Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 149: Return Every Penny

Chapter 149 Return Every Penny

Aldo squinted his sharp eyes and stared Rachel down. Everyone was holding their breath as they focused on the two of them. After a while, Rachel narrowed her eyes and smiled mischievously. “You are indeed a smart man, Mr. Davidson.” No one intended to make a sound. It was too quiet. Rachel’s words broke the silence that surrounded the whole room. Aldo held the walnuts again, the veins on his hand visibly bulging. “Miss Bennet, since you’ve treated me as your elder, I’m here to advise you that you haven’t been in control of the Bennet Group in the last few years and technically you are not aware of the company’s situation. Some things, I’m afraid, are beyond your ability to deal with.” He was obviously downplaying her. Rachel tapped the edge of the glass with her fingertips and just listened quietly. Aldo sneered and pretty much thought that Rachel was intimidated by his words because she remained silent. After all, she was only a woman in her early twenties. Even though she and her mother, Elisa, looked a lot similar, she was no way near her mother’s capabilities. Aldo’s tone softened as he thought of this. As he was about to continue, Rachel cut him off. “What if I can deal with them today?”

“You…” Aldo’s smile suddenly vanished, unsure what he had heard just now. Rachel crossed her legs and leaned back slightly. “As you said, I’m young and lacking experience, so I don’t know what to do or what to avoid doing. In fact, I don’t care. I simply want to settle things all at once. As for the consequences, I’ll just have to find out, right?” Aldo’s nostrils flared up. ‘This little toublemaker! “Well, I understand that your time is precious, so I’ll cut the **** and get straight to the point.” Rachel put on a fake smile before turning to face Andy. Knowing what she meant, Andy took out a pile of documents from his briefcase and distributed them one by one to the directors who had been apprehensively impatient the whole time. Each one got different documents and almost all of them received one, except for Aldo. He frowned as he looked through the files of the guy next to him. It was confusing to him. “Now, you must realize what those files are. You’re all reading about the failed projects and detailed capital flows you’ve dealt with over the last seven years,” Andy explained. Detailed capital flows of the failed projects? The directors’ faces turned ghastly pale. They lowered their heads and opened the rest of the documents in their hands. They saw the papers densely packed with words and numbers that showed the progress of projects and the accounts of the capital transfer. The names of the receiving end were either the directors’ names or the names of their families. Their hands continued to tremble as they scanned through the documents, and they couldn’t even hold the papers properly. How was this possible? They had carefully hidden all the traces and had the money transferred multiple times before it ended up in their or their family’s pockets. How did they manage to track it down? Before the directors could make any excuses, Andy spoke again, “The amount in these sheets indicate what you owe to the company. If you have no questions, please deposit the full amount written in your sheets to the Bennet Group account within three days.” The room fell in complete silence. These greedy directors were no longer able to maintain their composure. ‘Transfer every penny back to Bennet Group?’ That was impossible! The amount of money they stole ranged from a hundred million to over a billion. And it had been so long that they had already used up most of them. How could they return it now? They couldn’t even gather that much if they sell everything they had. “Miss Bennet, you…” The middle-aged man forced a tight smile, and asked, “Is this a joke? Because it’s not funny.” “That’s right, we are not amused.” Another director echoed, nervously chuckling. “You still like to pull tricks on us the way you did when you were young.” The directors were relieved to see that she didn’t retort them. They continued, “Miss Bennet must be upset because we didn’t save a seat for her just now. She must be joking right now.” “Right, right. It was an honest mistake.” “Rachel, we apologize. Don’t be angry.” “Yeah, Rachel…” Just now, they were calling her “Miss Bennet” in a voice dripping with sarcasm, but now they all looked like dripping wet chicks and addressed her by her name intimately. These fickle-minded geezers. As the board members continued to talk, Rachel noticed Aldo’s calm expression from the corner of her eye. However, he was rubbing the walnuts in his hand faster and faster, and the panic in his eyes reflected what he felt at that moment. He was the only one who never got the notice. Was she scaring him on purpose? He knew **** well that those files were true. But why didn’t he get one? Did Rachel fail to investigate him? No, it wasn’t possible.

Aldo quickly dropped this idea. He had a part in signing the documents for the money transfers. It was impossible that she didn’t find anything about what he had done. He was wracking his brains for the possibilities. “Why do you think that…” Rachel continued, catching everyone’s attention. “I’ll joke with you about five billion dollars?” Her steely eyes froze the men, the chatter finally dying out. The smile plastered on their faces disappeared in a second. Rachel grabbed the phone from her pocket and said in an unbothered tone, “It’s half-past seven now. I’ll give you three days. Before half-past seven on Saturday night, I want to see all of you give back the money you have stolen from Bennet Group all these years.” The board members all panicked. “That can’t be right!”

“No! These were all fabricated. What money? Miss Bennet, what are you trying to do?” “Miss Bennet, stop messing around with us! We never did any of these things!” “Right! Miss Bennet, I understand you want to take over the Bennet Group and are trying to persuade everyone, but you can’t blame us for these failed projects!” For a moment, the board members wore off their fake smiles, showing their true colors. They stood up angrily and headed to the door, as if leaving would save their skins. It appeared to be true that a person’s intelligence would plummet if they were flustered. Rachel amusingly smiled as she looked at their backs and then raised her head at Andy. “If any of you step out of the door, these records will surface in the emails of the economic investigation officials in less than ten minutes,” Andy announced. All the directors cowered, stopping in their tracks. Grumbling in anxiety and anger, they returned to their seats hesitantly. As he observed the situation, Aldo’s expression became darker and darker. He couldn’t take it anymore and shouted, “Miss Bennet, what the **** are you trying to do?!”

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 149 Return Every Penny

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