Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 164: Shelia’s Bell

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 164 Shelia’s Bell

Wallace was stunned for a moment. He didn’t expect that Tara would suddenly come over. “Didn’t I tell you to go back first?” he said, sounding a bit irritated. “Go back?” Tara raised her eyebrow and pointed at Rachel. “So you two can flirt with each other?” “What nonsense are you talking about?” Wallace narrowed his eyes, his voice sharp. Rachel withdrew her hand and leaned back, watching the scene quietly. “Nonsense? Then who is she? Tell me! Oh, I get it. You insisted on meeting at the cafe because of her, didn’t you? I’ve been second-guessing, but now this is the truth. You’ve gotten weird the past months and you don’t even want to have sex with me…” “Tara, enough! Are you out of your mind?” These days, Wallace had been displeased with Tara’s suspicions. He was even more annoyed with her now that he watched her yelling aggressively like a shrew. Taken aback by his roar, Tara almost jumped. “Wallace, you…” Suddenly, tears formed in her eyes. “Did you just shout at me?” Wallace gritted his teeth, then sighed. “Tara, stop it. Let’s go back, okay?” “How could you yell at me because of another woman, Wallace?” Tara wasn’t letting it drop. “I didn’t mean to shout at you.” Tara clenched her fists as she realized Wallace was still unwilling to tell her who the woman was. Since Shelia died, Wallace never touched Tara again, even after they got married. He used to be so obedient, but recently, she noticed that his attitude had changed for the worse. At first, Tara thought that Wallace was just not over Shelia. Although she wasn’t happy with it, she believed it was pointless to keep a grudge against a dead person. In the end, she endured everything. However, after watching Wallace and another woman smiling happily in front of her, the resentment that had been suppressed in her heart for many days had finally exploded. Tara turned to Rachel and snarled, “You shameless bitch! How dare you seduce my husband?!” Her beautiful face contorted in anger. “Miss, be careful of what you say,” Rachel responded calmly. “Tara!” Wallace called out. “What now? Did I say anything wrong?” Tara’s whole body was shaking. “Weren’t you and my husband sitting here, eating and smiling at each other? You little tramp!” Rachel just sneered and rolled her eyes. She then turned to Wallace and said, “I shouldn’t stay here any longer. I’m leaving now.”

“I’m sorry.” Wallace looked apologetic. Rachel stood up, giving him a chilly glare, and was about to walk away. Tara gritted her teeth and grabbed Rachel’s wrist. “Leaving without an explanation? I don’t think so!” “Let go.” “Let her go.” Rachel and Wallace demanded almost at the same time. Tara glared at Wallace and tightened her grip on Rachel’s wrist. “You can’t just leave after seducing my husband. You damned thieving bitch!” Rachel’s eyes turned cold. She looked at Tara’s hand for a second, then reached to yank it off her and twisted it downwards. Tara yelped in pain, her face turning pale. “I told you to let go, didn’t I? Since you didn’t listen, you left me with no choice,” Rachel coldly said. Tara held her broken wrist, staring angrily at Rachel. Wallace had never thought things would escalate to this. He looked at Rachel in astonishment.

Just now, she had reminded of him Shelia. “Kindly let me through.” Rachel had no intention of arguing anymore. A nagging ache continued to surround Tara’s wrist. She would never stop until she got her answers, but because of the pain in her wrist, she could only glare at Rachel. Seeing that Tara couldn’t do anything else, Rachel headed for the exit. Rachel bumped heavily into Tara’s shoulder, making her lose her balance. She hit the corner of the table and yelped in pain. However, she didn’t notice that a small object had fallen from Rachel’s fingers and landed perfectly in her slightly opened bag.

At night

In a presidential suite of Crown Club “Go to hell!” Tara jolted awake and screamed. Darkness greeted her as soon as she opened her eyes. She scanned the room and breathed heavily. After calming down, she tried to move and felt the pain on her wrist. It instantly made her sober. She dreamed of Shelia. Shelia strangled her neck and demanded to know why she poisoned her. Tara slowly looked to her side, hoping to find some sense of security from Wallace, but he was nowhere to be found. He wasn’t anywhere in the room.

She gasped and got out of bed. “Wallace?” After the commotion earlier at the cafe, she had a fight with Wallace and they returned to the hotel at separate times. Wallace didn’t come back until the evening. To make up to her. he bought some of her favorite snacks and desserts when he got back. Tara forgave him immediately. Where did he go?

Tara pursed her lips and looked around the living room, but she didn’t see him. When she was about to call him, a dim light coming from the balcony caught her attention. She headed towards it and saw Wallace holding a cigarette between his fingers, looking out at the night view Tara stood at the side of the door frame for a while before hugging him from behind. “Wallace, why are you up?” Wallace couldn’t fall asleep.

For some reason, his thoughts were filled with images of Shelia. His memories about the time he kept pursuing her flashed in his mind repeatedly. It was upsetting. Feeling Tara’s body and warmth behind him, Wallace turned around and gently took her in his arms. “I was thinking about our cooperation with Jason.” “Why? Is something wrong?” Tara looked up at him with concern.

“No, I just have some doubts. It’s such a huge amount of money…” Wallace lowered his head and planted a kiss on her forehead. “But as soon as this matter is over, the people who look down on us will never dare to say anything anymore.” Tara nodded, “I had a nightmare just now.” 1 “What kind of nightmare?” “It was her… Shelia.” Tara couldn’t hide the uneasy feeling in her heart as she spoke. Wallace’s eyes widened and he held her tightly in the shoulders. “We don’t speak of her anymore. She’s dead and it’s just a dream.” Noticing his odd expression, Tara looked away and said, “You’re right, she’s dead. What can a dead person do?” Wallace’s eyes darkened as he remained silent. “Let’s go back to bed,” Tara whispered softly, holding his arm. “Tara, is there any melatonin in your bag? I need to take some.” “Yes.” Tara let go of him and headed to the living room, and dug her bag for her sleeping aids. Wallace followed her into the room.


Tara heard some crisp sound as she rummaged through her bag and touched something. She was stunned and took it out.

It was a bell. Under the dim light, the engraved letter “S” shone brightly in their eyes. She gasped in surprise and jumped back, the bell falling to the floor. Tinkle! Tinkle! The shiny object rolled twice on the floor before coming to a halt at Wallace’s feet. “How is this possible?” Tara looked at the bell in horror. Wallace picked up the bell and his expression changed when he saw the letter. “This isn’t happening. It’s not possible!” Tara started shaking and her voice trembled. “I never took the bell with me. How could it be here?!” Wallace narrowed his eyes. He examined the bell carefully, rolling it on his palm. Shelia had a fascination for collecting different kinds of bells. Every time she got a new one, she would have her initial “S” engraved on it. The script on this bell was exactly the same Shelia’s other bells had. “Where did you get this?” “I didn’t!” Tara’s eyes filled with horror. She suddenly felt a chill on her spine and she didn’t know why. “I’ve been feeling uneasy since I came to Apliaria. Is it possible that Shelia is still alive? And what if she’s here?”

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 164 Shelia’s Bell

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