Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 156: I Followed You

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 156 I Followed You

Alicia’s eyes darkened as Victor left the room. She stood up and was about to come after him. “Where are you going?” Out of the corner of his eye, Carson caught sight of Alicia’s rising frame. He immediately turned around, quick enough to block her way. “I… I’m going out for some air.” After saying that, Alicia attempted to walk past him, hoping he would let her go. Carson noticed what she was trying to do and blocked her only way out. Meanwhile, the door of the box was closed, and Victor disappeared. Alicia creased her brows and stared at Carson, who was obviously doing everything he could to not let her out. “You’re blocking my way. Please move aside.” “Sorry. I didn’t notice it.” Carson turned sideways with his eyebrows raised, giving way to Alicia

Alicia knew that Victor was about to walk far if she did not dash out that instant. Regardless of whether or not Carson did it on purpose, she walked past him in a swift maneuver, unbolted the door of the box and chased after Victor who, she wildly guessed, was walking towards the elevator. But as she emerged from the box, there was no one in the lavishly decorated corridor except the waitress who just came out of another box. No matter where she looked, there was no trace of Victor anymore. Clenching her fists, Alicia pursed her lips. Just as she was about to let out a grunt, footsteps filled her ears, resonating from behind. ‘Could it be Victor?’ The idea flashed through her mind in a split second, and her eyes sparkled in anticipation. Alicia turned on her heels, and before she could see clearly who the person walking behind her was, she readied a beaming smile and said, “Victor… Carson, why are you here?” The smile at the corners of her mouth froze. Her face visage showed a gloomy appearance as Carson materialized in front of her out of all people. “You seem to be dismayed when you see me, Alicia.” With his hands tucked in his pockets, Carson’s eyes narrowed as he smiled playfully. “Are you following me?” Alicia looked at him skeptically. Carson looked around as if inspecting the area and said, “I noticed that there are only two directions in the corridor as I went out of the corridor. Like you, I just want to get some fresh air as well. If you think I’m following you just by that, I think it’s not fair on my part.” “…” Alicia opened her mouth and wanted to retort but ended up closing it the next second. She was aware that he was doing it on purpose-perhaps to annoy her—but what he said was reasonable, and she could not find any words to contradict him.

And when she looked at his bantering eyes, Alicia felt that she had been seen through. She was disturbed knowing how he could easily read her. But when she thought of Carson’s family background, she had no choice but to take a deep breath to suppress the impulse to argue with him Although his family was not as powerful as the Sullivan family, it would do her no good to underestimate what they were capable of doing. Drake used to be Victor’s teacher and Maria was her aunt. No matter what she did, Victor would let her go for the sake of them.

But it was different with Carson.

Carson would not be so easy to deal with if she offended him. Besides, now that Drake had left Apliaria, no one could protect her if she messed with the Scott family. So even if she knew that Carson followed her on purpose to irk her, she had to hold back her anger. “I’m sorry. I guess I think too much. In this case, I won’t keep you from getting some fresh air.”

It had not been long since Victor left. Maybe he did not take the elevator downstairs but walked to the left instead. Perhaps that was it. It was not too late for her to catch up with him


While thinking, Alicia started to walk in another direction.

However, just after she turned around and took two steps, Carson also followed suit. Alicia paused for a moment and frowned slightly. She could not figure out what he was thinking, let alone what he wanted to do, but she had to go on walking. The two of them walked past the box they were in. After walking for a while, Alicia still did not find Victor. Besides that, Carson had been following her the whole time, which made her even more irritable. Suddenly, she stopped, anger burning in her eyes. She turned around and bellowed, “Carson, what the **** do you want to do?” Carson blinked innocently. Alicia took a deep breath as if that would eke out her exasperation. Still, she felt uncomfortable when she saw his enchanting face smeared with a contradicting playful smile. “You just said that you weren’t following me and that was a coincidence. But when I turned around, you did too. This time, do you still want to say that you aren’t following me?” “Oh, I followed you this time,” Carson said frankly. Alicia had initially thought he would make up some excuses to argue with her again, and she did not expect him to admit it, which surprised her. The expression on her face froze, and she choked on her words for a moment. “Since we both want to get some fresh air, and being alone outside is boring, isn’t it more fun that we do it together? What’s more, it’s late at night. You’re a girl running around in a club. It’s not safe out here.”

Alicia was at a loss for words. If it was someone else who told her that, she might actually believe it and thought he was only looking out for her. But these words coming from Carson’s mouth had nearly no credibility. “Or, maybe you’re not out here to get some air. Huh?” Looking down at her pale face, Carson bent over and leaned close to her. His face was too close to her that Alicia was shocked and took two steps back. “…” Alicia tried to explain. “It seems that I disturbed your plan, whatever it was.” Carson sighed, pretending to be disappointed as

In another box After coming out, Rachel walked to the left for a short distance. Then, she walked into an empty box and stayed there. The waiter who was following her was confused. . About five minutes later, just when the waiter started to think that Rachel was going to stay in the box the whole time, the woman walked out. She was familiar with the way, but every time she walked a distance, she would enter an empty box and wait again. At first, the waiter thought she was only stalling. But every time, just before she went out, a man would happen to pass by the box. The waiter could not help but wonder why it was such a coincidence. It seemed that Rachel knew who would pass by the corridor in advance. There were a lot of turns and forks in the corridor. Even if she could tell when a person was passing by, it was impossible for her to know whether the person was a man or a woman. Rachel not only piqued that waiter’s curiosity, but also the people in the box who were watching her. She left them utterly puzzled. “What is this? Is Rachel cheating? That’s no fun at all.” “That’s right. And why hasn’t she run into any man yet? That’s bizarre.” 1 “It’s been what? Twenty minutes? Is something ever going to happen?” “**** it! Did I miss something? Was she playing games on her phone? Why does she look so sure that she won’t meet a man?” “Well, maybe all the men are hiding from Rachel.” Some women noticed how the men were staring at Rachel the whole time, and jealousy was starting to infect them. What was so good to see about that deserted woman? At this moment, Alicia and Carson both came in. Upon hearing their conversation, they tilted their heads to look at the screen. Looking at Rachel’s indifferent face, Carson could not help the surprise from sullying his fine face. She was better at this than he thought. Beside him, Alicia was biting her lower lip, her fists curled into *****. She threw a sideways look at Lori who was sitting not far away.

“The cake arrived. I’ll go downstairs to get it,” Lori said the moment their eyes met and immediately stood up. “The cake is here? Just let a waiter bring it up. Why bother going downstairs?” someone replied casually. Lori sneaked a cautious glance at Alicia and pursed her lips. “I… I can’t afford to have them accidentally drop it. It’s better if I go downstairs to get it myself.” Lori rose from her seat and scurried out, not waiting for the others to speak. Lori was about to pass by them, and Alicia glanced at Carson from the corner of her eye. He was going to follow Lori out again, but she hurriedly stopped him and said, “I want to thank you for coming with me to catch some fresh air. I really appreciate it. Perhaps I owe you a drink for that.” The playfulness that once pranced on Carson’s eyes vanished. After a while, he returned a smile and simply said, “Okay.” The door of the box was pushed open, and Lori walked out, not in any less vigor than when she left her seat.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 156 I Followed You

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