Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 139: Left Handed

Chapter 139 Left Handed

“What are you doing standing there? Hand me the hammer.” His cold voice pulled her back from her moment of shock.

“You…” Rachel blinked once more. She looked into Victor’s eyes and asked, “You want to build the crib?” Victor didn’t even make an effort to answer her question. Instead, he said, “Rachel, before you give birth to the baby, you have to stay healthy. After that, I don’t care if you want to be a cripple. That’s your business.” His words caught Rachel off guard. She didn’t even know what to say to that man anymore. The slight warmth she had felt when she saw him take the initiative to build the crib vanished to nothingness. To him, she was just an object. One that was bearing his child. She shouldn’t have held any hope for the scum. Nor should she have ever considered him to be human.

He stretched out his hand, and reminded her icily, “Hammer.” With the corners of her mouth forced into a smile, Rachel suppressed every single complaint she wanted to throw at him and obediently took out the hammer from the toolbox before handing it to him. 1 Then he started working on the crib, and from time to time, Victor would ask her to hand him the tools he needed. “Spanner.” Rachel handed it to him. “Three large-size nails.” Rachel picked three nails from the box and gave them to him. Looking at the nails, Victor frowned and said, “I said large size, not the medium ones.” Rachel was confused. She glanced at the three nails and then at him. “They are the largest ones here.” Victor stared at her saying nothing. Rachel curled her lips, not afraid of his chilling eyes. “If you don’t believe me, then come and see for yourself. You think I would lie about nails?” As soon as she finished speaking, Victor stood up, walked over, and rummaged through the box. Rachel stood beside him. After watching him search for a while, she murmured, “See? I told you they are…” Before she could finish her words, he held three nails in his hands, clearly larger than the ones she found. Looking at her choked expression, the urge to kiss her began to stir again. He quickly looked away. “You’d better pray that my child doesn’t inherit your IQ, Rachel.” With a blank face he strode back to the crib. ‘Huh?” Rachel was stunned for the millionth time that day. Did he just imply that she was stupid? That she had a low IQ not fit for his child? Rachel gritted her teeth. She had searched the toolbox carefully but hadn’t seen nails as large as the ones he held. Where had they come from? 1 She or her alias ‘King of Hearts’ had been the most outstanding talent to be seen since the establishment of the Red Hackers. And now her IQ was being questioned? Rachel’s competitiveness couldn’t allow it. She lowered her head and looked once more for the large nails in the tool kit. But what she didn’t know was that they hadn’t been in the kit, to begin with. Victor had had them with him before he stood up to search the toolbox. From the corner of his eye, he saw Rachel looking for them. He moved the bag of nails at his feet to a place where she couldn’t see it. An small smile appeared on his face. Even he didn’t realize how childish the prank was. After searching for a long time, Rachel still couldn’t find even one large nail. She frowned and started doubting herself. Could she have really missed them just now? People said that being pregnant made a woman stupid for three whole years. Had her IQ really dropped because of the pregnancy? Soon, the crib was almost done, leaving only the last small plank to be attached. Looking at the baby crib already in shape, Rachel couldn’t help but smile proudly. The finished product was cuter and more beautiful than how it looked in the pictures. Looking at the last small plank in Victor’s hand, Rachel wanted to have a try herself. She was always interested in hand-crafted things. And it was a crib. Rachel had never made such a thing before. Although the child wouldn’t use that one… Noticing how she looked at the crib, Victor looked into her eyes and asked, “Do you want to give it a try?” Rachel didn’t answer. But when she looked at him, the expression in her eyes told him that she did. “You can have a try if you want, but be careful with your wrist,” said Victor in a low voice while looking at her wrist. Hearing this, Rachel’s eyes lit up. “No problem.” As she spoke, she took the hammer from Victor before he could change his mind. She held the nail with her right hand and the hammer in her left hand. Her strength was just right, and she hit the nail in the right place. Standing aside, Victor’s eyes were fixed on her. Before long, she finished putting the last plank. Although she hadn’t done most of the work she had finished it, which somewhat made up for the unpleasantness she had experienced. She looked at the crib with a faint smile. Looking sideways at her shining eyes, Victor was slightly distracted. “All right.” Rachel put the hammer back in the box as she returned the other tools as well. Only then did he notice that she had been using her left hand the whole time. He asked, “When did you learn to use your left hand?” The smile on Rachel’s face froze. She had been born left-handed, but when she joined the Red Hackers, she would occasionally go out on missions. To avoid her identity being exposed, she forced herself to exercise using her right hand for a long time and even wrote with her right hand anytime she was on missions. Now that her right wrist was injured, she had subconsciously used her left hand. She had forgotten that the woman she was impersonating was right-handed. Rachel thought quickly and the panic disappeared in an instant, as she came up with a story. She said calmly, “My right hand was injured before. I had to train my left hand during the recovery. But I didn’t train it for long. I can only do simple things with my left hand, but not the harder one like writing.” Squinting his eyes, Victor obviously doubted her words. “Your right hand was injured before? Why didn’t I know of this?” Rachel thought for a moment. Her lie needed a back-up fast. Then she raised her eyes and looked at him. With a faint smile on her face, she said it plainly as if it was the most obvious thing on earth. “It happened when I was a child. Grandma…no, I should call her Mrs. Sullivan now. Didn’t you throw all my documents into the shredder when Mrs. Sullivan showed them to you? You didn’t read any of them, so it’s not surprising that you don’t know plenty about


Hearing Rachel’s blade-like words, Victor wanted to defend himself but he couldn’t. He had done just as she said At that time, he hadn’t cared who his future wife would be. For him, the marriage was just to fulfill his grandma’s wish. So he didn’t care who Rachel was, what she looked like, or even her life story In fact, if Rachel hadn’t done so many stupid things that always challenged his patience, maybe he wouldn’t hate her as much as he did. His eyes reflected her face, as well as the complex emotions surging in his heart. Rachel didn’t know what was on Victor’s mind. She wondered if he had bought her story.

Although her right hand had really been injured before, she hadn’t received any training to use her left hand at all. If Victor really doubted her story and decided to investigate it, he would find out the truth. At that moment, someone knocked on the door.

As the two of them were lost in their thoughts, Lukas’s voice came from outside, “Mr.

Sullivan, Miss Schultz is here.”

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 139 Left Handed

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