Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 161 Are You In Love

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 161 Are You In Love

In the CEO’s office on the thirty-third floor The moon could be clearly seen up in the sky. It shone delicately through the French windows, thereby making the originally dark office slightly bright. Ivan knocked on the door before walking in. When he entered, a strong smell of smoke greeted him. His eyes caught the sight of Victor sitting behind the desk. “Mr. Sullivan?” “Hm.” The voice that answered him was low and hoarse, perhaps because the speaker had smoked a few cigarettes. Ivan stepped forward and took a better look at the ashtray on the table. There were at least five cigarette butts in it. This came as a surprise to him. This was definitely the first time that he had seen him smoke so many cigarettes. It wasn’t in Victor’s nature to have more than one or two sticks. But tonight, it seemed that he had been smoking for a long time.


“Is there something I have got to do for you, Mr. Sullivan?” Ivan suppressed his astonishment and gave a reply. Victor looked up at him and leaned back. He almost drifted into the darkness. His dark eyes were full of obscure emotions. After a moment of silence, he asked, “Are you in love with someone?” “What?” Ivan was really stunned by the question. This made him to think that his ears misheard the words. “Mr. Sullivan, did you just ask me if I have someone I like?” Victor didn’t say a word. But his silence only proved that Ivan heard right. He didn’t get it wrong. It was not a particularly strange question. But what shocked him was that it came from Victor, who had always been abstinent. There was never a time when he showed any interest in women. It was quite abnormal for him to ask such a question. ‘Wait! Maybe Mr. Sullivan suddenly finds out that he likes men! And that is why he asked me that question. Does he have a kind of affection for me?’ The expression on Ivan’s face changed slightly albeit noticeably. He took a step back, swallowed and said, “Mr. Sullivan, I… I am into women.” Notwithstanding, it was clear that his answer didn’t sound very convincing to Victor. “I know you like women.” “I am not into men!” Ivan was quick to add.

Victor frowned. “What I asked is quite simple to answer, isn’t it? Just tell me if there’s someone you like. Do you think I was asking you about your ****** orientation?” “Weren’t you asking me about it?” Ivan appeared astounded. Victor fixed his gaze at him without saying anything. Ivan looked back at him before coming back to his senses. ‘Maybe I’m thinking too much. Mr. Sullivan doesn’t seem like someone who is interested in men.’ Seeing that Victor was still waiting for his answer, Ivan touched the tip of his nose and said with embarrassment, “Yes, but it happened a long time ago.” “When exactly was that?” “It’s in middle school,” Ivan replied. “But I haven’t seen her for so long. Maybe I wasn’t really into her.” There was a brief moment of silence. Then, Victor asked yet another question. “How did it feel?”

Ivan was thrown into confusion. He didn’t understand the reason behind the interrogation. “Pardon!” “How did you feel when you still liked her?” “Well, she occupied my thoughts a lot. When I came across something interesting, I wanted to want to share it with her. I got angry when I saw her getting bullied, and I felt jealous when she talked and laughed with other boys.” Ivan tried to recall the past. ‘He thought of her during his free time. And he couldn’t bear to see others bully her.’ Victor’s eyes darkened as his mind processed Ivan’s words. This was because they corresponded to his recent feelings for Rachel. “I think that’s mostly it.” Ivan looked at Victor. “Mr. Sullivan… Are you in love?” What else would make him ask such a question out of the blue? During this period of time, Ivan had been with Victor almost every day, but not for once did he find any woman the man was interested in. While Victor was lost in his own thoughts, a beautiful face suddenly flashed across Ivan’s mind-Rachel.

‘No, this can’t possibly be happening! The depth of Mr. Sullivan’s hatred for Rachel is well known.’

It was easy to go from liking someone to disliking them, and that could take place almost in an instant. However, it was not exactly the same to go from disliking a person to liking them. Victor had a deep-rooted preconception against Rachel. But she was the only person who had been around Victor. Ivan was confused. For some reason, the two people, who hadn’t been able to see each other once in ten days ohalf a month prior to the divorce, started to run into each other so often. And now Rachel was pregnant with Victor’s child. They even lived under the same roof!

