Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 157: Clue

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 157 Clue

At the fire exit staircase Rachel went down the flight of steps and the waiter followed. They reached the second floor. It was so odd. The moment she got out of the room, he thought she would meet a man every square inch. With this many people in the club, how was it that no men bumped into her? “Victory!” A voice echoed, shocking the poor waiter that he almost fell. He took a deep breath, steadied himself, and stared at Rachel’s phone. The dim lights in the stairwell intensified the backlight from her screen. He could see Rachel’s delicate face reflected on it. She was playing a game, tapping on the phone. Despite the challenge, she looked unbothered. It seemed as though she wasn’t afraid of running into any man at all. How strange! Did she have some kind of super power? The waiter observed the surroundings and shivered as if something gave him the creeps. Then, Rachel suddenly stopped and looked back at the waiter. “You seem nervous.


The phone slipped from the waiter’s grasp, rolled down the stairs, and finally stopped at Rachel’s feet. She looked down to see that the screen was broken. “I…” The waiter swallowed and his pupils trembled. How could she tell? They were alone in the poorly-lit staircase, staring at each other in silence. A terrifying idea dawned on the waiter as he looked at Rachel. He felt her presence like a flood waiting to devour him and drown him in her depths, just as he had seen in disaster movies. Rachel raised her eyebrows. She had never seen anyone go so deathly pale from fear. He looked like he could pass out anytime. She looked at her phone screen again. If someone took a closer look, they could see that there was an unnoticeable square on the upper left corner of her phone. Every time it turned from black to red, Rachel would walk into a nearby box. Rachel turned around and continued to walk forward, looking down at the app on her mobile phone. Suddenly, a message popped up. She opened the notification. “You’ll arrive at the underground garage in about one minute. The shameless couple will have arrived by then.” “Okay.” Rachel tapped the button in response.

Looking at the codes constantly rolling on the screen of another computer, Quintin couldn’t help but smile. “What do you think of the program i designed for you? Is it fun? But why did you need this warning app out of the blue? Steering clear from men within fifty meters?” Rachel arrived at the underground garage at the same time she received the last message WhyIt was to teach Alicia a lesson. Rachel knew Alicia was going to get her. Quintin’s intel came just right on time. The shameless couple were also coincidentally at Crown Club. While everyone else was partying, she planned the whole thing with Quintin and waited for Alicia to make a move. With Quintin’s program, Rachel could connect to the internal monitoring system of the club for a few minutes and change the condition to trigger a warning. If a man was fifty meters away from her, the small black square would automatically turn red to warn her. That was enough to avoid meeting any man. Leaving Quintin on read, Rachel looked out the exit and saw luxury cars parked in the area. There was no sign of the shameless couple. She flipped her phone again to ask him where the targets were. Quintin studied his monitor, but something took him aback. He put down the snack in his hand, his expression darkening. “They’re at the parking lot entrance. But guess who I saw.” “Who?”

Quintin immediately sent her a screenshot. Rachel clicked it open. “Interesting. I met this man before by chance. His name is Jason, the chief officer of the information security department of Teskesh.” 1 Rachel looked at the man in the picture sitting in the back seat of the car. He seemed to be in his 40’s. His face was thin and had the typical features a person from the Teskesh, golden brown short hair and green eyes. The head of the information security department in Teskesh? Why was such a big shot with Wallace and Tara? Suddenly, the events from three years ago flashed in her memory. That time, there was an accidental information leak that almost destroyed the Red Hackers. In the final result of the investigation about that incident, all evidences pointed out to one person. Rachel. She had investigated it herself in private, but every time she found a clue, it would vanish without a trace. In the end, she failed to find the true criminal and she received a three-year jail sentence. “Quintin.”

“Yes? What do you need me to do?” “Find out when this Jason arrived in Apliaria.” “Okay. Got it. Now that he’s in the country, do you think we should inform them?” “Not for now. We don’t need to rush.” After sending the message, Rachel exited the game interface. She took a look at the small black square in the upper left corner and took the last step down the staircase. There was a slight change in her plans. With Jason’s sudden appearance, she thought of waiting a little longer to confront the couple. If she were lucky enough, perhaps she could find out who was responsible for her plight three years ago. She clearly knew it was neither Wallace nor Tara. If it were them, they would tell her to brag after giving her poison. Besides, they weren’t smart enough for it. But she was sure about one thing; they were accomplices to the mastermind. She still had doubts about it, but seeing them with Jason solidified her judgment. Rachel walked across the other side, avoiding the entrance where Wallace and Tara lingered. Suddenly, she saw a red dot on her phone. She gritted her teeth. She walked into such an open place with nowhere to hide. If she bumped into a man, she would have to fulfill the bet. The only way was to hide behind a car and she quickly bent down the nearest one. “Stop hiding, Rachel. I know you’re here.” . A man’s husky voice drew nearer. Through the rearview mirror, Rachel clearly saw a middle -aged man in a security uniform looking in her direction. He was terribly overweight that his clothes squeezed him hard and she could only see a pair of malicious eyes. “Come out now!” Rachel felt her heart jump. He was coming for her. How obscene was he to stalk her! She needed to get away quickly. Just as she was thinking of what to do, she heard tires screeching. A Maybach suddenly stopped in front of her, blocking the pervert’s advances. Rachel blinked in surprise. As she tried to think where she had seen the familiar car before, the door opened and a cold, domineering voice reached her ears. “Get in the car,”

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 157 Clue

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