Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 142: Saved It For You

Chapter 142 Saved It For You

“I… I just heard it from someone.” Her hands held each other, sweating and slightly trembling. Alicia was caught off guard, not expecting that she would make such a blunder. “You heard it? From who exactly did you hear it?” Victor’s eyes narrowed as he asked. His tone and expression weren’t really angry. But his aura was obviously intimidating. Alicia swallowed hard, carefully thinking the words that she would say. After a while, her pink lips moved. “I heard it from a servant passing by when I was waiting for Rachel by the lake the other day.” After she finally made up a story, the entire room was filled with total silence. Victor didn’t say a word, but his eyes were still fixed on Alicia. Alicia was so afraid that she couldn’t stare back into Victor’s freezing eyes. She felt guiltier and uneasy that he wasn’t saying anything. “Victor…”

Not able to take it anymore, Alicia tried to explain again, but she was suddenly cut off by Victor. “I’ll ask the driver to send you back to school.” After saying that, he strode towards the stairs, not letting Alicia have a chance to say another word. A while later, Lukas came downstairs and saw Alicia there, alone. She was standing still, with her pink lips tightly closed. Her eyes looked red as if she had just finished crying. “Miss Schultz, let me walk you out…” “It’s fine. I can do that by myself.” Before Lukas could finish his words, Alicia interrupted with her hoarse voice. Then, she turned around and quickly walked outside the house. Looking at her obviously upset and aggrieved back, Lukas sighed. He watched Victor grow up. For so many years, he had never seen Victor take any woman seriously except for his grandmother. 1 In fact, even Rachel, who had been married to him and now pregnant with his child, was no exception. Victor didn’t treat her any better, let alone Alicia. “Lukas…” After quickly striding away, Alicia suddenly stopped and turned towards Lukas, revealing her still reddish eyes. “Yes, Miss Schultz. What can I do for you?” Lukas asked, trying to be considerate with the pitiful-looking girl. “Well… It’s actually my birthday next Wednesday, and my family will hold a party for me. Will you please tell Victor about it? If it is possible, I want him to be there.” She took a deep breath and added. “Please tell him that I’ll wait for him in Crown Club.” “Yes, of course. I’ll be sure to tell Mr. Sullivan,” Lukas answered. After getting the response she wanted, Alicia didn’t say anything more and eventually left.

A few moments later, Lukas went upstairs and knocked on the door of the study. “Come in.” Victor’s voice sounded from the other side of the door. Lukas pushed the door open and walked in. Victor had just put down his phone to end a call. So, he turned around and looked at Lukas, who just came in. “Mr. Sullivan, Miss Schultz has already left.” Lukas paused for a moment before he continued, “Before she left, she actually asked me to tell you that her birthday party will be held next Wednesday at the Crown Club. She will be expecting you.” “I see.” With an expressionless face, Victor replied vaguely. Lukas couldn’t determine from his answer if he would go or not. Then, Victor’s phone suddenly vibrated, hinting that he got a message. As the screen of the phone lit up, he saw that the message was from Ivan. Seeing this, he was reminded that he had an appointment with a business partner. “When will the doctor arrive?” Victor asked Lukas while he was texting Ivan back. Then, he took the documents on the desk to prepare for his appointment. “I just received a message from the doctor. He said he would be here within ten minutes,” Lukas replied. Victor just nodded. He was actually thinking what Alicia just said earlier, and he deemed that he should do something about it. “By the way, investigate who were in the garden on the day Alicia fell into the water. Once you find out who they are, kick them out.” Hearing this, Lukas was stunned. He didn’t know why Victor would suddenly ask for such a thing. “Okay then. But may I ask why?” It was a strange order, so Lukas wondered why he needed to suddenly investigate that event. “I don’t like servants who don’t know when to shut their mouths.” After saying that in a cold tone, Victor walked out of the study. When Victor was out of sight, Lukas frowned and his face became more puzzled.