Ivan was becoming more certain with each moment spent giving the matter much thought. He felt that it might really be Rachel. “Book two tickets to Switzerland tonight,” Victor ordered. “To Switzerland tonight? Mr. Sullivan, the plan is to go there the day after tomorrow.” Ivan took a look at the time on his phone. He found out that it was already one o’clock in the morning. ‘Am I supposed to be booking tickets by this time of the day?’ “Is there a problem?” Victor asked in a cold voice. “Not at all! I will just go ahead and book the tickets now,” Ivan replied immediately. “You can take your leave now.” Victor ordered. “Yes, sir!” Ivan’s heart was filled with sadness. It was bad enough that he was called to the company at one o’clock in the morning. Now, he had to go on a temporary business trip.

Notwithstanding, he turned around, left the office and shut the door behind him. Just as the door was closed, something suddenly came to his realization. ‘Mr. Sullivan didn’t answer my question pertaining to whether or not he is in love.’ Back in the office Victor looked at his phone and found an unread message from Lukas. It informed him that Rachel had returned to Sue Garden safely. The message also asked him if he would come back tonight. daily new latest chapters in This was sent after he left the hospital. Still, no reply was given. When he read it though, the words that Alicia said in the hospital came ringing in his mind again. “Victor, did you realize that you treat me and Rachel differently? You like her!” Victor’s eyes were so dark that no one could tell what was going on in his mind. After a while, he deleted the message from Lukas. By then, Ivan was done booking the tickets. So he came in and asked, “Mr. Sullivan, do you want to go back to Sue Garden to get your luggage? “No, I don’t!” Victor stood up and picked up his suit jacket before walking out of the office.

The next morning, it was not very bright outside. Rachel had already woken up. She didn’t sleep so well last night. She had a dream, but the scene in her dream was verblurred and strange. She woke up sweating profusely. Sitting up and leaning against the headboard. Rachel clicked on the mailbox on the screen of her tablet

There was a new email. On clicking on it, Rachel saw a detailed bank account and the recent schedule of the six presidents of the Red Hackers.

Her countenance changed as she read the email. It turned out exactly as she expected. “Why are you up so early?” Seeing that she had read the email, Quintin sent her a voice message. “I just finished going through the information you sent me.” “Did you find anything? I’ve been checking it the whole night, but there is nothing strange. Do you think it’s a coincidence? Or maybe Wallace and Tara just happened to run into Jason here? But that doesn’t seem to make any sense.” Quintin frowned. “Take a look at the money transferred to these accounts on the third day of last month,” Rachel reminded him. Quintin quickly found the detailed capital information of that day. After looking at it for a while, he soon discovered that there was something strange. “On the third day of last month, these accounts all received a lot of money. And at the time, it happened to be one day away from the day when Wallace, Tara and those old fellows met and talked about the selection.” Rachel said to him. A thought flashed through Quintin’s mind. His countenance became stern. “Did Tara and Wallace try to bribe them? Despite the fact that those old fellows are not good in character, they are skilled hackers. If they really lacked money, all that was required of them was just a few more orders.” “Does that imply that they would let go of free money? Besides, they have been in the committee for such a long time, and there are many new skillful and young hackers now. Sooner or later, they will be replaced.” “Do you mean to tell me that they wanted to have their own people in the committee?” As a matter of fact, Quintin didn’t need her answer; his findings were proof enough. “Those duplicitous bastards! What you said before can’t be more correct. The Red Hackers will be destroyed by these people sooner or later!” Gritting his teeth, Quintin looked at the screen and wished he could slap them in the faces. After a brief pause, Quintin asked in confusion, “Where did Wallace and Tara get such a large sum of money? Six hundred million can’t be tossed around so easily!” Quintin was very clear about Wallace and Tara as hackers. It was possible for them to earn six million by taking orders. But six hundred million? Even King of Hearts wouldn’t have such an amount of money to spare at her peak. This was way more than the monthly commission of all the hackers in the Red Hackers combined.

Rachel smiled and asked him, “What do you think is a hacker’s biggest profit?” It was neither the orders nor the tasks they took. It was to sell confidential information. This was the very reason why hackers had been worshiped and feared at the same time. They possessed the ability to wander in the confinements that remained out of bound to | others. These individuals would step into the black area if they were not self-resistant

enough. Once this happened, it could threaten the information security of enterprises and even a country. Quintin’s eyes widened. “They wouldn’t possibly dare!” Rachel’s eyes darkened. They even dared to poison her. So it didn’t come to her as a surprise that Wallace and Tara would do such a thing. However, it appeared that they were not clever enough to get in touch with someone like Jason. There must be someone else behind them. She had a vague feeling that whoever supported them was also the same person who had plotted to frame her for leaking confidential information three years ago.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 161 Are You In Love

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