Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 167: Selling Bennet Group

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 167 Selling Bennet Group

Another two days passed, but Victor still hadn’t come back to Sue Garden. Lukas wondered whether he should tell Rachel. Rachel, on the other hand, was quite happy about not seeing Victor for days. After breakfast, Rachel went upstairs to change her clothes and was on her way out. Lukas walked up to her and asked curtly, “Miss Bennet, are you going out?” “Yes, I have an appointment with Andy.” Andy had proved efficient. In less than two weeks, except for the fifty-five percent of the shares Victor owned, they had bought the rest of the shares of Bennet Group. Afraid that Victor would find out, Rachel had split up the shares and registered them under the names of three organizations. The reason why she was meeting Andy that day was to sign the commission contracts. It was the only way to have the shares registered under the agencies. “Could you please bring some medicine to Mr. Sullivan on your way, Miss Bennet? The driver has just called to inform me that Mr. Sullivan has a stomach ache. This medicine was specifically imported for him, and can’t be found in any of the local drugstores here,” Lukas explained as he passed on the bottle of pills to her. “Miss Bennet, with the change in weather, several servants have caught a severe cold and asked for leave. I can’t leave the house as it is. Could you please do this favor for me?” Lukas added, afraid that Rachel wouldn’t agree. 1 Rachel’s refusal was stuck in her throat. She knew the pressure he was under to keep the house in order. “Okay, I’ll take it to him later.” Rachel frowned as she took the medicine. “Thank you, Miss Bennet.” Rachel curled her lips, put the bottle in her bag and turned around to leave. Seeing Rachel go, Lukas murmured under his breath, “I hope they get to talk it out.” He could tell that Victor loved Rachel even if he didn’t show it openly. When Rachel arrived at the cafe they had agreed on, she found Andy there waiting for her. It didn’t take a lot time to get everything done. After checking the contracts and handing them to the project director of the securities exchange agency, Andy turned to Rachel. “Miss Bennet, how about we have lunch together? Now you have taken back all the shares, and you insist on selling them, we should discuss the requirements you have for a buyer.” “About that, I already found a buyer.” Rachel asked the waiter for a paper and a pen. “How come? So soon?”

Rachel nodded as she wrote down a string of numbers on the paper and nudged it towaras Andy, “This is the buyer’s number. You can contact him on the transfer procedure.” With furrowed eyebrows, Andy picked up the piece of paper. There was a name scribbled on the paper beside the phone number: Quintin. “Well… Miss Bennet, if I may ask, who is this buyer? Are you sure we can trust him? What about the price of the shares? How much is he offering?” Andy hadn’t expected Rachel to have found a buyer so fast. He couldn’t help but worry. After all, they were dealing with huge sums of money. Rachel wanted to sell Bennet Group, which was the fruit of the three generations of the Bennet family. If it was handed over to an unreliable person, it would really be over. To be honest, Andy was still against the idea of the company being sold. “Don’t worryYou can trust him. As for the price…” Rachel paused as she thought of Andy’s reaction. “Five million.”

“Five million?” Andy stood up all of a sudden almost sending his seat crushing down. “Miss Bennet, what are you talking about?” His voice was loud enough for the people around to raise their eyes towards him in annoyance. Rachel held the bridge of her nose and motioned him to sit down. Andy realized that he had overreacted. He sat down, but his emotions still showed on his face. In his eyes, there was fear, shock, anger, and a hint of disappointment. “Miss Bennet, five million is not enough. We have spent so much money buying all the shares back. How can you sell them for only five million?” Andy asked. “I know the price is a little low.” A little low? It was more than that. Even theft wouldn’t have covered it. “But I have made up my mind. Andy, you don’t have to say anything. Just get the contract ready and contact the buyer. Once you close the deal, send it to him for signing. I don’t think it’s convenient for him to come here.” “Miss Bennet…” Andy opened his mouth to argue, but Rachel didn’t let him. “Andy, thank you for your hard work these past few days.” She stood up and bowed deeply to him. “I have somewhere else to be. I have to go now.” She neither explained to Andy who Quintin really was nor did she let him talk her out of it. She didn’t intend to sell Bennet Group anyway. She was just making a way for herself to escape from Victor when the time came. She picked up her bag and left the cafe without looking back. Looking at her back as she walked out, Andy sighed deeply and murmured to himself, “Mr. Bennet, if you were here still here right now, would you have agreed to this?”

When Rachel came out of the cafe, the driver was waiting by the roadside. Seeing her, he quickly got out of the car and opened the door to the back seat. She got into the car. “Miss Bennet, where should we go now?” The driver went behind the wheel and looked at Rachel through the rearview mirror. “Let’s go to Sullivan Group, please.” Rachel glanced at the bottle of stomach pills in her bag and resigned to her fate. The driver nodded. He then stepped on the gas and drove towards the Sullivan Group building The cafe they had been to was not too far away from Sullivan Group. It took them only five minutes to get there. Rachel sat in the car and looked out of the window. The Sullivan Group building that was towering into the clouds came into view. From the top, it gave off a dominant air, as if a huge giant was staring down at her, making her feel insignificant. Rachel got out of the car and walked into the building. Since it was still office hours, not many people were in the entrance hallway. The receptionists, who were busy discussing where to do their manicures after work, were stunned to see Rachel walking towards them.


While Rachel was working in the archive room, they often saw her from their front desk. “Yes, it’s me.” Rachel placed the medicine bottle on the reception desk. “This is for Victor. Please make sure he gets it.” Before the receptionists could react, Rachel had already left. “What did she say just now?” One of them looked at Rachel’s back. “I think she wanted us to hand this over to Mr. Sullivan,” the other woman said as she picked up the bottle. “To Mr. Sullivan? What is this? I mean, why was it so important that she even came here? Didn’t she get fired? How dare she come here again? Doesn’t she feel any shame?”


“How shameless can she be? I thought she would never show her face here again.” “Then what should we do with this? It looks like some foreign stomach medicine?” “Stomach medicine? I never heard of Mr. Sullivan having any kind of stomach problem. Just throw it away. Who knows if it’s really for him? Plus, if he takes it and something happens, it’s our heads that will be on the line.” “Umm… You are right. We can’t risk it.” The receptionist thought for a while and her colleague’s words made sense. “I’m throwing it away.” She took the medicine and walked to the trash can beside the elevator. Just as she was about to throw it, the elevator doors suddenly opened.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 167 Selling Bennet Group

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