It seemed that someone must have said something to Alicia or Rachel that day, but he couldn’t be so sure. The following day, Rachel got up early and prepared to set out. It was the day that she would visit the Bennet family after quite a long time. These past days, Andy had been living in the Bennet family. Therefore, when he heard the knock at the door, he immediately opened it. As he opened the door, he greeted with a smile, “Miss Bennet! You’re here.” “Oh, Andy.” Rachel smiled back, a bit surprised that he answered the door this quick. Then, Andy took a look at the Maybach behind Rachel, as well as the men in black who stood beside the car. Moreover, when he saw the Obsidian around their neck, he couldn’t help but frown and sigh.

He had no clue what Rachel had been doing ever since she moved into the Sue Garden. Furthermore, he had no clue if she was just alright. He couldn’t gauge how Victor was treating Rachel there. “Miss Bennet, didn’t Abby come with you?” “No, she has been very busy,” Rachel answered but didn’t explain further. Then, she proceeded inside. Hearing Rachel’s words, Andy glanced at the men in black standing in front of the house with a serious look on his face. Although Rachel seemed fine, he still felt that something wrong was going on. Although he hadn’t known Abby for a very long time, he knew that she adored Rachel very much. In fact, she almost always stayed by her side. However, ever since he was taken awaand Rachel moved into Sue Garden, he had never seen a glimpse of Abby again. “Miss Bennet…” The more he thought about it, the stranger he felt it was. He stopped and looked at the back of Rachel, wanting to find some answers. Rachel turned around and saw the confusion and worry in his eyes. Of course, she immediately guessed what he was thinking. But just like she was doing all this time, she didn’t show any hint of emotion. Instead, she asked casually, “What’s wrong?” Andy hesitated for a moment, knowing that Rachel was just pretending that everything was alright. “Is Abby doing okay?” “Of course. Why wouldn’t she?” With a firm tone, she asked, “Did someone say something to you?” “No. It’s not that…” Obviously, he didn’t have any definitive proof. He was just basing his assumptions on what he could perceive. Hence, he wondered if he was just really thinking too much. Andy frowned as he didn’t find anything wrong with Rachel’s expression. There were only two possibilities. It was either Rachel was just very good at hiding her emotions, or she was telling the truth. Of course, he wished that it was the latter. “We need to talk and I just don’t want Abby to get involved in this, so I didn’t bring her here. That’s all,” Rachel finally said to dispel his worry. Eventually, Andy bought it. He felt at ease to hear what Rachel said. After all, he knew that if something really happened to Abby, Rachel wouldn’t look calm and do nothing at all. But when he realized that Rachel came directly to the home of the Bennet family, he became puzzled again. “Miss Bennet, is something the matter? Didn’t you say that we would meet in a cafe today? Why did you suddenly decide to come here instead?” Seeing that Andy still looked so serious, Rachel was amused and couldn’t help but laugh. She wasn’t really thinking of doing something big.

However, it was true that it might be a big sensation if the situation was different. “Nothing. I just think it’s more convenient to discuss it at home. After all, it could save your time, and we can be more at ease.” The truth was because she was now free to go out, she didn’t need to sneak out anymore. In order to reduce the risk of being discovered, she initially told Andy that they would meet at the cafe. After all, Victor could easily find out about it if she went home. But since the situation changed for the better, she deemed that it wasn’t necessary to hide anymore. It was also such a pity though, that it took her three hours to successfully break into the security system in Sue Garden. She didn’t need that security system to help her out now. “So what is it that you want to discuss?” Andy eventually sat opposite Rachel and asked in a low voice, “The money I gave you, how much of it is left? Did you use it all up?” Rachel asked straightforwardly. As soon as she finished her words, Andy took out the bank card from his pocket and put it on the table. “I haven’t used any of it. It’s all in here.” “The five million dollars?” “Yes.” Andy nodded and added, “Miss Bennet, you said that these money could be used to save the Bennet Group. Although five million dollars is a huge sum of money, I know that it is still not enough. Currently, the Bennet Group is supported by the Sullivan Group. Although it doesn’t make any profit now, it can at least keep things in a balance. So I thought that it’s best to keep the five million in case you need it someday. I can’t be of much help to you, but I thought this money could become necessary one day.”

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 142 Saved It For You

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