Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 158 Shameless

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 158 Shameless

‘Victor? What is he doing here?’ Rachel frowned the moment she realized who it was. Seeing that she kept squatting and wasn’t going to budge anytime soon, Victor’s inhaled sharply. He stepped out of the car and spoke in a condescending manner. “I said get in the car. Are you deaf?” 1 Rachel sighed and regained her composure. She was about to stand up when she sprained her ankle and lost her balance. Victor instinctively caught her in his arms. “Now you can’t even stand? How ridiculous.” “You don’t need to worry about me, Mr. Sullivan. I can walk by myself.” 1 Her ankle still hurt, and the anger that had been bottled up for the entire evening finally burst out. She yanked her arm away angrily and stepped away. She leaned against the car window for support and kept walking, enduring the pain. It happened so quickly. Victor stood there motionless. His arm was still hanging in the air. He slowly clenched his hand and let it fall to hide side in disappointment. Before he had the time to check his feelings, an unfriendly groan came from behind. “Hey! Who are you? You almost ran me over, you punk! How dare you get in my way?” fat man stepped forward, his face filled with anger. Since he was a lot shorter than Victor, he could only raise his head to look at him. The difference made him feel inferior. 1 The moment he saw Victor’s face, he choked. Not only was he taller, but he was also even

more handsome.

The man was furious thinking that Victor ruined his plans. He was already on the short end of the stick.

“Did you do it on purpose? You stopped in front of me because you wanted to kiss her, didn’t you?” The fat man leaned closer with a knowing look, and stood on his toes. “I was here first, got that? You can’t just cut in and interrupt us! I was so close to kissing her!” “What did you say?” Victor glared coldly at the stranger. Even the air started feeling tensed and frigid. The pervert looked at Victor as if he had been paralyzed with fear. If he could even move an inch, we would have fallen to his knees. “You… Dammit!” The man’s forehead broke into a cold sweat. “Rachel, I’ll give you five seconds to get in the car, or else I’ll break your leg,” Victor demanded. “What? You’re so…” Rachel gasped in disbelief. She hated following Victor more than anything else, but she had no other options. She moved slowly, trying to lessen the excruciating pain in her ankle.

Victor frowned, watched her struggle. But the fat man wasn’t going to give up just yet. He raised his arm, intending to grab Rachel. In his all thirty-five years, he had been poor and ugly. No woman would give him the time of day and he grew resentful. He finally had the shot at a kiss, more so from such a beautiful woman like Rachel. She was the most attractive woman he’d ever seen. How could he let her go so easily? Even though this handsome was intimidating, the fat man didn’t budge. After all, he had Alicia backing him up! She was the host of that grand party.

“You’re not-Ah!”

There was a loud crack. The sound of a bone breaking, accompanied by a piercing cry of anguish echoed in the parking lot. The fat man’s pallor turned deathly pale. He fell to the floor in pain and gasped for air. As soon as Victor released his hand, he rolled over instantly. He tightly held his broken wrist, squirming on the driveway. “Get out. Don’t let me see your disgusting face again!” Victor warned in an ice-cold voice. Beads of sweat continued to fall from the man’s brow. He tried to talk, but he couldn’t. Darkness came over his eyes. Hearing Victor’s stern warning, he didn’t dare fight back. He struggled to his feet, stood up, and ran towards the exit.


Just a few meters from his escape, the pervert fainted, crashing in front of fire exit. Victor didn’t care anymore. He slipped into the car and the Maybach made its way out of the underground parking area and sped away. The driver came to a halt at the traffic light and looked at the rearview mirror. Victor and Rachel hadn’t spoken a single word after leaving the club. The atmosphere in the car was strangely silent, but there was a touch of awkwardness in the air, like the calm before a storm. When the lights turned green, the Maybach slowly drove forward again. Rachel’s phone suddenly vibrated, jolting her back to reality. She pulled it out to take a look at the message and saw Quintin’s name on the screen. “Jason arrived at in Apliaria this morning.” The messaged told. He just arrived this morning, but Wallace and Tara couldn’t wait to meet with him. Were they nervous? About what? Why? Rachel seemed to think of something as she looked at the text and wrote back quickly.

“Check the recent account information of the other six in the committee, as well as the time

and place of their meeting with Wallace and Tara.” “So you have any leads now?”

“No. Not yet.” Quintin frowned and replied, “Okay.” After that, Rachel cut off the messenger. He wanted to talk to her more, but the messages weren’t getting through. After she blocked Quintin, Rachel quickly deleted the messages they exchanged. She leaned against the window, gazing out at the comforting view outside. A wave of drowsiness washed over her and she fell asleep. “Rachel.” Suddenly, Victor’s voice rang in her ears. Hearing this, Rachel shivered and turned to look at him in disdain. She was having such a nice dream. Noticing the irritated look in her eyes, Victor asked, “Are you mad because I disturbed you?” “Yes.” Rachel nodded since she assumed he was talking about interrupting her dream. She wanted to keep her contact with Victor as short as possible. “Don’t forget that you’re a pregnant woman, Rachel!” Victor looked at her sternly. “And? What of it?” Rachel couldn’t understand why he brought it up. “I know I’m pregnant, so what?” It was natural for pregnant women to feel drowsyBut apparently, they were not on the same page. Victor’s frown deepened even more at her dismissive attitude. “You are shameless.”

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 158 Shameless

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