Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 155: Have A Cigarette

Chapter 155 Have A Cigarette

“Wow! Alicia! That’s awesome!” “Lucky I’m not number nine! If somebody dares me to kiss an ugly stranger, I’d really be sick!” Everyone’s voices were mixed up in a commotion. The room was filled with anxious anticipation. Some people checked the cards in their hands, again and again, to make sure they were safe. Some gloated about which unfortunate soul got the card. “Who has number nine?” One excited guest asked. They’d been waiting for the person to come forward, but no one stood up to receive the punishment. Driven by curiosity, people started checking at their seatmate’s cards. Playful arguments broke out, denying their hands. In the end, there were only three people left unchecked. Carson shook the glass in his hand and lazily answered, “Not me.” After taking a sip of his drink, he flicked his fingertips. The card spun two circles in the air and fell on the table for everyone to see. His card was the eight of spades. If not him, then… It was only down to two. Realizing this, everyone unconsciously took a deep breath. They looked at the cards they were holding, feeling both nervous and excited. Glancing at the card in his hand, Victor’s eyes turned grim. No one knew what he was thinking, but it seemed like he didn’t intend to show his card. Rachel felt the air around them tensing. Victor’s aura was suddenly heavy. She frowned slightly, her eyes turning to take a peek into the man’s card. Unfortunately, Victor caught on and put the card on the table, so no one could see his number. “What do you have, Rachel?” Noticing Victor’s move, Alicia was bothered. ‘He must know that Rachel has it. Does he still want to protect her?’ she thought. She would never allow it! Alicia wanted to humiliate her. Alicia thought that if Rachel kissed someone else, Victor would only hate his ex-wife more. Alicia wanted to ruin her image, branding her a shameless woman. “Yeah, Miss Bennet. What’s your card?” Another person chimed in. Without waiting for Rachel’s answer, he plucked out the card that she put on the table. “A nine! She had it!”

Fanfare erupted in the room in a mix of laughter and whistles. The guests clapped their hands, looking at Rachel like she had given them the best kind of entertainment,

Alicia couldn’t be more pleased. A sinister smile appeared on her face as she swiped the card and stared at Rachel mockingly. “Time for your punishment, Rachel. Or are you going to chicken out?” Alicia sneered. Rachel raised her head, staring back into her eyes. Alicia thought Rachel would lose it, yet she remained indifferent, as if nothing had happened. That was what Alicia hated the most about her. Every time Rachel acted like this, Alicia felt like instead of Rachel, she was the fool. “If you don’t want that, I can give you another kind of punishment.” Alicia glared. “What do you think about wiping my shoes? That should be easy, right?”. Alicia took a quick glance at Victor’s face from the corner of her eyes to see how he would react. Even if people think Victor hated this woman, Alicia’s faith couldn’t help but waver. They were married and they lived together. Just now, Victor protected her in his own quiet wayAlicia wasn’t so sure that Victor despised Rachel anymoreEven so, it seemed like he had no intention to help her now. That was her ray of hope. Smiling, Alicia thought maybe she was just thinking too much. Why would Victor want to help Rachel anyway? If it weren’t for the baby in Rachel’s belly, he wouldn’t have tolerated her! “Alicia, you are being too kind.” The girl beside her spoke with discontent. “That’s right! Rules are rules and losers get punished! Miss Bennet wouldn’t want to be a party pooper, right?” The other girl looked at Rachel expectantly. “You wanted to play this game after all, didn’t you?” She nudged Rachel. “Kiss the first man I met outside?” With a serious look on her face, Rachel asked, “What if I don’t meet any men?” “Are you kidding me? That’s impossible! Oh, quit trying to stall us.” Alicia huffed. “I’m just asking ‘what if?” Rachel folded her arms. Seeing Rachel’s point made Alicia tick. She thought about the possibility for a moment, but then shook her head. There should be no room for doubts. It was simply impossible! Not including the customers, there were around 200 male waiters serving the club. “If you don’t meet any man along the way, I’ll do it instead.” Alicia held her chin up. Rachel smiled. That was exactly what she wanted. “Now, hurry and go.” Alicia smiled. Rachel picked up the phone and walked out with a grin. Staring at her back, Alicia ordered a waiter to follow Rachel’s tracks with a phone. Then, she turned on the video chat and showed everything on the big screen.

“What kind of man will Rachel see? Who wants to bet?” A young man shouted excitedly. “I bet ten thousand! He must be a waiter!” “Fifty thousand! I’m guessing that’s the old man I saw next door. He’s about 60. so he must be ready to go home and sleep at this hour. Damn, he would be lucking out!” “One hundred thousand. I bet it’s a boy!” The audience started placing their bets, watching Rachel’s footage with voracious eyes.“Hey. Isn’t Rachel kind of hot? I can’t believe I’m noticing just now.” Somebody blurted out. “Just now? I had my eyes on her when she came in! She’s got a pretty good figure. I haven’t seen anyone sexier.” “Damn, maybe I should have pretended to go to the bathroom. If I ran into her, I’d be one lucky guy kissing her now.” The men kept talking about Rachel in unsavorwaysVictor wasn’t paying any attention to the show and was busy texting someone. Tapping his chin, Carson leaned over to his best friend’s side. “I just found something interesting. Any idea how Alicia got the king of hearts card? Sure enough, you never know how cunning people can be.” His words couldn’t be more obvious. Still, Victor ignored him. Carson took a deep breath and looked at the screen. “Seriously, dude, aren’t you curious what’s going to happen? I think I’d want to bet too.” As soon as he turned off the phone screen, Victor looked at him, “Carson, one more word and you will find yourself shipped off in the middle of nowhere.” Carson pressed his lips together. He nodded silently, retreating to his seat. After a short while, Victor stood up and headed for the door. Carson jolted out of his seat and followed him, “Where are you going? The party’s not over yet.” “I’ll be out for a cigarette.”

A cigarette? Carson scoffed, looking back at the pack of cigarettes on the table. ‘What a liar.’

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 155 Have A Cigarette

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