Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 151: What’s The Rush

Chapter 151 What’s The Rush

After coming out of their private room, Rachel went straight to the elevator. She always had a bad feeling about the place. She wanted to get away as soon as possible because her subconscious was telling her something bad might happen if she stayed for long. As she looked at the numbers going down on the elevator screen, she suddenly shivered. Perhaps she had drank too much water and needed to use the ladies’ room. Looking up at the signboards, she thought it would be fine to head for the washroom first. But as soon as she took a step towards the bathroom, the elevator door opened with a ding. Inside, Carson leaned against the wall lazily. He fiddled with his phone in one hand, the other, in his pocket. He blinked, seeing the trace of a familiar woman. Before the elevator door could close, he pressed a button and poked his head out. He gazed at Rachel’s back and grinned. “What a coincidence.” His phone rang at the same time. Looking at the caller ID, a smile appeared on Carson’s face. As soon as he picked up the phone, he heard Victor’s cold voice on the other line. “Where are you?” “The third floor. I’ll be there soon,” Carson replied, watching Rachel’s figure disappear at the washroom corner. As soon as he got the answer, Victor hung up without saying a word. Looking at the phone screen, Carson clicked his tongue. He wasn’t done talking! After a while, his eyes lit up mischievously and waved at a waiter not far away. A few moments later. Rachel dried her hands with paper towels before leaving the toilet. When she opened the door, she almost bumped into a waitress carrying a plate. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to!” Pale-faced, the waitress apologized. “It’s okay. No one got hurt.” Rachel smiled. After Rachel fixed herself and walked a few steps away from the waitress, the girl suddenly grabbed her by the wrist. “What’s wrong?” Rachel stared down on her arm, and then panned her gaze to the young woman’s face.

She didn’t realize it at first, but the waitress’ face was morbidly pale. “Miss, could you… Could you do me a favor?” She slowly let go of Rachel’s hand and look at her timidly. “Could you please deliver the food for me?” Rachel looked back at her, mouth agape. She wanted to refuse. The Crown Club was owned by Victor, after all. Although it was not a difficult task, she didn’t want to get herself in trouble.

“Please…” Sensing her hesitation, the waitress begged once more, the desperation clear in her voice. The waitress looked like she would pass out anytime. Her frailty reminded Rachel of Abby and she sighed with pity. “Where should I take this?”. “In room 7056.” Rachel found herself at the door of room 7056. Steadying the food in her hand, she rang the bell.

At this moment, the room was full of noise, with deafening music and loud laughter. On the curved sofa, young men and women from the upper class of Apliaria sat together. Carson had been sitting at the bar counter since he came back with the gift. When he heard the doorbell, he drank up the rest of his wine, got off the high chair, and walked towards the door.

Rachel had been waiting outside. When she was about to ring the bell again, the door opened from the inside.

A tall man with a familiar face came into view.

Rachel’s heart jolted. Her first instinct was to run away, but the man grabbed her arm as soon as she stepped back. All at once, the man easily pulled her inside the room. In an instant, she was transported into a different world, the music assaulting her eardrums. The party was in full swing and no one seemed to notice her presence. Carson’s broad back also shielded her from their eyes. “Miss Bennet, why were you in a rush to leave? Since you’re here, how about we have some fun?” Carson grinned playfully. He wasn’t surprised to see her at all. Anger welled up in Rachel’s eyes, realizing what happened. “Carson, you paid that waitress to lead me here, didn’t you?!” “You really are sharp.” Carson chuckled. Rachel gritted her teeth. “Let me go!” It was a struggle to get her arm out of his grip. “Sorry, but I can’t. I wanted you here for a reason.” All of a sudden, Carson pulled Rachel into his arms. Ignoring her resistance, he grabbed her shoulder, turned around, and said loudly, “Everyone! Look who’s here!” Hearing the announcement, the partygoers caught the spotlight roaming around. They all looked around in suspense until the rotating colorful light above fell on the woman by the entrance. “Rachel? What…” Alicia bolted out of her seat with a frown. “What are you doing here?”. Rachel Bennet? The people couldn’t believe what they were seeing. When did Rachel become so attractive? Carson dragged her to the front. “It was such a coincidence meeting her here, so I thought I’d invite her to Miss Schultz’s birthday. The more, the merrier, right? Miss Schultz, 1 hope it’s okay for you.” Alicia let out a tiny gasp and clenched her fists. Since it was Carson’s request, she tried to suppress her anger. “Of course. It’s not a big deal.” She glared at Rachel for a moment then turned to look at the bar counter Still, Rachel could feel a pair of cold eyes staring at her. It sent chills down her spine. At the bar counter, there was a languid figure resting on the high chair. He had one foot on the floor, the other on the footrest, the shadow outlining his taut body. The man’s sullenly cold expression was out of place in such a vibrant party. And that man was staring at Rachel. Rachel felt a punch in her gut. Carson being there meant another thing, something she desperately wanted to avoid. Running into Victor was the last thing she wanted. But lo and behold… Alicia noticed that Victor was staring at the unexpected visitor. She was reminded of what happened in the Sue Garden a few days ago. She barely contained her feelings, wanting to scream at Rachel and drag her out. Alicia’s roommate saw the flash of anger and jealousy in her eyes. Without a second thought, she poured a glass of wine and walked towards Rachel. “Happy Birthday, indeed right? We were about to toast to Alicia’s name, Miss Bennet. So, how about you do the honors?” Then, she handed Rachel the glass of red wine, smiling maliciously.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 151 What’s The Rush

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