Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 138: Is He Assembling The Crib

Chapter 138 Is He Assembling The Crib

Downstairs in the living room, Lukas had found the toolbox and was on his way to take it upstairs to Rachel when he saw Victor walking in. “Mr. Sullivan?” He was a little shocked. He had thought that Victor had gone to the company a while ago. Why was he back so soon? “I left a document in the study. I came back to get it,” Victor said when he saw the look on Lukas’s face. His eyes were on the toolbox in the other man’s hand. Fetching a document? It had to be extremely important then, or else Victor wouldn’t need to come back in person to get it. Lukas was confused. “Do you need me to go upstairs and get it for you, Mr. Sullivan?” “No, it’s okay. I will get it myself,” Victor answered casually before he asked, “What are those tools for?” “Miss Bennet asked for them.” After thinking for a while, Lukas added, “After you left today, a delivery man from the baby products store brought the things you and Miss Bennet bought yesterday. Miss Bennet is decorating the baby’s room as we speak.” Victor kept the surprise he felt at the words to himself. His eyes seemed to darken instead, but he said nothing. “Mr. Sullivan, if that is all, I’ll go bring this toolbox to Miss Bennet then,” Lukas said respectfully. “Give it to me.” Victor held out his hand suddenly. Lukas paused for a moment, not sure what was happening. Before he could react, he heard Victor say, “I will pass by the room anyway.” Meanwhile, in the baby’s room, Rachel was waiting for Lukas to bring the toolbox. She didn’t know what was happening downstairs. After placing all the parts in order, she sat on the floor and carefully read the steps of assembling the crib in the manual that came with it. Suddenly, footsteps came from behind her. With all her attention directed to the manual, Rachel didn’t notice that the footsteps weren’t Lukas’s. She picked up the planks she had put in the wrong positions and placed them right. “That should be it.” She took another look at the manual. Without turning her head, Rachel reached out to the person behind her and said, “Lukas, give me the hammer.”. Victor’s hand clenched around the toolbox handle as his dark eyes reflected her figure. She wore a low ponytail. A few strands of hair had escaped and were blocking her eyes. There was sweat on her forehead. Probably because of more than an hour’s work of

decoration. Her skin was fair, and there was a faint flush on her cheeks, making her look like a peach When his eyes fell on her lips, the scene of him kissing her the previous night flashed in his mind. It made him feel a bit hot and bothered. This kind of feeling stirred up an urge in him. He wanted to kiss her. Just like the day before, he wanted to pull her into his arms and kiss her to oblivion. “Lukas?” Rachel had waited for a while but still didn’t get the hammer she wanted. It felt

strange. Her voice brought him back to his senses. He had almost lost control in front of her again, and this time he had almost given in to what his impulse was driving him to. Victor’s eyes quickly moved from her lips to her slender wrist, as panic set in. On her wrist was a thin layer of gauze, the red mark on the skin under it could be faintly seen. Could she really use a hammer with her injured hand? “Is this what you meant by you can handle it yourself?” His eyes stared at her the gauze before they moved to her eyes. Rachel was stunned. She turned around and was caught off guard as her eyes met his. What was going on? Where had Lukas gone to? And most importantly, why was Victor there? He had already gone to the company, hadn’t he?

Subconsciously, Rachel took a step back to keep a safe distance from him. She didn’t try to hide it. When he saw this, Victor was even more irritated. “Rachel, if you were planning on losing your right hand for good, you could have just said so. I would have helped you.” Rachel couldn’t find a good reply to his snarky words. 3 What was his problem this time? Her good mood had been unfortunately interrupted by him, again. Rachel was about to blurt out a sarcastic comment of her own, but when she remembered her plan to sneak out the next day, she couldn’t make any trouble now. “I’ll be careful. And I’m left-handed. I can just use my left hand.” It was rare for her to speak in a gentle tone to him. It even felt strange. “Even if I get hurt, it will be my own problems. I won’t blame you or anything.” Victor frowned. Did she think that he said that because he was afraid she would blame him? Was that the kind of person she thought he was?

“What are you doing?” Somehow, Victor was confused, and he didn’t want to continue that topic. “……” Seeing that he wasn’t about to give her the toolbox anytime soon and she really wanted to build this crib for the baby, Rachel swallowed her frustrations and answered him patiently, “It’s a crib. See? This is the manual.” As she spoke, she handed over the pamphlet to him, thinking that he wouldn’t read it anyway. She was about to take it back. However, he took it from her. Victor read it, “Did we buy this yesterday?” Rachel was speechless. Was that supposed to be a question? “Yeah.” Rachel lowered her eyes to hide her eye roll before she explained, “I planned to assemble the crib first and then do the decorations. Besides, it’s not that difficult and I don’t have anything else to do anyway. It’s just to kill time.” Victor looked at her as she was explaining to him. “Now, can you give me the toolbox?” Rachel couldn’t figure out what he was thinking, nor did she know whether he believed her or not. So she asked tentatively. Anyway, she had explained it as he told her to. Whether he believed it or not, it was not her business. She had gotten used to him not believing in her anywayIf he believed her, then she could make the crib and be done with the conversation. Though she didn’t think he would make it that easy for her. “No,” he said. Rachel was shocked at his bluntness. She knew it. “Fine, then I’ll do it after my hand recovers.” Taking a deep breath, Rachel forced on a smile and was about to leave. “Where are you going?” Seeing her turn around, Victor stopped her. With her back to him, Rachel stopped and curled her lips. How was she supposed to deal with him? “I’m going back to my room to wait for my hand to recover, of course. “Did I say that you can go back to your room?” “What? I can’t go anywhere else, and I don’t have anything to do here. What am I supposed to do?” Rachel looked down at her wrist and said crossly. If she looked at the man before her, her well-cultivated composure would be lost. Victor’s eyes almost turned to slits. He put down the toolbox, unbuttoned his cuffs, and rolled up his sleeves. “Come and help me.” Help him? With what exactly?

Rachel was stunned when she heard some noise behind her. Could it be… She turned around and found him on one knee a few steps away, fiddling with the planks on the ground. The manual was thrown on the edge of the toolbox Rachel stared at the scene in front of herMaybe it was the sunshine from outside that was making her see things, or maybe she was just exhausted.

‘Is he…

Is he assembling the crib?’

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 138 Is He Assembling The Crib

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