Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 140: Ridiculous

Chapter 140 Ridiculous

“Why is she here?” Victor turned around and asked Lukas in a frigid tone. “Miss Schultz didn’t say. She just insisted that she had something important to tell you,” Lukas replied quickly. His eyes full of blame, Victor turned to look at Rachel. Under the intensity of his gaze, she forced a smile and said, “Don’t look at me like that. I’ve been locked up in here for days. There’s no way I could have done anything.” Victor remained quiet like always. His serious look said everything for him. Lukas recalled the grudge between Alicia and Rachel. He couldn’t help but worry that Victor actually suspected Rachel. He chose to stand up for her before things got out of hand. “Mr. Sullivan, Miss Bennet really hasn’t gone out. Except for last night.” At the mention of the previous night, something flashed in Victor’s eyes, but it faded away just as quickly as it had appeared. Rachel, too busy cursing him silently, didn’t notice the warning there. “If you don’t believe me, you can check the surveillance…” “Lukas, call the doctor,” Victor said before she could finish her words. Rachel thought she had gotten to the point where she couldn’t be affected by what Victor did. She was wrong. The rest of her retort got stuck in her throat. “The doctor?”

“Yes,” Victor said curtly. He glanced at the gauze on Rachel’s right wrist as he addressed Lukas, “Tell the doctor to do something about her wound.” “No, it’s fine. I can deal with it myself.” “Like you are dealing with it right now?” Victor sneered at her, “If you don’t need your right hand anymore, I can help you get rid of it. You don’t have to go through all this. It’s too slow.” At his words, Rachel looked down at her wrist. She had wrapped the white gauze on it the previous night. She had been afraid that the ointment she had applied would rub off, so she hadn’t wrap it tightly. After working on decorating the room all afternoon. The gauze had loosened and was barely hanging on her wrist.

Lukas thought he had heard wrong. He wasn’t a good judge of other people, but this was Victor. Lukas had watched him grow up to the man he was. Except for his grandmother, Victor had never cared about anyone else. He carefully analyzed the expression on Victor’s face and wondered if he had started changing his mind about Miss Bennet. “Is she downstairs right now?” Victor asked, interrupting his thoughts.

Lukas composed himself, shaking away his wandering thoughts. He nodded and said, “I was afraid that she would disturb you here, so I asked her to wait in the living room downstairs.” “Okay.” Victor then walked out, with Lukas following closely behind. Rachel was left alone in the baby’s room again. She stood there and looked at the crib. It was hard to tell what was going through her mind. After a while, she turned around, ready to go back to her room to rest. As soon as she walked out of the room, she saw Lukas, who had just left with Victor, walking towards her. “What’s wrong?” Rachel asked. “Miss Bennet, Mr. Sullivan asked me to tell you that you are free to go out from today onwards.” Lukas smiled. “But you aren’t to stay out for more than three hours, and you must always take bodyguards with you.” Rachel didn’t believe it. “He just decided he is not going to lock me in here?” That didn’t sound right. The Victor she knew had to have other motives in mind. Seeing the suspicion in Rachel’s eyes, Lukas couldn’t help but sigh silently. It was hard to rebuild broken trust. Not to mention it was Victor and Rachel he was dealing with. Calling them rivals didn’t even cover it. It was normal for Rachel to doubt Victor’s intention. He then remembered how Mrs. Sullivan used to smile, looking at Rachel’s photos. “Lukas, Victor has been so lonely since he was a child. Rachel is a lovely and considerate girl, and they will definitely make a perfect match together. When she marries Victor, he will get to have his own family. I need to see him live happily with someone before I can leave this world in peace.” weird feeling surged in Lukas’s heart. “Miss Bennet, actually… He really cares about you.” As soon as he finished speaking, Rachel yawned and said in a hoarse voice, “Lukas, what did you say?” Lukas paused for a moment. “Nothing, Miss Bennet, Don’t worry. You can come and go now as freely as you want.” Looking at Rachel, he wanted to repeat what he had said. But as her bright eyes stared at him in anticipation, he somehow just couldn’t. : “Okay, I’ll go back to my room and rest then.” Rachel then walked past Lukas and headed for her bedroom.

As she closed the door to her room, the smile on her face disappeared. She had heard what Lukas said clearly. The reason why she pretended not to hear it was that even the thought of it was just too ridiculous.

He cared about her? That was just impossible. If he did, then he wouldn’t be Victor. If only the two of them remained in the world, and one had to sacrifice the other to save themselves, he would do it gladly.

Rachel looked down at her wrist and pulled off the gauze. The red marks were still there. Meanwhile, a woman downstairs turned towards the stairs as soon as she heard the

footsteps. As soon as Alicia saw Victor walking down, her heartbeat became erratic. “Victor, I was at the company looking for you, but Ivan said you weren’t there, so I came here just in case.” With her eyebrows arched and her eyes shining, she fiddled with the corner of her dress. The dress she had on was the latest style in town. Everyone had commented on how radiant she looked in it, so she couldn’t wait to see Victor’s reaction when he saw her in it. However, with an indifferent expression on his face, Victor’s eyes only rested on her face for a second before he sat on the sofa opposite where she was. “What do you need to see me for?” Seeing his cold attitude, the small smile on Alicia’s lips froze slightly. That day, she had been pushed down by Rachel and rescued. Not long after, she was sent to the hospital. Alicia couldn’t remember what had happened later, or what Rachel had said afterward. She wanted to ask if Rachel had said anything after she was gone, but she didn’t dare. She was afraid that if she asked about it, people would be suspicious and Victor would find out that she had lied. So she hadn’t dared to go near him. Even that day, she had still hesitated for a long time in her dormitory. She had finally decided to come because of her roommates’ encouragement. Out of the corner of her eye, she focused on the stairs subconsciously. She hadn’t seen Rachel since she entered. Wasn’t she in Sue Garden? “Nothing really.” Afraid that her answer would make him suspicious of her reason of being there, she suppressed her nervousness and said, “I came here to thank you.” Victor stared on, waiting for her to continue. Alicia looked at his face carefully. He looked normal. Her anxious heart was finally relieved. It seemed that Rachel hadn’t said anything, or maybe she had, but Victor didn’t believe her. “I thought about it carefully in the hospital. She didn’t push me. I fell by accident.” Alicia took a deep breath and pursed her pink lips. She plucked up courage and added tentatively“Victor, don’t blame Rachel. It was not her fault.” As soon as she said the words, a chuckle came from the staircase.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 140 Ridiculous

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