Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 153: Dare

Chapter 153 Dare

Carson stood upright. He had a smile on his face. It appeared as if nothing had happened. “Miss Bennet, do you still want to leave now?” But there was something about the tone with which he spoke. It was somewhat threatening! Rachel clenched her fists tightly while staring at the man for a long time. She cursed him incessantly in her heart. Notwithstanding, plans were being put in place with respect to leaving the city. Hence, it became necessary to avoid any trouble at the moment. Therefore, she was left with no choice but to hold back her anger. Any other action would have been counteractive. “What do you want to do, Mr. Scott?” Carson grinned satisfactorily. Thereafter, he raised his hand in an attempt to place it on her shoulder again. However, before he could do so, someone else cast a penetrating gaze directly into his eyes. For a moment, he even thought that the person wouldn’t hesitate to break his arm the second it touched her! Apart from that, Carson clearly felt something on his waist. When he took a look, it was a silver object. He was caught unaware! Rachel held a corkscrew and the tip was pressed against him. “Miss Bennet, do you really want to play it the hard way?” He squinted. Rachel looked up and blinked. She had a pair of bright eyes which gave people a feeling of innocence and harmlessness. “If you don’t know how to control your own hands, I don’t mind teaching you!” Carson was lost for words. The corners of his mouth twitched. How could Victor and Rachel be so cruel? It seemed like both of them were made for each other. Before she could react, Carson pressed her wrist with his thumb. Feeling that her hand suddenly went numb, Rachel immediately dropped the corkscrew in her hand and Carson grabbed it in an instant. “Girls ought to behave in a gentler manner!” Carson grinned before throwing the corkscrew backwards. His aim was really accurate. The object fell into the waiter’s hand. Rachel was quite astounded. Carson made a gesture which signified, ‘Please.’ Then he said to her, “Miss Bennet, take a seat.”

As soon as she had recovered from the pain and astonishment, Rachel frowned slightly while looking at him from head to toe. Nonetheless, Carson still looked cynical and dandiacal. It was hard to imagine how skillful the man was when he took away the corkscrew just nowImmediately she took a seat, everyone’s eyes were fixed on her.

Alicia bit her lower lip. Tonight was supposed to be about her. But it had taken a different turn since Rachel appeared. Somehow everybody’s attention had been diverted.

The feeling of abandonment grew crazily in her heart like weeds. She gulped down some wine and slammed the glass on the table.

The crisp sound attracted everyone’s attention. The burning anger in Alicia’s eyes was very evident. She stared at Rachel fiercely. “It’s boring to just drink like this. How about we play a game to kill time and have fun?” Of course, Rachel noticed the way that Alicia looked at her. She thought the hatred those eyes emitted were capable of killing someone, if indeed anger could hurt. Carson was thrilled by the idea of playing a game. So he declared his interest. “Count me in.” Immediately she witnessed his agreement, Rachel subconsciously felt that he must be thinking of some bad idea. She looked up at him and gnashed her teeth. Perhaps it was due to the fact that she had been tricked by Carson on several occasions “But, what game do you want us to play exactly?” Someone asked her. But before Alicia gave an answer, Carson leaned back lazily. “How about truth or dare?” he asked. “That sounds good to me!” Looking straight at Rachel, Alicia asked her, “Even if you won’t do alcohol, can you at least play games?” She no longer hid her hostility towards Rachel. Therefore, it became obvious to the people present. “Of course you can! Right? I don’t think Miss Bennet is a killjoy.” A rich lady who was always close to Alicia said in a mocking tone. 1. In response, Rachel raised her head and looked back at Alicia who swallowed unconsciously because she felt guilty. Her heart missed a beat when she realized how intensely focused Rachel was. Despite how dim the light was, she could still feel the fierceness. But, it soon dawned on her that she should be the center of attention, given the fact that it was her birthday today. Therefore, she immediately straightened up and maintained her gaze. Suddenly, a faint smile appeared on Rachel’s face. “Okay, but it isn’t really fun to tell the truth. How about we skip that part and just play dare?” “Just dare?” Alicia was a bit surprised for a moment, but soon reacted by snorting coldly, “Rachel, do you seriously want us to go on with it? Do not end up regretting your action later! Still, Rachel just took a sip of juice without saying a word. Alicia gritted her teeth while she ordered a waiter to bring the poker cards. In no time, the cards were made available, a quarter of which was drawn by Carson. He skillfully shuffled them before handling everything to the waiter again.

The cards were soon unfolded and everyone present was allowed to draw freely. Taking a look at his card, Carson lazily put his long arm on the back of the sofa, lifted his lips and said, “There is only one king of hearts. Whoever gets it will be the winner. He or she can assign anyone to carry out a single task.” In no time, everyone drew theirs until it became Rachel’s turn. But then, there were only two cards left. Rachel raised her eyebrows and she took one without hesitation. “What! Every one of us picked a card. Why is one card still remaining?” A voice asked in confusion. “Who is yet to take theirs?” “It ought to be Mr. Sullivan,” another voice replied. All of a sudden, there was an uneasy silence. No one dared to ask whether or not Victor was willing to play. It was evident that they all disdained and feared him. From their point of view, all of them were born into rich and powerful families. So they regarded themselves as being noble. But, to be blunt, Victor was nothing but a ******* son of another rich man! However, the ******* they looked down upon had transformed into the leader of the Sullivan Group. A single order from him could make them lose every means of survival in Apliaria. Therefore, they were very careful about their choice of words in order not to accidentally offend him and end up destroying their whole family. The waiter looked at the bar counter subconsciously. There was a man sitting in the darkness. As a result, it was quite difficult to see the expression on his face or figure out his mood. While he was taking his time to deliberate whether or not to give Victor the card, the man

stood up. The man walked over. His presence made the waiter lower his head nervously. It felt like the air around him had suddenly become cold because Victor sauntered near. “The card.” Victor’s oppressive and unemotional voice suddenly echoed in the waiter’s ears and he found himself shaking. His anxiety was so great that he didn’t hear what Victor said clearly. “What… What?” the man asked still trembling.

There was an impatient look in Victor’s eyes. He frowned slightly, took the card from the waiter’s hand and walked to the sofa. Carson was seated right next to him. He raised his hand to touch the tip of his nose and coughed. Victor might actually sent him far away from this country if he didn’t behave himself. “This seat is not good for me. I didn’t get the king of hearts. You take it!” Carson said before quickly standing up. Then he moved to the other side and sat there.

As soon as Victor took the seat, Rachel’s hand holding the card tightened. It was as if her body had become enveloped by the cold aura around Victor. It was so intimidating! Somehow, everybody’s nerves were set on edge. Perhaps, it was as a result of Victor’s involvement. “So, who has the king?” Carson asked. Then he placed his card on the table. 1 “I have it!” Someone raised the card in his hand and said excitedly, “I win, right?” He looked around for a while and said a little louder, “In that case, I choose three!” The person was barely done speaking before everyone looked down at the cards in their hands hurriedly. Rachel took a quick glance at hers. She had the four of hearts, so it wasn’t her.. “Who has it?” Someone asked. “I do! A cold and deep voice suddenly thundered from her side. Rachel’s hand holding the card paused for a moment. She turned her head and looked at the person. It was none else but Victor!

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 153 Dare

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