Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 166: Just The Beginning

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 166 Just The Beginning

Three days later, the sky outside was a gloomy grey. It had rained the previous night and hadn’t stopped until early that morning. The air was filled with a faint fragrance of green grass and soil. It was oddly refreshing. Rachel leaned against the railing of the balcony. She placed her chin in her palms and looked down. “Boss, it’s a pity that you weren’t here to see it! The whole thing was just epic. If only that shameless could have seen their faces. It was hilarious how they kept changing color.” Quintin’s excited voice came through her earpiece. “But that was just being too easy on them. I would have shot the two of them on the spot if it wasn’t illegal. How dare they try to poison you? Even a thousand years in prison wouldn’t be enough!” On the day of the re-election, Quintin played a recording of the conversation the two had with Jason in front of everyone. At first, Wallace and Tara tried to deny it. They even had the guts to frame Quintin. But they hadn’t expected that Jason had been caught, and he had already sold them out.

The international police took them away. The six old men in the committee were voted out, and all the affairs were temporarily taken over by the acting presidents. They were now preparing for the selection of the new committee. “Don’t worry. I also know how to return the favor. They will pay for everything they’ve done. Five years in prison is just the beginning,” said Rachel slowly, looking into the distance. She didn’t want them to die. That just would be too merciful. Death was just an escape. It was better to drag it out to the end. What would be truly terrifying was a life of endless darkness, dangling between hope and despair. “Do you have the chip?” Rachel closed her eyes as she suppressed her anger. Quintin fiddled with the chip in his hand. Rachel had installed it on Wallace’s laptop. That kind of chip wasn’t rare. It was specially designed for stealing data, and they often used it when they were on missions. If it had been in the past, Wallace would have found it easily. But they panicked when the bell appeared. In addition, they had underestimated Rachel. They hadn’t expected her to attach the chip to Wallace’s laptop. The data they wanted to sell to Teskesh would be disturbed and stolen by the chip’s signal the moment it was sent out. However, it would still show that it had been sent successfully. “Don’t worry. I got it on the day of the re-election. Except for the data sold to Teskesh, I haven’t found any clues related to the information leakage three years ago on Wallace’s laptop,” Quintin said in a disappointed tone.

Rachel had expected it. She had just wanted to try her luck, but she didn’t get her hopes up. Three years ago, whoever framed her had done the job perfectly, which showed that the person was extremely cautious. Even if he had been part of the other scheme, it was likely that he had cleaned traces of himself from the scene. “Boss, don’t give up. That person will show up again. He hasn’t gotten what he wants. So we will catch him sooner or later. That way we can clear your name.” Afraid that Rachel would be sad talking about the past, Quintin changed the topic. “Let’s talk about other things. By now, Teskesh should have received the nice gift we prepared for them. I really wanted to see their expressions when they got it.” As Quintin had said, Teskesh’s information security department had just received the data they had been desperately waiting for. It was a detailed file of the latest weapons developed by a military base. Once they had it, it would be of great help in improving their weapons, so they opened the data file immediately when they received it. However, as soon as they did, all the alarms in the entire department were set off.

The internal broadcast kept ringing notices from different departments on the sudden disturbance. “Warning! The firewall is down!” “Warning! Our systems are facing a highly intense attack!” “Warning! Eighty-eight percent, no, ninety-five percent of the computers are paralyzed!” In just five minutes, the information security department headquarters in Teskesh was in full-blown chaos. “Hurry up! Get reinforcements here quick!” the chief commander ordered, seeing that the situation was out of control. “Wait!” Someone pointed at the largest screen in the middle of the command hall. “Look!” Everyone turned to the screen at the same time. All of a sudden, the screen, which was constantly flashing with the information of all departments, changed. Pikachu jumped up in the center of the pink screen, which was funny and lovely, incompatible with the red light alarms flashing around. Before they could react, it was suddenly quiet. “Sir, the attack has stopped.” The chief commander frowned. He couldn’t believe that the attack which seemed to be destroying the whole department had stopped. Was it some kind of prank? “Start an investigation! Find out what the **** is going on! Where is Jason?” The commander was furious.

“Sir, look!” Someone else pointed at the screen.

The chief commander looked at Pikachu. After the dance, it turned around, wiggled its tail twice before it disappeared. In its places was a string of red words. “Hope you like the gift!” There was a signature scrawled in the lower right corner of the screen. “King of Hearts!”

