself another glass of wine and drank it up. His Adam’s apple bobbed up and down, but he still didn’t utter a word. Are you out of your mind?” Carson gawked at him as he spouted every word. Victor definitely didn’t see that coming. Although he didn’t show it, what Carson said hit his heart hard.

All of a sudden, he felt a spasm in his stomach. He could only frown because of the pain. Then, he heard Carson’s voice again. 1 “You know what you’ve done to Rachel before? That’s not something normal people just get over. Some would probably feel devastated until they give up on life. But ****, Rachel is much stronger than I thought she was.” Victor clenched his jaw. ‘Was I really that horrible to her?’ Right then, he felt a chill down his spine. “You’re the one who wants me dead the most in the world, right?” For a split second, he thought he heard Rachel’s voice. His heart skipped a beat. Carson knew what was going on in Victor’s mind. He swirled his glass and smelled the wine. “Well, I really can’t say. But, if I were Rachel…” Carson stopped as the memory of Rachel pushing Alicia into the water in Sue Garden that day popped into his mind. “Go on.” Victor didn’t like that Carson stopped halfway, since it only made his anxiety grow, | “If I were her…” This time, Carson paused to drink the wine, seemingly easing his way toM

utter his next words. “I would hate you so much. So much that I wish I could kill you.”


Just like that, Victor felt a pang in his chest that quickly spread through his nerves to every part of his body. The pain was almost unbearable-his face lost all color, and he could hardly breathe. As his vision started to blur, he got up from his chair and rushed out of the door. “Hey, Vic! Where are you going?” Carson yelled, but his voice was soon isolated by the door. When Victor finally got away from all the noise, the things that Carson told him earlier suddenly echoed in his head. “Would Rachel really have ended her life if she wasn’t so strong? I’m that awful?” 1 “If I were her, I would hate you. So much that I wish I could kill you.” He then recalled the exact words that Carson mentioned. At that moment, an image flashed in his mind-Rachel’s eyes filled with hatred, looking at him. Then, his fingers unconsciously tightened. “Victor…” woman called him from a few feet away. He raised his head and saw that the woman had already walked towards him. She asked worriedly, “Are you alright? You don’t look well.” Victor didn’t answer. When his eyes fell on her face, he was in a trance. Her face turned into Rachel’s.

“Vic—” Before she could even finish speaking, Victor pulled her into his arms. Alicia didn’t expect that he would suddenly hug her. She was stunned for a moment and did not know what to do. But then, she found herself smiling and happily reached out to wrap her arms around his waist. “Victor! Are you not mad at me anymore? I knew you only said those words to me out of anger.” Her voice was soft. “I didn’t mean what I said that night. I know Rachel isn’t-” When he heard Alicia’s voice, Victor came to his senses in a flash. His eyes suddenly darkened. The next moment, he pushed her away. Alicia was interrupted. She stumbled a few steps back before she steadied herself, then looked at him in confusion. “What’s wrong?” In a dispassionate voice, Victor replied, “Why are you here?” “I…” Alicia dodged his eyes. “Grandpa’s friends came back from abroad today. We held a dinner to welcome them.” She then lowered her eyes and clenched her fists. Of course, she could never let him know that she was here for a blind date. Back when she had a big quarrel with Victor that night in the hospital, Alicia went home and cried. Her mom saw her pining and felt sorry for her, and she declared that she would 22

confront Victor and ask him if he thought Alicia wasn’t good enough for him. When Drake heard about this, he instantly flew into a rage. He didn’t allow anyone to mention it again. Otherwise, he would have anyone who would dare to do so expelled from the Schultz family. After all, not once did Victor express any intention to marry Alicia. Even though she had been head over heels for him all along, it was a completely unrequited love. Since Drake had already given the order, there was nothing Alicia’s mom could do, no matter how angry she was. However, she couldn’t bear to see her daughter so depressed. She pounded the table and roared, “Who the **** does Victor think he is? Alicia can do much better than that brat!”

Alicia overheard her mother’s outburst and thought it might be best to let him go. With that in mind, she agreed to go on the blind date that her mother arranged for her. But she had no idea she would meet Victor here today. As she studied his angular face, her heart raced uncontrollably. She didn’t want to let go. There was no way she was going to give up so easily. Although he did ask her, Victor didn’t actually care for her response. He simply narrowed his eyes and reacted indifferently. “I’m leaving.” He then walked past her and did not look back. Alicia stood there, quite dumbfounded by the sudden change in his attitude. He was holding her in his arms just now, but then he almost pushed her to the floor. “Wait, Victor-Ah!” In an attempt to catch up to him, Alicia forgot that she was wearing stilettos. She was so anxious to ask him why he hugged her just now that she sprained her right foot and fell straight to the floor. Victor hadn’t gone far when he heard Alicia, so he stopped and went back. Tears began welling in her eyes because of the pain. “Victor…” Meanwhile, he looked down at her with his typical apathetic eyes. “Can you get up yourself?” “I…” Alicia wanted to say that she couldn’t, but she knew it wouldn’t even matter. He would rather ask someone else to help her up and bring her to the hospital than do it himself. She couldn’t bear the thought. “I’m okay.” She endured the pain and struggled to stand up. Nonetheless, Victor saw her swollen ankle. “I’ll tell the driver to take you to the hospital.” “No, no. I don’t need to go. It’s fine.” Alicia wanted to be with him, not all alone in the hospital. “I don’t want to go to the hospital, Victor. I don’t want all those examinations and staying there the entire night just for observation. It’s just a sprain, no big deal. I just need to apply some cold compress and spray medicine on it.” “Whatever.” Victor still didn’t show any signs of concern. “Then, I’m leaving.” “Wait…”

Alicia hobbled to him and added, “I didn’t ask the driver to follow me here. And even if I take a taxi to school now, we have no medication in the dormitory that can reduce my swelling. Could you please take me back to Sue Garden so I can deal with it? Afraid that he would refuse her, Alicia quickly added, “I won’t stay the night. You can ask the driver to send me back to school when I’m done.” Victor cast her quite a suspecting glance, chary about heeding her request. After a while, he had made up his mind. “Fine.”

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 170 I Would Hate You So Much

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