Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 154: Alicia Got The Card

Chapter 154 Alicia Got The Card

At that moment, the room suddenly turned silent. The man holding the king of hearts card suddenly froze. The smile on his face disappeared in an instant. He loosened his fingers. Afterwards, the card fell from his hand. The people around him were also stunned, speechless.

It was a very unexpected turn of events. No one expected that the man would call the last person they wanted to as soon as the game began. With a straight face, Victor put his card on the table. Then, he asked in a deep voice, “What’s the punishment?” “H-Huh? What are you saying? Oh! That’s right. Punishment? What do you think about…” The man’s forehead was sweat like he was in a sauna. His eyes were dodging Victor’s eyes. His brain also went blank. He swallowed for a long time. However, he couldn’t finish his words.

What the heck? Punishment?

Who in their right mind would dare punish Victor?

The man in front of them now practically ruled the entire city. Whoever offended him may not survive in Apliaria. No one in their right state of mind would dare punish Victor, even in a harmless drinking game. At that moment, the man wanted to slap himself. Why the **** did he have to say the number three?! “What’s wrong? Can’t finish your sentence?” Victor’s said, with his expression cold and impatient. Anxious, the man took two pieces of tissue to wipe his sweat. Hearing what Victor said, he became more nervous. “No, no. I-I just…” Seeing the man’s reaction, Carson couldn’t help but laugh. But Victor glanced at him with a gloomy face. So, Carson coughed to cover his smile. However, the glint in his eyes betrayed him. “It’s just a punishment. What is taking you so long to come up with one? Well, Victor, what do you think about drinking a glass of cocktail I make for you? Drink it as a punishment. What do you think?” The man hesitated for a while. He looked at Victor and asked, “What do you think, Mr. Sullivan?” “I’m fine with that.” Upon hearing Victor’s response, the man sighed in relief. However, when he saw what Carson had put into the glass, his nervousness came back. He saw Carson put pepper in the cocktail!

Shortly afterwards, a special-made cocktail was placed in front of Victor. Even under the dim light, they could see a few peppers floating above the transparent liquid. The air was filled with the pungent flavor of peppers. After drinking this glass of special drink, Victor might get a stomachache. The man looked at the cocktail. At this moment, he suddenly felt cold from head to toe. After looking at the glass, Victor looked at Carson. There was no change in emotion in his dark eyes. Carson, with a gloating smirk on his lips, said, “Mr. Sullivan, please.” Rachel suddenly thought of Victor had been lying on the sofa in pain because of a stomachache as she looked at the glass of cocktail. She looked at Victor subconsciously. “H-Hey… It’s fine. You don’t have to—” Before the man could even finish his words, he saw that Victor had already picked up the glass of cocktail. He drank it up without saying anything or wasting any time. At that time, the room became silent once again. Everyone gasped at Victor. They were stunned at his action. Looking at the empty glass, Rachel frowned a little. Something popped up in her mind. ‘Will he go crazy on me again if this ******* has a stomachache later?’ Noticing Rachel’s gaze on him, Victor turned and looked at her. Seeing that she frowned and pursed her pink lips as she looked at the empty glass in his hand, his heart felt a bit warm. Was Rachel worried about him? Victor smirked to himself. However, Victor’s eyes darkened. He put the glass on the table. He spoke in a low voice, something that only the two of them could hear. “Rachel, drop the act. This won’t kill me. You don’t have to pretend to be worried about me.” Upon hearing Victor’s words, Rachel was shocked. Her frown even deepened. Anger suddenly rose in her heart. Rachel laughed instead. Then, she narrowed her eyes and said, “What a pity. I was just thinking that the baby could have a new father if you died due to stomachache.” Just as she had expected, Victor picked on her again. As soon as he heard her words, Victor’s face darkened. With a dangerous expression on his face, he suddenly grabbed her arm. Then, he pulled her towards him. He shouted at her. “How dare you!” Due to the shock, Rachel didn’t even have time to dodge Victor. Her arm was gripped again. She gasped in pain. She turned to look at Victor with her eyes sparkling. However, she said nothing

Victor noticed the painful expression on Rachel’s face. At that moment, he thought of the wound on her right wrist. He loosened his grip and said fiercely, “Rachel, I dare you to do that. I will make sure to break your leg if you do!”

Rachel was flabbergasted. She couldn’t even say anything. Why would he always threaten her like this? Was this man short of arms or legs in his previous life? Why else was Victor so persistent in breaking other people’s limbs? “…Fine.” Rachel suppressed her anger. Then, she forced a smile. It was dim inside the room. The others were still in shock when they saw that Victor drank the special pepper cocktail in one gulp. Except for Alicia, no one notice what happened over


As Alicia tried her best to suppress her emotions, she bit her lips hard. Soon, her lower lip bled. The smell of blood pervaded between her lips and teeth, turning into jealousy and hatred.

However, at that moment, Alicia couldn’t hear what Victor and Rachel were talking about. But, from her point of view, the two were very close. When she saw that Victor got close to Rachel, she felt extremely jealous. 2

Alicia looked away at the two. Then, she shouted at the waiter beside her. “Why are you still standing there? Shuffle the cards right now! Hurry up!” Her loud voice completely pulled the others back from their daze. The poor waiter’s face turned pale with fear. “I-I apologize. I apologize…” The waiter said repeatedly. Then, he quickly gathered and shuffled the cards and handed them to everyone to draw. After a few minutes, everyone gradually became relaxed and lively. Perhaps it was because they saw that Victor was really playing fairly. Carson was also keeping the mood up. In the next few rounds, Rachel didn’t draw the king of hearts. She wasn’t even called. While holding the juice in her hand, she looked coldly at them playing. She was among them in this game. However, she seemed like an outsider. Soon afterwards, they began a new round. The waiter shuffled the cards again. He then let them draw one by one from left to right. When it was Alicia’s turn, the waiter’s eyes flashed. He tapped his fingertip casually on a certain card. Then, he said respectfully, “Miss Schultz, please draw.”

Alicia took out the card from the waiter’s hand with a smile on her face. “Hey, Alicia! You got the king of hearts!” The girl sitting next to her leaned over. Then, the girl said in a high-pitched voice, “You are the birthday girl after all. It must be your lucky day!” “I didn’t expect it either. I just chose it randomly,” Alicia said while glancing at the king of hearts in her hand with satisfaction. After saying that, she glanced at Rachel. The waiter happened to be in front of her. Rachel randomly picked one card. Then, she just put it on the table without even checking, as if she didn’t care what it was at all. Alicia felt irritated when she saw how calm Rachel was despite her having the king of hearts. She tightened her grip on her card. She had been suppressing her jealousy and hatred the whole night. Now, she could no longer suppress it.

Alicia glanced at the waiter, who was stepping aside. The waiter gestured something to Alicia. However, after that, he felt someone staring at him. The waiter looked where the gaze was coming from. He found that Carson was lazily sitting there, leaning his arm on the sofa, smiling at him. The waiter’s heart jolted. His expression changed slightly, obviously nervous. However, at that moment, Alicia didn’t notice it. All she could think about was the tip from the waiter just now. She gritted her teeth. Then, she threw her card on the table and looked straight at Rachel To be exact, she was glaring at the woman Then, a good idea popped into her mind. Then, she said with a sly smile on her lips. “I call number nine to get out of the box and kiss the first man he or she meets.”

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 154 Alicia Got The Card

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