After hanging up, Rachel changed her clothes and went downstairs. She wanted to get some fresh air in the garden. “Over there! Hurry up! Bring me a net! It’s going to escape.” “Ah! It ran to the other side!”

“There! I saw it!” “Shh, keep it down. You are scaring it!” As Rachel walked out, she heard the voices of the servants and Lukas coming from the garden. When she got, she saw that Lukas was standing on the steps. He was ordering the servants who were running around in the garden. It seemed that they were trying to catch something, and each of them held a net. “Lukas,” Rachel called out. “Miss Bennet, are you going out?” Normally, if Rachel wasn’t going out, she would just stay in her room. Seeing that she was nicely dressed, Lukas thought that she was going out. “I just want to take a walk. What are you doing?”


“Yes! I caught it!” A servant with sweat dripping from her forehead raised the thing in her hand.

Hearing her voice, they all looked over. “Maybe it was because of the heavy rain last night and also the guards had left their posts, so the little thing ran in from nowhere. It tramped a lot of flowers in the garden and ran around everywhere. So we had to catch it,” Lukas explained. “Meow!” The cat was caught by the back of its neck, waving its paws randomly, struggling to get down. It was a little far away. Rachel wanted to see its face clearly, so she approached it carefully. The cat was no bigger than her two palms, and its snow-white hair was stained from the mud. There were specks of dust all over its face, making it look like a dirty wrung-out towel. “Meow!” The kitten called out to Rachel. “Its eyes are beautiful baby blue. Adorable.” Rachel examined it for a while before she reached out to it subconsciously. “Watch out!” Seeing this, Lukas strode forward and pulled Rachel back. “This cat is very wild. Miss Bennet, you’d better be careful, especially since you are pregnant

now. There may be some bacteria on it. You will get infected if it does.” Rachel poked the cat’s slightly wet nose and said, “It’s okay. With her holding its neck, it won’t hurt me.” “Meow!” The kitten let out a soft meow, probably feeling no hostility coming from Rachel, and took the initiative to rub its head gently against her outstretched palm. Rachel smiled and said, “Lukas, look at it. It can tell people apart. How about let it stay here for now?” Frowning, Lukas was still worried. But seeing the smile in Rachel’s eyes, he couldn’t bear to disappoint her. “It can stay. But Miss Bennet, in your state, you shouldn’t be too close to it, or you might get hurt. It is better if you stay away from it.” Rachel knew that Lukas wouldn’t give in on everything related to the baby’s health, so she didn’t argue any further. “Have you heard? Go clean the car and have it checked.” Lukas addressed the servants. “Yes, sir!” The servants bowed in unison before leaving with the cat. “Miss Bennet, wipe your hands first.” Lukas passed a towel to her. The cat’s head had been stained with mud, and so were her hands after it rubbed its head all over them. Rachel wiped her hands and walked back to the living room with a smile. She even hummed on her way there. “Miss Bennet, you seem to be in a good mood today.” Lukas smiled. “Did something good happen?” “Good? You can say that.” “Does it have anything to do with Mr. Sullivan?” “What could possibly have anything to do with him? Lukas, don’t mention him right now. I’m not interested,” Rachel said, frowning. “Miss Bennet, since you came back, I can feel that Mr. Sullivan has been—” “Lukas!” Rachel interrupted him in a warning tone. Seeing this, Lukas hesitated for a moment. He eventually stopped, sighed inwardly, and let Rachel be.

Suddenly, a servant’s voice came from behind. “Mr. Sullivan.” Lukas was stunned. He turned around immediately. Victor was back and was standing beside the car. He looked no warmer than a block of ice. ‘Did he hear what Miss Bennet just said?’ Lukas thought. “Mr. Sullivan…” “Throw this in the trash.” With a cold face, Victor threw an exquisitely packaged gift box to the floor. “I have work to do in the company. I won’t come back tonight.” With that, he got into the car. The driver stepped on the gas and turned the car around to leave Sue Garden The servant picked up the box, walked up to Lukas, and opened it. There was a delicate necklace inside. “Lukas, this necklace looks expensive. Are we really going to throw it away?” Looking at the necklace, Lukas knew that it was a gift from Victor to Rachel. But what she had said just now angered her. “Keep it somewhere.” After a long time, he sighed while lost in thought.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 166 Just The Beginning

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