Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 162 You’re Not Dead

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 162 You’re Not Dead

“Those bastards! I will report this to the committee!” Quintin hit the table loudly. Huffing, he stood up abruptly, ready to talk to the committee. Although they weren’t decent people, selling secrets was still a huge issue. The secret leak that happened three years ago almost overturned the Red Hackers. If they knew what Wallace and Tara were doing, they would not let it go. Those guys wanted money to cultivate their own forces. But if the alliance was once again in turmoil or even destroyed, everything would be meaningless. They would also be discovered being bribed if ever an investigation would take place. “Wait,” Rachel said, stopping Quintin. “What’s wrong?” Quintin asked in confusion. “You have no evidence that Wallace and Tara have been selling secrets. Do you think the committee will believe you? After all, you worked for me, who they think of as a traitor. Do you think who they’ll trust, you or the two of them?” She knew that they would believe Wallace and Tara. That was for sure. If Quintin told the committee about this without evidence, no one would believe him. Even if they had doubts, they couldn’t do anything about Wallace and Tara just because Wallace and Tara met with Jason. Without evidence, they couldn’t be convicted. “You are not a traitor!” Quintin said word by word with seriousness. “But you’re right. We have no evidence. What we should do?” “Since they have made great efforts to meet here in Apliaria, I’m sure there wouldn’t be only one meeting. Help me check Tara and Wallace’s schedule. Jason will leave someday. Soon, they will definitely meet again.” “I understand,” Quintin said.

Jason was an important figure. The longer he stayed in Apliaria, the higher risk of being targeted he would be at. Therefore, he soon had the second meeting with Wallace and Tara.

In a cafe Rachel arrived at their meeting place before the agreed time. It was a workday, and there were few customers in the cafe. The waiters chatted at the front desk. Not long after she arrived, the door was pushed open. Ding! The wind chime that hung over the door rang. Rachel took a sip of the warm water and looked at Wallace and Tara, who walked in side by side carrying a computer.

Wallace was born of mixed parentage. He had a handsome face that could charm anyone. He looked gentle and elegant. Tara, who was holding his arm, looked so harmless. However, she was actually vicious. As she looked at the two, Rachel unconsciously tightened her grip on the glass. She would never forget the two of them. At that moment, the scene before her death flashed through her mind like a movie. A dark light surged in her eyes. She tried her best to suppress her hatred. Without knowing anything, the two just walked past her. However, Tara stopped all of the sudden. Noticing her expression, Wallace asked, “What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know. I just feel a little uneasy.” Tara pursed her lips and looked at Wallace, frowning. “Wallace, how about we leave now? I just have a bad feeling about this.” Wallace scoffed, “What could possibly go wrong? I know you haven’t slept well for two days. Maybe that’s why you are being a bit paranoid.”


“There’s no but, Tara. Just bear with it today, okay? After this matter is over, we will go on a trip. We can relax then. What do you think?” Wallace interrupted Tara. If this went well, they could get at least three hundred million! However, since they arrived in Apliaria, Tara had said more than once that she wanted to back out. Wallace asked the reason, but she only said that she had a bad feeling about this. This somewhat made him feel annoyed. It was not the first time that they had done such a thing. All this time, there had never been any problem. Why would it be any different this time?

“Okay. Let’s go inside.” Tara sighed. She noticed the impatience on Wallace’s face, so she had to suppress the uneasiness in her heart.

They entered the room they reserved for the meeting with Jason. Not long after, a waiter knocked on the door and brought in two glasses of warm water. She put the tray on the table

beside the door.

Half an hour later, Jason finally arrived. The three of them chatted for a while. Then, they quickly got down to business. No one noticed a small piece shining with a faint red light under the tray. Because of that, their conversation was all transmitted to Rachel’s earpiece. “For our pleasant cooperation! I’m looking forward to good news from you!” Jason said. “For our pleasant cooperation, Jason!” A clanking sound of glasses came through the earpiece. Out of the corner of her eye, Rachel saw the door of the room open. Jason came out. He vigilantly looked around, put on his sunglasses, and quickly left. Rachel smiled as she tapped two times on the earpiece with her fingertip. Then, she took it off and put it into her pocket. Afterwards, she stood up and walked towards the front desk. Then, the door of the room opened again. Tara and Wallace walked out of the room. Holding his arm, she said, “Wallace, I need to go to the ladies’ room.” After saying that, Tara let go of his arm and walked away. Wallace looked at his watch and decided to wait for Tara in the car. He walked towards the door of the cafe. Rachel kept looking at them out of the corner of her eye. Her eyes fell on the computer bag in Wallace’s hand. With her elbow against the desk, she said, “Hello, could you please give me a cup of iced coffee and two ice cubes? Oh, and a glass of condensed lemon juice.” Wallace, who passed by Rachel, stopped and turned to look at her. He could only vaguely see Rachel’s side face. At one glance, he suddenly felt relieved. ‘It’s not her. Of course, that is absurd. How could it be her?’ Wallace’s eyes darkened. He didn’t expect that there would be someone with the same

special taste as Shelia. The memory he had been suppressing flooded his mind. In his memory, Shelia had short hair. It was neat and barely reached her shoulders. She was not as noble and elegant as the woman in front of him. Instead, she was exceedingly charming and coquettish. She had red lips and bright eyes. However, there was always coldness and indifference in her eyes. She always looked like she was superior. No matter what happened, she never seemed to care. As the most outstanding hacker since the establishment of the Red Hackers, Shelia indeed had the right to be arrogant. Although he was her fiance, she was still cold and indifferent to him.

Wallace wanted to ask her countless times what he meant to her. He wanted to know how she felt about him. However, he didn’t have the guts to ask her. He was afraid that once he asked, she would leave him without looking back. Wallace loved and hated her. After she died, he would still remember her face frequently, especially when he heard something related to her. “Shelia…” Wallace murmured and unconsciously clenched his fists. That name hit Rachel’s heart hard like lightning. Her eyes darkened. Her heart suddenly felt cold, spreading to her limbs. After a long while, Rachel closed her eyes to hide the coldness in them. Then, she turned to look at Wallace and said in a calm voice, “Sir, you are in my way.” Wallace was still stuck in his memory and couldn’t extricate himself. He looked at her and said nothing. The woman in front of him looked totally different from Shelia. Wallace did not know if it was because of his irresistible flooding of memories of Shelia, but their faces somehow

overlapped at that moment.

“Sir?” Rachel said, prompting Wallace to move aside. “Shelia, you are not dead!” Wallace suddenly held her wrist with no intention to let her go.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 162 You’re Not Dead

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