Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 146 Meeting The Directors

Chapter 146 Meeting The Directors

As she walked inside the room, it suddenly became quiet. Everyone’s eves fell on Rachel, and they were all stunned that their mouths hung open. They couldn’t even recognize her. Some even rubbed their eyes to see if it was really her. They were in disbelief that the girl from years ago already looked like this. Everyone said that she couldn’t do anything well because she was just a spoiled little brat. She was often compared to her mother, and they said that she wouldn’t be anything like her. Back then, she was lazy, submissive, and didn’t have any ambition. Hence, although she possessed great genes, they assumed that she could never achieve her mother’s level. a However, all their assumptions came back haunting them the moment they saw the woman with an imposing aura in front of them. The directors looked calm on the surface, but in their hearts, they were so shocked that they were rendered speechless. In fact, their eyes followed her every action unknowingly. 1 Andy was actually the first one to regain his senses from the astonishment of Rachel’s appearance. He then called, “Miss Bennet.” Finally, his words brought everyone back from being in a daze. Then, the old man, who had complained earlier, suddenly coughed. There was displeasure in his eyes as he spoke with his deep voice. “Miss Bennet, you are the one who invited us to dinner today, but you only appeared now? Did you deliberately make us wait this long? Don’t you think you owe us an explanation?” As soon as he finished speaking, the other directors also nodded and looked at Rachel, full of criticism in their eyes. On the other hand, Rachel just smiled and looked in the direction where she heard the voice. Eventually, her eyes fell on an old man, sitting on the host seat of the round table, which was full of the other directors.

He had a square face, his eyebrows were slightly knitted, he wore a short magenta purple coat, and he was holding two walnuts in his hand. Obviously, his demeanor was shouting the he was the most powerful person among these directors. Seeing that she didn’t answer for a while, the old man’s face darkened even more. “Miss Bennet, are you not planning to say a word? You don’t take us seriously at all, do you? Just because you are the heiress, you don’t think it’s necessary to be polite” “Sorry to interrupt you, sir.” Rachel suddenly butted in while the old man ranted. At the same time, he immediately glared at her for interrupting him. He was so dissatisfied that it was as if he was about to pound the table at any time. However, Rachel pretended not to see his angry face and even looked at him with a smile.

“May I ask who you are?” She searched in her mind, but she was sure that she hadn’t seen these people since the death of her mother, Elisa. Therefore, she really couldn’t recall most of them. While the old man kept criticizing her, she felt rather strange because she didn’t even know who he was. Hearing her words, the atmosphere instantly became awkward. In fact, the livid face of the old man froze for a moment. “I think… The last I’ve seen you all was when my mother passed away. So, please forgive me if I can’t properly remember your names and faces.” Rachel’s words sounded like an apology on the surface, but for these directors, they had a deeper and different meaning. 1 She hadn’t seen them for such a long time that she didn’t even remember them anymore. It sounded like when Elisa was gone, they suddenly disappeared as well. Of course, the directors would take offense, thinking that she was actually accusing them.

Rachel was the heiress and the ruler of the Bennet Group by right. However, none of the directors had shown up after she lost her mother. Their promise that they would take good care of her seemed like it never existed in the first place. The expression on the faces of the directors was saying that they got angry because of her disrespect towards them. But they couldn’t freely show it because they also knew that everything she said was true. After a brief moment, another middle-aged man broke the silence and said, “Miss Bennet, I know you haven’t seen us since you were thirteen years old. Therefore, it’s only normal that you forgot us. It’s okay. It’s not your fault. Anyway, this is Mr. Aldo Davidson, the pioneer among all the directors. He had worked with your grandfather for many years.” Hearing this, Aldo Davidson coughed again and slightly snorted as a response. ‘Davidson?’

Upon hearing the name of the old man, Rachel’s eyes narrowed as if she had suddenly remembered something important. In her memory, she did not know many people with this name. She now remembered this one was indeed one of the directors. The other director said that Aldo had worked with her grandfather for many years. However, right now, it seemed that he thought of himself as a big shot. Based on what she remembered, he shouldn’t be acting this way, Therefore, Rachel smiled and said, “Oh, Mr. Davidson. I think I remember you. I used to see you talking with grandpa in his study. In fact, I remember hearing from grandpa that you had handled a project worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Even though I was so young, 13 was very impressed.” Hearing this, the middle-aged man slightly raised his brows. “Really? I haven’t heard of it | before. project worth hundreds of millions of dollars? What kind of project are you talking!

about?” “Well, I don’t know much about it. I could just remember grandpa saying that it almost made the Bennet Group go bankrupt.” Her words seemed both sincere and sarcastic at the same time. At this time, the smile on the face of the middle-aged man became stiff. He didn’t expect what Rachel said next. of course, Aldo’s face turned livid again. “What nonsense are you talking about?!” Rachel blinked, put a finger on her chin, and said innocently, “But I’m not talking nonsense. I even saw you kneel in front of grandpa and beg him for,” “Enough!” As Rachel exposed his secret, Aldo slapped the table with both his hands, breathing heavily.

Rachel stopped talking, but there was a cold and sly smile on her lips. The middle-aged man, who was asking, was frightened and didn’t pursue the topic anymore. Then, he let out an awkward smile and said intentionally, “Miss Bennet, you must be remembering it wrong. Mr. Davidson has made so many great contributions to the Bennet Group. There’s no way that he would let the Bennet Group go bankrupt…” “Well, maybe I was wrong. Besides, I was just a young girl back then.” As soon as she finished speaking, the door opened and a waiter came in with the dishes. The middle-aged man immediately breathed a sigh of relief as the commotion came to an end. “Miss Bennet, since the dishes are ready, come sit with us.” However, as Rachel glanced around the table, she found that there wasn’t a vacant seat. Seeing the look in Rachel’s eyes, the middle-aged man also realized that they didn’t prepare a seat for her

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 146 Meeting The Directors

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